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    MEREDITH VIEIRA, co-host: Back at 8:37. This morning on BOBBIE'S STYLE BUZZ , subtle ways to update your signature style. Today's style editor and bobbie.com's Bobbie Thomas has all sorts of ideas . And in honor of Mother's Day , some moms of TODAY will be doing the modeling. Bobbie , good morning to you.

    Ms. BOBBIE THOMAS: Good morning.

    VIEIRA: So this is not about changing Mom's look altogether, yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: Absolutely not. I've learned so much from my mother throughout the years, I think we all have. You watch her putting her makeup on when you're little . But you know, it's nice to kind of update Mom and show her what's out there that she might be, you know, not interested in but might be if you put it in front of her.

    VIEIRA: Exactly. So first off, a way to update the wardrobe of your mom is fun footwear. And we have as our model, Galen . Come on out. She is the wife of senior broadcast producer, Don Nash . She's here with her two gorgeous daughters. Tell us about her shoes, because that's what we're dealing with here.

    Ms. THOMAS: Well, it's all about fun footwear. Galen is a mom in motion. She's chasing after these two adorable little girls , so she...

    VIEIRA: Not to mention that crazy husband.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah, no. And Don is quite stylish. He actually purchased this clutch for her, which is kind of nice that he helps her because she's so busy...

    VIEIRA: Oh.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...to update her look, too. But that's a great gift idea, shoes. If you know your wife's size, you know, a fun pair of flats is always going to update anything from shorts to a sun dress . And she really still wants to be trendy, but from, you know, the car pool lane to lunch with the ladies, this is a great option .

    VIEIRA: Exactly. Yeah. And as you said, you can switch out the shorts for a dress and it look equally great, so.

    Ms. THOMAS: Absolutely. And she's so beautiful.

    VIEIRA: I know.

    Ms. THOMAS: She's easy to dress.

    GALEN: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

    VIEIRA: Do you like them? Good gift?

    GALEN: I love them, yes. And this is a great gift, so...

    VIEIRA: From the hubby. Thank you, Galen .

    GALEN: Thank you.

    VIEIRA: Thanks, girls . Our next category, feminine flair. We have Genevieve modeling for us. She is the mom of our producer, Feliciano Garcia . This is a wardrobe update for the woman who prefers to wear pants, yeah, but you want to add a little femininity to it.

    Ms. THOMAS: Absolutely. You know, the one thing we wanted to respect, she said `I really want to wear pants. Please don't put me in a dress.'

    VIEIRA: I relate to that. Yup.

    Ms. THOMAS: And, you know, it's all about making her feel beautiful. So we did find her pants. She was actually really excited about Not Your Daughter 's Jeans . So they give a whole new meaning to mom jeans , they're very cool. But what I did want to do was add some femininity with this statement necklace.

    VIEIRA: OK, so it's about the jewelry here.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah, jewelry, and even the colorful top. But these are both fantastic from Macy's . The color really had her, you know, skin, her hair pop, but the long jewelry is really great to help elongate your frame. And that's a great gift at any time.

    VIEIRA: I was going to day, Mother's Day every mom loves jewelry.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah.

    VIEIRA: I even like the -- if it's not going to be the macaroni necklace, this is a good second.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes, definitely. And there's everything from sweet to sophisticated so there's a definitely a statement jewelry or bangle for your mom.

    VIEIRA: Right. Genevieve , thank you so much .

    GENEVIEVE: Thank you.

    VIEIRA: Wesley , you got to get back there to get your mom. The next trend is the trendy tote, and we have Sami modeling for us. This is Wesley back out. It's her mom -- it's his mom. Wesley is our production assistant . And all -- I mean, she looks gorgeous anyhow, but that bag just completes the wardrobe .

    Ms. THOMAS: She looks fantastic. But I have to be honest, I was more scared of Wesley , because he is the best-dressed around here in the morning.

    VIEIRA: He is very well-dressed.

    Ms. THOMAS: So he came...

    VIEIRA: I see where he gets it from, though.

    Ms. THOMAS: Exactly.

    VIEIRA: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: He came to like make sure that I had the fitting down. We put her in a fantastic dress from TJ Maxx , only like $28. I found this colorful dress.

    VIEIRA: Are you serious?

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes, and her bag is $19 from H&M . So...

    SAMI: Very nice.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...I love the idea...

    VIEIRA: Wow.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...that if -- she's a professional, she has to go to work, so she wanted to have that carefree in the summer that everyone else has, so do it in an accessory. Bring the beach with you to work. That's completely appropriate. It gives you that organic, soft feel.

