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Image: Jin and Sun kiss on "Lost"
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As the "Lost" finale nears, leaks are slowly making their way out. Daniel Dae Kim, left, who plays Jin, says that now his character has been reunited with wife, Sun, he'll be happy.
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updated 5/3/2010 9:43:37 PM ET 2010-05-04T01:43:37

Leaks about “Lost” continue as we creep ever closer to the series finale on May 23. Six pages of script, allegedly from the last episode, surfaced on Italian website Macchianera, and Gawker posted what seems to be the finale’s call sheet.

No one directly connected with the show is saying whether these purported leaks are legit, and cast members aren’t weighing in. However, some of the actors — such as Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin — are dropping some hints about what’s to come.

WARNING: If you are behind in your “Lost” viewing, skip to the next item!

When “Lost” left off, Jin and Sun were finally reunited with one another. Is the couple going to be happy now? “It's hard to say,” Kim told the Washington Post. “I don't mean to be evasive about it, but it depends on your definition of happiness. I think anything after Jin's reunion with his wife means he'll be happy.”

Video: Letterman extortionist heads to jail OK, so that’s sort of a non-answer. Another non-answer about the finale comes from Sheila Kelley, who was brought on this season to play Zoe. Kelley can’t say whether her character makes it to the finale, but says she is “in at least one more episode.”

Sidibe’s mom to ‘America’s Got Talent’
Her daughter, Gabourey Sidibe, might be an Academy Award nominee, but Alice Tan Ridley is still looking for her lucky break. Which explains the actress’ mom’s trip to the “America’s Got Talent” auditions while the show was in New York.

Details about her performance are scant: Ridley, who has a background in singing, told Radar Online, “I was pleased with my performance and I think that I did well actually. The judges knew who I was and the audience really supported me, so, I think that I can make it through to the next stage. I’ve been told not to say too much though. People will just have to watch the show to see how I did — I better not say anything else in case I get into trouble.”

Reps for the show had no comment on Ridley’s performance or whether she’ll be part of the show.

Shatner coy about ‘Trek’ sequel
Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings William Shatner might have made a reported $200 million in Priceline stock, but he’s still Captain Kirk to many. Is there any chance that he could reprise his role on the big screen in a sequel to J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek?” Well, maybe.

“J.J. Abrams and I are Twitter friends. Twitter and Facebook acquaintances. He’s a wonderful artist and I would love to work with him,” Shatner told On the Red Carpet. But, he added, “I would play very hard to get. That’s not a no. That’s not a yes. Yes, no, yes.”

The expected release date for the “Star Trek” sequel is in 2012.

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