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Video: Rocker, reality star Bret Michaels hospitalized

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    >>> of louisiana.

    >>> bret michaels remains in critical condition today with a brain hemorrhage .

    >> reporter: sunday night on "" celebrity apprentice "," rocker turned reality star bret michaels did his best to stay in the board room .

    >> he's a big rock star.

    >> reporter: the episode was taped months ago. and in real life , michaels is fight iing to get out of the hospital. thursday, the former front man for '80s hairband poison was admitted to the hospital after complaining of an excruciating headache. doctors found he had suffered a massive brain bleed . now on his facebook page, lighthearted posts have been replaced with medical updates, his staff writing bret remains in icu under critical condition , under 24-hour doctor's care and supervision. he continues to suffer from splured speech, blurred vision and dizziness, the latest in a series of recent medical problems. just ten days earlier, michaels was rushed to a san antonio hospital for an emergency appendectomy. he has also spoken openly about his lifelong battle with diabetes. and he was injured at 2009 's tony awards when hit by a moving piece of the stage.

    >> he obviously has had "" celebrity apprentice "," touring, working on another show as well, developing that. he has been undergoing a period of stress and that may have contribute contributed to this.

    >> we are going for absolute broke on this.

    >> reporter: tv boss donald trump says he is deeply saddened about michaels ' condition and described him as a great competitor, one now fighting to regain his health. nbc news, los angeles .

    >> we, of course, are hoping

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