    VIEIRA: It's gorgeous. And then that brightly colored outfit, too, is another version, an update , really, right?

    Ms. THOMAS: Definitely. Get out of the dark hues, get into some brightness.

    VIEIRA: All right. You look gorgeous.

    SAMI: Thank you.

    VIEIRA: You should be very proud, Wesley .

    WESLEY: I am. I am.

    VIEIRA: All right. And finally, we have the signature scarf look, and we have a very special mom modeling for us, Bobbie 's mother , Fatima , is coming out.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah. I was so excited to have her come out for Mother's Day this week so she offered to work this morning.

    Ms. THOMAS: And that looks beautiful. You take a simple black dress and you just change it totally.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes. My mom has so much black. And I love that she loves, like yourself, the little black dress . But my mom really pops with color. So this was a gift as well. I have it hidden for you.

    VIEIRA: Oh, thank you.

    Ms. THOMAS: Happy Mother's Day. Such a fantastic idea. It's a summer scarf, it's an Infinity silk summer scarf at Nordstrom , only $24. They come in four colors. And this is like soft jewelry for your mom that can just instantly -- watch, if you slip that on, it just kind of adds a pop to your whole look. And it's an easy way . They don't have to worry about tying it, but it instantly brings out your eyes.

    VIEIRA: It's really nice.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah.

    VIEIRA: Fatima, do you like the look?

    FATIMA: I love it.

    Ms. THOMAS: She loves it. I'm very excited.

    FATIMA: It's beautiful, and it goes with you.

    VIEIRA: And it does, it makes you look more youthful and all that.

    Ms. THOMAS: Youthful. You want to add color, it's definitely fun.

    VIEIRA: Let's bring everybody back out, all the ladies.

TODAY contributor
updated 5/7/2010 10:12:24 AM ET 2010-05-07T14:12:24

Where does our style philosophy start? I recently came across a fabulous website that inspired me to think about the way our moms dress — and how sometimes they can get stuck in a rut. While we are all too familiar with the phrase “mom jeans,” momstyleicons.blogspot.comcelebrates user-submitted photos of moms in their heyday — before cooking, cleaning and carpools came calling. And since many moms have held firm to their styles throughout the years — for better or worse — TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas offers ideas to help modernize moms’ tried-and-true style with one easy update.

Fun footwear
Although she may be chasing her little ones around, a mom in motion can still look great on the go. Footwear has been a major focal point in fashion, and a fun pair of flats may be the only accessory needed. Bejeweled sandals are like jewelry for the feet, and compliment everything from jeans and a tee to a sundress. From the carpool lane to lunch with the ladies, embellished sandals are a great gift or investment.

Bedy sandals, silk printed blouse, $89.90 each, Mango.com; Bermuda jean shorts $49.50, Gap.com 15 Mother's Day gifts under $50

Feminine flair
For the lady who loathes the idea of putting on a skirt, but still wants to feel feminine, bold bangles, exotic earrings or a notice-me-now necklace will add an element of “pretty” to any outfit. In addition, a long colorful strand will visually streamline and lengthen her frame. From sweet to sophisticated, jewelry can help Mom make many statements.

Jones New York turquoise blouse, jewelry, $60-$94, Macys.com; Not Your Daughter’s Jeans, $98, NYDJ.com; Bare Traps Veravee sandals, $30, FamousFootwear.com

Trendy totes
Working moms know that an office wardrobe can sometimes stifle personal style, especially during warmer months when you long to be laid-back and carefree. The answer? Accessories. Organic soft elements such as straw, raffia or canvas will add a casual yet appropriate touch, while electric hues of shocking pink, yellow and orange are a juicy way to leave “serious” on summer vacation.

Straw tote, $19.95, HM.com; AGB dress, $24.99, Tjmaxx.com; Calvin Klein coral cardigan, $89, Macys.com; Bold Elements and a.n.a jewelry, $18-$24, Jcpenney.com; Petrella sandals, $107.95, Sofftshoe.com

Asignature scarf
For the woman who loves neutrals, owns oodles of black, but wants to add a more youthful, bright pop, a signature scarf can make a world of difference. As most people know, wraps and scarves are extremely versatile, making them a great cost-per-wear item. The key is to frame the face with a flattering hue, so anyone can wear any color. And believe it or not, prints can be more versatile than solids, as they encompass a variety of elements to help blend, but also stand alone as a personal swoosh of style!

Accessory Street Infinity scarf, $24, Nordstrom.com; Theory Indigo dress, $99, Tjmaxx.com

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