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Video: Kathie Lee, Hoda go au naturel!

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    . . .

    >>> he said, yikes. let's go. that's right, people, don't adjust your television sets .

    >> before we face you with the full monte, we'd like to show you what we go through to get ready on a typical morning.

    >> this is going to be a real treat. pay attention , rosy.

    >> no makeup .

    >> here i am bare and unafraid. the way i go through life. it's the way i roll.

    >> i feel naked.

    >> we came into this world bare, naked and it's how we're going to go out.

    >> i feel self-conscious.

    >> if you see a scar, i'll own up to it.

    >> i'm just being honest, so there.

    >> only from the neck up.

    >> i just need a little lips and a little mascara and i'll feel okay. ta da. a little makeup -- ins the game face .

    >> most of it is just about feeling secure.

    >> i like like myself.

    >> confidence is very sexy.

    >> i'm ready to go on tv.

    >> this is tv-ready for me. very good questions.

    >> let's get rid of the shades.

    >> all right, hoda, this is us.

    >> don't -- anthony .

    >> anthony . it felt very strange. ir start eed realizing, i feel vulnerable.

    >> i never thought about it really.

    >> now that i see our monitor i know why.

    >> wow.

    >> we have all this to blame. on rosie o 'donnell.

    >> rosie was watching our show while doing her radio show and she was commenting on somewh what she thought were enhanced features.

    >> she went too far. people need to learn when to quit.

    >> exactly. so kathie lee said to her --

    >> i said, rosie come to our show, before we put on hair and makeup . you can look for scars anywhere, honey. if you find them, i'll own up to it.

    >> so, rosie has a show that happens to go on when ours goes on. rosie 's joining us by skype without her makeup and didn't even brush her hair.

    >> did you brush your teeth , honey?

    >> i did not. just rolled out of bed trying to look at natural as possible.

    >> well, needless to say, it's half the thrill of doing radio. have a huge -- you can have a huge zit and it doesn't matter, you know.

    >> do you feel self-conscious when you're outside without wearing it?

    >> i never wear makeup unless i'm doing television, anywhere, ever.

    >> so it feels strange to you to have makeup on.

    >> right. when i come home from doing tv, my kids look at me and say, what's wrong with your face. that's makeup . take it off.

    >> do you want to see the tight shot of kathie lee to make sure there were no scars.

    >> and we are going to show that we really do not have any makeup on.

    >> i could do that, too. do you want me to prove it?

    >> only because you're a little oily.

    >> that's just normal, baby.

    >> not a stitch.

    >> rosie , take us back to that day when you first saw our show come up on your monitor. what did you think i had done?

    >> i'm not good at that stuff, but i'm like, oh, my god, kathie lee looks so different. my friend, when i go anywhere with her, she can spot a woman at 50 feet and go lips, cheeks and a pull above the eyebrows. if you want to have things done, go ahead . there's nothing wrong with it.

    >> but you thought i had gone too far.

    >> i don't believe i said that. i heard cathy griffin say she was talking to you at the "today" show and didn't recognize you. i just thought you looked different.

    >> was that a compliment?

    >> you're beautiful . i've never looked like you once.

    >> i mean, i think every woman feels, you know, when we're in this business, that we have to remain competitive.

    >> yeah, we do.

    >> but you can never compete with the girls in the miss usa pageant .

    >> rosie , we want to say thank you so much --

    >> i don't want to.

    >> i wasn't trying to hurt your feelings. i thought you looked good, just different.

    >> thank you, rosie . say thank you.

    >> couldn't possibly look that young, is what you meant, at your age. love you, sweetie. say hello to the children .

    >> all right. and i'm sorry i hurt your feelings.

    >> it was fun.

    >> i was trying to grow a big zit before today , but it didn't happen. see you.

    >> in solidarity on our show, all the great anchors at nbc decided they were going to show their faces without makeup , so we have a little tape of them.

    >> i almost never wear makeup when i'm not on the show because when you're here, you use so much of it. this is my face. like it or not.

    >> this is the real me and i'm glad to show it to you because sometimes i feel like on the show, i wear enough makeup to frost a cake. it takes a village .

    >> i'm scaring little children at home right now. this is me. no makeup . this is actually the way i am most of the time. what you see on tv is really very extraordinary events in my life. i don't usually put a lot of makeup on. i like to go au natural. one person who thought they were giving me a compliment, you look so pretty on tv.

