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    jeering ]

    >>> this is us. [ beer cans rattling

    >>> this is us. yes, unfortunately, for you, we're back on this thirsday with our no makeup zone.

    >> today's style editor and our good friend, bobbie thomas is here, sharing her fresh-faced tips. we also wanted to get our bobbie on.

    >> you look beautiful .

    >> well, look who's talking.

    >> you look like you're 12.

    >> i'm like this every day. when i'm not working, i'm no makeup .

    >> your boyfriend likes you this way, right?

    >> yeah, i think men in general like you without makeup .

    >> the nakeder, the better.

    >> they don't want to kiss all that. i have a beauty secret.

    >> she has got the softest skin.

    >> yes, she does.

    >> rosie was on earlier, you're looking very, very good to me.

    >> oh, i love you. this is my secret. scrub in the shower. i do this every single day.

    >> these have exfoliant in them.

    >> they're good to get your backside, they're exfoliating towels.

    >> i get my bobbie on.

    >> at least two times a week, i use exfolicate, but you can also put unrefined sugar in your cleanser. this is why it's important. when you want to go makeup free, you want the best skin possible. it improves the texture for younger girls , helps avoid breakouts and you don't have to spend as much time in the beauty store to fix it.

    >> you said when these top models go to auditions, look sees --

    >> go sees.

    >> you say they're not allowed to wear any makeup .

    >> no, it's not even considered cool sometimes in fashion circles, so models insist on certain products. one is a french product they insist on. you can just do this without rinsing. this is great. go to alco.com. and dial soap is something dermatologists tell you to use. drys it out, antibacterial. and papaw. this is a plant from australia, like a beauty secret. they use it for their lips and cuticles. this is really nourishing and exfoliating.

    >> i'm plumping.

    >> another thing, eyelashes, ladies, we know how important they are. they frame your eyes. i used to be hook on fake eyelashes and it was so bad that every time i took them off, i was losing my eyelashes. i got a prescription for lat i latisse.

    >> i use rapid lash. one-third the price. it's $50. and nonprescription.

    >> the one i use the prescription.

    >> of course it is. because you've got your bobbie on.

    >> it's important to know that other thing models do, they curl their eyelashes and don't do mascara . this is the preferred brand. it's only 10 or $11, a pocket eyelash curler . they even have this one. don't hurt yourself.

    >> no, you do it.

    >> look straightforward. i know.

    >> you got it. let go. let go.

    >> wow.

    >> does it make you forget i'm not wearing any makeup .

    >> that was a real close-up, by the way.

    >> if you're going to use a concealer, you want to cover a blemish. it's important to look for double duty products. physician's formula, sephora, they have stuff to help you. if you want a little glow, a daily self-tanner, a gradual one. wear it near your face.

    >> bobbie.

    >> she helped us get our

TODAY contributor
updated 5/13/2010 12:03:38 PM ET 2010-05-13T16:03:38

In honor of Kathie Lee and Hoda’s pledge to go makeup free for an entire TODAY hour, I thought it was only fitting to share some fresh-faced tips. Find out how to easily enhance your natural glow.

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Bobbie's beauty secret
Moisturizing is a must, but exfoliating is also important for women of all ages.  The products we use — and even the water in the shower — can leave build up, and by exfoliating, you remove dead skin cells, turn cells over, and help to even out your skin tone. Exfoliating also helps to prevent breakouts in the young, and can improve texture and diminish fine lines in older skin. I actually use exfoliating gloves in the shower every day. And for tough to reach spots on your backside Spa Sister’s Twin Skin Polishing Towels are great ($5; Amazon.com). For my face, I’m a big fan of Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate, which also comes in a gentle formula ($65; katesomerville.com). Or, for a DIY option, you can even add raw unrefined sugar from the supermarket to your own cleanser once a week, in order to scrub away any impurities.

Model must-haves
Ironically makeup is a no-no for models, so why not share some of their beauty bag secrets? These girls simply rely on a few coveted items to help them look their best when trying to book modeling jobs. Embryolisse cleansers and no-rinse makeup remover ($20-35; Embryolisseusa.com ) are an industry favorite for a flawless fresh-face, and many dermatologists suggest Dial’s antibacterial Gold Bar Soap to help heal breakouts (8 pack/$3.50; Walmart.com).  And Paw Paw’s lip ointment helps ensure their puckers look perky — even without lipstick ($12; lconeco.com). 
Just like us? Celebs with no makeup

Finally, Japonesque’s eyelash curler are a backstage beauty secret, helping to opens up your eyes and make you look more alert. My personal favorite is their Go Curl pocket curler — it’s so small, you can take it anywhere, even the beach. ($11-16.50; Japonesque.com).

Color control
If you have a blemish but want to go makeup free, don’t just conceal — heal.  Look for double duty formulas that offer acne control and cover-up in one such as Physicians Formula Blemish Rx Healing Concealer ($8.99; Walgreens.com) or Murad’s Acne Treatment Concealer ($21; Drugstore.com). And sometimes a little self-tanner is just the confidence boost you need to leave your skin bare. Look for less concentrated formulas that work gradually for streak-free realistic results. I like Jergens Natural Glow Face Moisturizer because the gradual self-tanner gives you a hint of color that’s subtle and soft ($8.99; Cvs.com).

Frame Your Face
While bed head hair can be sexy when you’re all dressed up, it can literally look like you just rolled out of bed when you combine it with a makeup-free face. But a polished ponytail or chic headband can add sophistication to a clean complexion. And maybe most important of all my advice… consider keeping color near your face instead of on your face.  A scarf, statement necklace, or pair of earrings in your most flattering hue will help you "pop"!

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