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Video: Israel detains activists, ships from flotilla

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    >> nightly news." now here's meredith .

    >>> organizers of the ships targeted by israeli forces in a deadly raid say they plan to send more ships to the region in the coming days. overnight the u.n. security council called for an impartial investigation into the firefight at sea. nbc's tom aspell is in israel with the latest. tom, good morning to you.

    >> reporter: good morning, meredith . well, six ships carrying 10,000 tons of aid for gaza, and now in the israeli port of ashdod. the pro-palestinian activists who sailed on them are in detention. israel led the activists away for questioning this morning. most of the 500 now in detention or in hospitals are to be deported. israel intercepted the flotilla 50 miles off the coast early monday morning. pictures from the biggest ship showed israeli commandos armed with paint guns and pistols being lowered from helicopters, and then fighting with passengers. video released overnight by the israelis showed some of the passengers beating the soldiers are iron bars and tossing one commando over the side. israel said its men opened fire with live ammunition only when their lives were threatened. nine activists were killed, most of them turkish nationals. dozens were wounded. the international condemnation has been swift and harsh. in turkey, israel 's strongest ally in the muslim world , thousands attacked the israeli consulate in istanbul. turkey's foreign minister was outraged at israel 's actions.

    >> in simplest terms, this is tantamount to banditry and piracy. murder conducted by a state.

    >> reporter: the turkish government canceled joint military exercises with israel and recalled its ambassador from tel aviv . there were also anti-israeli demonstrations in europe and the middle east . the u.n. security council called for an investigation into the violence which israel says was the fault of the activists attacking the israeli commandos.

    >> what kind of peace activists use knives, clubs, fire from weapons stolen from soldiers and other weapons to attack soldiers who board the ship in accordance with international law ?

    >> reporter: this morning israel announced it would unload that humanitarian aid from the captured ships and deliver it over land to palestinians in the gaza strip . the confrontation at sea is not over yet. another two ships are heading this way from turkey and scheduled to arrive on wednesday. israel said they will not be allowed to proceed to gaza. meredith ?

    >> tom aspell, thank you.

    >>> let us get a check

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