    >> they're here like at 4:00 in the morning. they look gorgeous.

    >> i think it's awesome.

    >> i feel liberated a little bit, too.

    >> i think we have bobby thomas --

    >> and sara . she's doing a news update.

    >> i think this is really very cool. what's really cool is that women are able to say, this is who i am. the bottom line is that the men on the show, they're wearing makeup , too. let's make that point.

    >> it's a great point. it is thick.

    >> my gosh.

    >> now, we brought special drinks because we figured we needed something to get through this. we've got to get to okay not okay. is it okay for celebs to give commencement addresses? kathie lee , you said, if they are people with a message, but i'd think twice before inviting snooki. you said, it definitely depends on the situation. then there's pictures. virginia tech .

    >> i think we got a scoop, but what are the fans saying?

    >> we're going to look at them without makeup . this is gigi from new jersey. she's a stay at home home. sofia from new york . also wearing no makeup . margie. she thinks she's the only flight attendent that doesn't wear makeup . and jenna, from vermont .

    >> you look gorgeous with no makeup by the way.

    >> you jump, i jump.

    >> i do feel a kindred spirit .

    >> up next, modern family 's modern woman.

    >> we are going to be talking to her right after this.

    >> but first, let's see what women have to say about our day.

    >> they should be really proud of what they look like without makeup . i think that's a beautiful thing to be able to pull that off.

    >> it's good to see that people can be on the air and do their own thing without makeup .

    >> i think it's very brave to go without makeup . i don't think i would do

TODAY staff
updated 5/13/2010 12:51:26 PM ET 2010-05-13T16:51:26

Women have revealed their secrets, their souls, and occasionally (Drew Barrymore and Janet Jackson spring to mind) even their breasts on TV. But on Thursday, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb dared to go where few women have gone before — onto nationwide high-def television without makeup.

The anchors of TODAY’s fourth hour decided to do an episode almost completely au naturel, after being challenged by another media maven, Rosie O’Donnell.

“I feel like it’s the dumbest thing we’ve ever done,” Gifford, 56, said. “I had a classic anxiety dream about it last night.”

Kotb felt similar trepidation.

“I kept waking up in the middle of the night,” the 45-year-old said. “I didn’t think this was a big deal until I realized that I don’t even go running without lipstick on — because you never know who you’re going to see.”

Other than a swipe of lip gloss, the typically primped hosts skipped their 20-minute makeup routine, handled by TODAY makeup artist Mary Kahler. In a taped spot, anchors Ann Curry, Natalie Morales and Meredith Vieira showed off their naked visages in solidarity. TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas, 35, and correspondent Sara Haines, 32, also appeared live without wearing any makeup.

Showing Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb solidarity, TODAY’s Ann Curry, Meredith Vieira and Natalie Morales exposed their faces without makeup in a taped spot.
But in a notable violation of the spirit of “No Makeup Day,” guest Sofia Vergara said she wouldn’t dare go natural. When asked by Kotb what makeup product she couldn’t part with when leaving the house, the “Modern Family” actress answered, “All of it! I’m Colombian! We give birth in full makeup.”

Hoda’s routine
Kahler, who also does makeup for Curry, Morales, Matt Lauer and Al Roker (yes, the men on the show wear plenty of makeup), shared an insider’s look at what the fourth-hour ladies go though each day.

Kotb usually comes in at 6:30 a.m., gets her hair done, and then heads over to the makeup area. Kahler starts her off with a primer to help close her pores and give her skin a matte look.

Next, Kahler layers three or four shades of cream foundation to even out Kotb’s skin tone and give her a sun-kissed glow. For her eyes, Kohler dusts on gold eye shadow, uses eyeliner, fills in her eyebrows, and coats both her top and bottom eyelashes with mascara.

Video: How well do you know your skin? Hoda’s cheeks get brushed with a mineral blush, and she gets an overall dusting of powder to set the makeup. After she heads to Wardrobe and gets dressed, Kahler picks out a variety of lipsticks and lip glosses to complement her outfit.

Setting the foundation
As for Gifford, when she comes in an hour later and gets in the makeup chair, Kahler goes straight for the foundation. “I just use a little bit of foundation and spread it out,” the makeup artist said. “Her skin tone just needs a little evening out. She has really smooth skin, and everything comes out really dewy looking.”

