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Image: Jacob, Man in Black on "Lost"
Many readers believe the series will end much like the fifth season, with the new Jacob and Man in Black (now portrayed by Jack and someone to be determined) sitting on the beach, facing off.
updated 5/21/2010 1:41:59 PM ET 2010-05-21T17:41:59

The end of “Lost” is near, and there’s no shortage of ideas from fans about how the series will end.

More character deaths, additional face-offs ... here’s what TODAYshow.com and msnbc.com readers think will be coming on Sunday’s series finale.

Sacrifices and deaths
Additional major character death: Sawyer. Sawyer, who has always questioned in not despised Jack, will finally believe in him and perform his one and only SELFLESS act...dying to save Jack in some final or near final fight/action sequence. —Connie DeToma, Orlando, Fla.

Jack will end up sacrificing himself to save the island. The Man in Black will take over Jack's body. Kate will end up being the new Jacob and Sawyer and Hurley will be stuck on the island as the new Richards. — Anonymous

All the characters on the island will die off except for Hugo, who will become the new keeper of the island's source. It'll be bittersweet because although the island-Hugo will be lonely, the flash-sideways-Hugo will have Libby. Hugo is the best choice to guard the island's source because he's the purest of spirit and "Everybody loves Hugo." — Jeanne Ryan

Chosen ones
Jack would not be the final chosen one. He will serve 'as long as he can.' He will then have to choose a new one. ... I am inclined to Kate be the core of new guardians; the story started with a 'mother', albeit a troubled one, should end with a mother which is not a typical mother either. This mother will be supported by a few other guardians. — Suan Bu

There was speculation that the "Kwon" on the list could refer to Jin or Sun. Apparently, that mystery is now irrelevant as the star-crossed lovers rest on the bottom of the sea. But what if that's exactly the point? What if Locke-monster succeeds in killing the others but still can't get off the island...because the Kwon that will eventually become the next Jacob is actually Ji-Yeon, and infant child blissfully ignorant of all the proceedings on the island, and thus not corrupted by any of the events contained within it. She would never go to the island, and Smokey would be trapped forever. — William Hammon, Bristol, Conn.

I think the show hinges on Ben Linus...he has been so quiet this year and way too good until last night. I think he will be the last alive on the island and will walk into the light in the middle of the island. the island light will go out but I do think the sideways world will finally be safe once the island is gone. — Nancy Schriber, Phoenix

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I think its an Adam and Eve type situation. I believe that Kate is Eve and we are looking for Adam, that is why there is only 1 woman and the men are candidates. — Anonymous

Jack must destroy the smoke monster, John Locke. John Locke is also Jack's patient in the time warp. While Jack has Locke on the operating table, the smoke monster will be attempting to extinguish the light on the island. Jack will start having flashbacks from the operating room, which has bright lights. Jack will kill Locke on the operating table and at the same time Jack will be killing the smoke monster on the island. This will save them all, and put everything back into a normal sequence of events in the parallel lives that they have been flashing to from the island. — Anonymous

Jack playing the part of Jacob, I think the only way to kill "the monster" is to replace it. My prediction is that Sawyer will decide to stay on the island as well to avenge Kate's death after Jack kills Kate because he knows the only way to kill Locke is for Sawyer to do it. Sawyer will jump down the cave to "the light" and he will come out and battle Locke, taking Locke's place on the island. Jack and Sawyer will forever be stuck on the island together. — Stephen Mink, Atlanta, Ga.

Worlds collide
I think Desmond is the key.  In the sideways reality he's jogging memories of the island (ouch for John, though) and he's survived some grim tests on the island.  I think that when the last sideways Lostie realises their memories of the island that both realities will combine.  I sure hope so, because then we won't have lost all the characters we've come to love. — Becky Parker, Davison, Mich.

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This idea came about with the detonation of Jughead and the side-flash. I think the show will end with the island people doomed to a quick death somehow and the sideways world becoming reality. An updated version of "Dallas", where Bobby Ewing shows up in the shower as if nothing else has happened. — Tim Tjernlund, Lakewood, Calif.

Kate's sideways story: She didn't kill her stepfather and she's not really on the run. Instead, she's working for a security agency testing fellow criminal agencies for capturing bad people on the run or have escaped capture, etc. This way, after the training session is over, she and Sawyer (James Ford) can fall in love and settle down. — Anonymous

I believe the flash-sideways' are, in fact, the reality that will come to be once balance is restored. At some point, someone will make the necessary sacrifice/decision to undo all the calamity that has befallen those who've crossed the Island's path. ... Given the option to restore the balance to the universe, one of them will choose to undo the Island's very existence so that everyone will be freed from the Island's orbit. Thus, the Island disappears and the reality that Jacob had altered by influencing the course of human events will be undone. — Anonymous

Good and evil
I feel the show will be based on heaven and hell. Jacob being from heaven and the man in black being from hell. All the passengers are really dead and now they are battling over there place in eternity. They all have a strange past that has left them in limbo as to where there souls really lie. — Victor Falcaro, Pawling, N.Y.

I don't think ABC has the guts to give this an unhappy ending ala Fox (see 24, Season 1 finale), or HBO (see Sopranos finale). They will tie most things up in a cute bow and good will prevail over evil and the good guys will leave the island. — Anonymous

The final moments
It will end with Jack and Locke on the beach and Locke saying to Jack, "Do you have any idea how much I want to kill you" the the words LOST and the bang sound. — Lee Knight, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

We saw the end of the show when Desmond blew up the hatch. The Desmond which blew up the hatch was a future desmond. Since the show has fairly liquid timelines, and Desmond's timeline is the final one, when he self destructs the hatch and blows up the faciltiy, all timelines end. Regardless of what we have watched. Donnie Darko on an island. — Michael Thomsen

I believe that it will loop back full circle, as in what we seen in the beginning of the pilot episode when Jack woke up on the beach. That opening scene has always stuck with me as being important as it is a theme used throughout the show (ie, closeups of character's eyes opening) and that Jack will become the man in black and Hurley will become Jacob. — Newton Cass, Pawhuska, Okla.

The whole thing will end up being Hurley's dream.  I will end with his waking up on the plane on the way back to LA.  As he is waking up, the plane begins to crash, again. — Boo W., Bergoo, W.Va.

Everyone ends up in real time Los Angeles and they attend the wedding of Desmond and Penny. — Thomas Warrens, San Diego

The story is in a comic book that Walt is reading, as he finishes it "Boom" plane starts to crash. — Jonnie Stone, Tallahassee, Fla.

It will end with Ben writing a book from a visit to the island. It will have all been fiction. — Anonymous

The island will be destroyed.  The first scene of the season, when we saw the island underwater, will be the last scene of the season. — Anonymous

No answers
I'm convinced Damon and Carlton will not give us a final answer as to who is really good and who is evil. Current and future fans will be left to debate whether Jacob or MIB is the island's protector. I think the "sideways" timeline will turn out to be our Losties' real life going forward but they will use the memories and lessons of the island to have a more perfect life. — Sandy Vahine, Haiku, Hawaii

For some reason I don't believe it will answer all our questions, and that will be very disappointing to me. It will open up a whole new can of blogs and discussions regarding what's not answered. Hope I'm wrong. — Anonymous

It will end either without answering any questions central to the series, or providing some cliche answer like "OMG! Everyone was already dead!" Or, "It was all a dream!", and all the Lost "fan bois" are just kidding themselves if they think otherwise. — Anonymous

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