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Disaster in the Gulf
The Impact
Pete Yarborough

Oil spill adds to housing woes for Katrina victims

Pete Yarborough, a trucker who hauled seafood until the BP oil spill hit, and about 800 other households are under pressure to buy or get out of the state-owned cottages they've been living in since Hurricane Katrina left them homeless. Full story

Safe seafood? Shrimpers worry as season opens
22-mile-long oily plume mapped near BP site
The Cleanup
Kari Huss /

Oiled marshes: Intervene or keep hands off?

Scientists debate how aggressive to be in getting rid of oil in one of the most delicate parts of the Gulf ecosystem.'s Kari Huus reports. Full story

How do oil skimmers work?
Cutter heads home after Gulf spill duty
$1 billion venture in works to fight Gulf spills
The Accident
Image: Curt Kuchta

Deepwater Horizon captain, manager feel targeted at hearing

A Coast Guard official leading a probe of the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion was accused of violating the rights of the rig's captain and top manager, as well as intimidating a witness. Full story

Paula Walker

Emotional toll for some rig survivors

A boom from the speakers at church was all it took to send Paula Walker back to that moment of horror on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Full story

Exploded rig's owner exploits offshore status
Newsweek: The oil spill by the numbers