Then, she gets to work on Gifford’s eyes, giving her a soft, smoky look by combining different shades of brown, taupe and caramel shadows, lining them, and applying mascara. Kahler uses a concealer under Kathie Lee’s eyes and contours her cheeks with a cream blush, to give her a “peaches and cream complexion.” Finally, she puts on powder all over Gifford’s face, lines her lips, and applies lipstick.

It may seem like the women go through a lot for a complete transformation, but, Kahler says, it’s necessary to get the job done. “HD TV really picks up on a lot of details. You want to have a professional appearance, and makeup helps you put that game face on.

Makeup artist Mary Kahler typically gets the faces of Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb ready for the camera — but not on No Makeup Day.
“Makeup also helps hide the fact that these women don’t get much sleep — they are so busy, not only doing the show but doing so many things afterwards,” Kahler added. “They are constantly on the go, and they have to look fresh even though they’re going full-speed ahead every minute.”

For their parts, Kotb and Gifford said that wearing makeup helps boost their confidence, and having naked faces made them feel “vulnerable.”

“We just take it for granted as just part of our everyday routine, but it is almost like an insurance policy,” Gifford said.  “And I was surprised at how ill at ease I was about it.”

Dare to go bare?

So what prompted them to bare all in front of millions?

It all started about a month ago, when radio talk show host Rosie O’Donnell — who is friends with Kathie Lee but not above teasing her — speculated that the fourth-hour anchor had had extensive work done on her face.

Video: Secrets to a fresh face “Look for scars, baby,” Gifford responded on TODAY. “If you see ’em, then I'll fess up.”

O’Donnell apologized to her friend on her radio show — but in the process issued a challenge.

“Apparently I said I thought she had plastic surgery … I believe her if she said she didn’t,” O’Donnell told her listeners. “Maybe she had some shots of something. I thought it would be funny if me, Kathie and Hoda did an entire hour with no makeup. If I offended you Kathie Lee, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it,” she added.

O’Donnell also appeared on TODAY via Skype, with no makeup on, to defend herself.

“I was just watching you and I thought, ‘Kathie Lee looks so different!’ ” O’Donnell explained. She added that she talked to a friend who claims to be able to spot plastic surgery from a mile away, and the friend thought Gifford had had a few procedures.

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“I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings; I thought you looked good, I just thought you looked different,” O’Donnell told Gifford.

Natural women
But the no-makeup show had loftier goals than just trying to prove that Gifford’s face is plastic-free. It was also a way to show what real women look like. Gallery: Viewers bare faces with KLG, Hoda

“The purpose of them doing this overall is to help women feel comfortable in their unique and very own look,” Kahler said. “Makeup is a tool to enhance what you already have, but it shouldn’t determine who you are.”

Many everyday women refuse to go bare even when doing mundane activities, but now some stars are trying to show that makeup isn’t always a necessity. TODAY’s no-makeup episode is just the latest in a trend of famous women showing off their goods au naturel — though Kotb and Gifford are older than most.

For example, reality-TV star Kim Kardashian, 29, recently posed for Life & Style magazine without any makeup. To which Kotb tartly commented: “Of course she looks good. She doesn’t need makeup — she’s like 12 years old.”

“Makeup is fun, but it’s just another accessory,” Kardashian told the magazine. “I’m happy with myself, and this is who I am.” Along with actress Joy Bryant and photographer Amanda de Cadenet, Kardashian also posed nude for unretouched photos in Harper’s Bazaar.

Just like us? Celebs with no makeupAnd singer Jessica Simpson, 29, made waves last month when she posed with air-dried hair and no makeup for the cover of Marie Claire magazine. “The expectations on young women now are unbelievably high,” Marie Claire’s editor-in-chief, Joanna Coles, had told TODAYshow.com in a previous interview. “You have to do well in college, and get a great job even in this crazy market, and have a gymnast’s body ... But this can make women realize that it’s fine not to wear makeup. It’s fine to be yourself. It’s fine to celebrate who you are and who you want to be.”

In the end, the fourth-hour anchors said that depite their initial trepidation, sacrificing makeup for one day was worthwhile. “I feel liberated,” Gifford said.

Kotb agreed. “I feel liberated too.”

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