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Video: Turn junk-drawer finds into fashion statements

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    >>> tough pet stains and odors,

    >>> this morning on "bobbie's style buzz," turning every-day household items into fun and chic accessories. don't toss those papers, buttons and shoelaces spilling out of your drawers. today bobbie thomas shows us how to get crafty. you are the queen of making things look good.

    >> i'm really out there, i want people to rethink reuse and revest. it is a glamorous way to go green but i want the word "crafty" to be chic. don't throw anything away. many of the pieces i made for this segment were inspired by high-end designers charging big bucks because they were inspired by something they saw.

    >> you won't believe some of the things that you use to make these.

    >> i love diy.

    >> talk about rope.

    >> nautical necklaces. i call these naughty necklaces.

    >> oh, do not behave! there goes the whole segment.

    >> well, it is a rope. keep tying knots on the open end. honestly with just a few minutes, you can get something that looks like a statement necklace. that was on the runway. you can add a little bit of gold to spice it up. a shoelace. i took push pins and just kept pushing it into the shoelace to form these colors. look, this is like literally $1. but it is so great. it reminds me of marnie.

    >> really great. nice look.

    >> don't throw away the tissue paper in your gift bags. i know this is going to sound like i have no life, but you just cut up tissue paper and fold it. then just literally use a leather needle which is a little thicker. it is not hard, you don't have to see. you can just thread the needle through, secure it with knots on your twine. there you go, a fun summer piece. great especially if you have kids.

    >> this look is so in right now, that whole boho chic .

    >> i love this. i was inspired by construction paper . the scraps from your child's artwork projects. look at how great you can just literally put this on with a leather string. it gives that instant texture. big with neutral tones, looks more sophisticated. i did this sitting there watching tv , an hour on the weekends.

    >> very nice. over here, buttons. a lot of vusus have a button box or drawer. get stretchy clear elastic and tie them on. look how great these buttons on. that's a great bracelet. coffee stirrers. are you for real?

    >> these are thrown out. honestly you can re-invent these by cutting them and stripping them on a rope.

    >> this is hilarious.

    >> this tops it off. take an old toothbrush, boil it in some water. then you can shape it around the glass. in like five minutes. once you get the shape, start with a hot glue gun taking old broken fragments and this is the finished product.

    >> i can't believe this.

    >> this looks just like some of the more expensive high-end designers. don't think just because you made it, it is not valuable. it is still sentimental and special.

    >> it is your sweat money!

    >> this took me ten minutes to do.

    >> that's beautiful. these are great embellishments.

    >> go not home decor section for drapery twrim and re-invent an old bag. very prada-inspired. crocheted clutches, believe it or not if you find these circle crocheted boilies, you just literally stitch the edge to create a clutch.

    >> that's amazing. here what you did with shoes?

    >> just add a bow. it is a great way to re-invent your footwear.

    >> bobbie thomas , thank you.

    >>> easy makeovers for your home, we'll show you how to save a fortune on home repairs right after this. very nice, mark. beautiful! goes with

TODAY contributor
updated 4/29/2010 12:17:50 PM ET 2010-04-29T16:17:50

From footwear to handbags, and of course our beloved baubles, accessories are truly the exclamation point of an outfit. And there’s no better way to express your own personal style than with something you’ve designed! TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas offers advice on how to make your own special accessories.

Junk-drawer jewelry
It’s easy to create fun, fashion-forward jewelry simply by being resourceful.  You can re-use everyday items like shoelaces, rope, construction paper, tissue paper and even a coffee stirrer. Buttons are one of the simplest resources to start with — but you can also consider turning a toothbrush into a bright bangle!  I’ve made plastic pieces, creative constructions out of paper, and a ton of different knotty necklaces to help you get inspired, but feel free to search your kitchen and bathroom for even more potential DIY items.

Crafty clutches and handbags
During my handbag segment a few weeks ago, I spoke about how this season, unique bags are back. In fact, we’re seeing everything from beading and crochet to embroidery and lace, in order to get some one-of-a-kind, artsy feeling arm candy. But it’s possible to add your own special handmade feel to your handbags with home accents like dollies and tie backs. You can cover an entire clutch, or give just a small update with a standout trim. If you’re not inspired by anything in your house, try your local craft shop or fabric supply for pretty little extras. I found a fabulous trim with crystal drops in the home décor section at MJ Trimmings in NYC that completely transformed two neutral handbags in a vintage-like treasure ($19.98/yard; mjtrim.com).

Fancy feet
Sandal season is here, but there’s no need for your pretty pedicure to steal the show!  Re-invent your sandals with eye-catching ribbons and jewels. Flip your flops with embellishments from old earrings or broken necklaces. Inexpensive charm bracelets can add a little glamour to some strappy stilettos, or you can try tying tulle to your t-straps. I even cut up an old pair of stockings and used the scraps to create a rosettes on a neutral pair of wedges. Anything goes, just have fun with your footwear, and put a new kick into your summer steps!

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