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Video: Goldman: He hasn’t called me ‘Dad’

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    >>> back now at 8:09 with much more of our exclusive interview with david goldman . we visited with him and his son, sean , as they spent their first weekend together in the u.s. after more than five years. and david goldman shared some personal thoughts about the journey that he calls a christmas miracle.

    >> it's very real. there he is, there's my boy. who is, who's grown a foot. and he's a big boy . but it is very real. because he's here. and i can hold him now and i can hug him and i can tell him and look him in the eye, how much i love him. it's, the rebirth of our family.

    >> you now have sean for two nights.

    >> two beautiful nights.

    >> what has that been like for snu.

    >> i, you know, there are no words to describe the pain and suffering these last five years and it's equally, there's no words to describe how joyous and wonderful it is to be with my son again.

    >> you must have thought about this a million times, the fact that you get your son back on christmas eve . just the symbolism.

    >> it's a miracle. i mean, even if, if somebody was borderline, is there somebody up there? there was 364 other days that he could have been, if he ever were going to come home. but it was christmas eve . somebody's up there for sure.

    >> christmas eve was your first night alone together here in orlando. what did you guys do?

    >> we -- went into the room, obviously. i ran a bath for him. so he jumped in the bath and you know, cleaned himself up and i picked out his pajamas or whatever he was going to wear that night. gave him his privacy. let him do his thing, little man. and we ordered room service . what do you think he ordered?

    >> hamburger?

    >> chicken nuggets . which he loved when he was here before.

    >> david goldman has waited five years to laugh and play with his son again.

    >> hey, pal.

    >> now, after a five-year struggle, father and son are making up for lost time .

    >> has he called you "dad" yet?

    >> no. no, he hasn't this time yet. he hasn't really, he hasn't called me anything. and i think he's struggling with that. and i said, you can call me dad. and he didn't say anything.

    >> he hasn't called you dad. have you called him son?

    >> oh, yeah. i've called him son, i'm called him buddy. i've called him sean . oh, yeah.

    >> sean hasn't seen his bedroom in new jersey since he was four years old. his father hasn't changed a thing.

    >> he asked me on the plane, he goes, my room is the way it was? and i said, yeah. and he goes like this. like, come on, i'm, you know, i was a little kid then. i said, well, i didn't know when we were going to see each other then. what if you came back when you were five or you come back when you're 15. either way it would have to be changed. so we'll go and we'll change it together. but really the reason is, to just give him a flashback of memory. if there's anything in there that can help, to remember the happiness, the fun, great. that he had a life here, that he enjoyed it here. that he was safe here. and this was his home. and it is still his home.

    >> you know, you always said it won't be until the wheels are up on the plane. was that the moment when you finally realized, yes, i do have my son back?

    >> the moment, honestly, at the point when we met at the embassy, i really -- i really knew it then. i knew it. when they did their last parade down the street i knew then it was just get him away and let's go.

    >> did it break your heart to see that?

    >> yes. my heart has been breaking and has been broken over and over and over. through this whole terrible ordeal. and i just couldn't, i'll never understand them.

    >> despite all that's happened, david goldman wants sean 's grandmother in brazil to be part of his son's life. he spoke to silvania bianchi just moments after the chaotic scene in reason yio.

    >> and she said, will you allow me to see him? and i said, i with ill not do to you what you have done it me. and i said, but now, you need to tell him that you remember how good of a father that i was, how good of a father that i am. and how you know i will continue to be a good father.

    >> why was that important for you to have her say that to him?

    >> he needed to see that and i also gave her a hug. he needed to see that. there was no resistance, no fighting, never once crying. which makes me concerned. because it would be natural for him to be crying. it would be normal for him to be crying. there's got to be pain hidden in there. i know i have it. my mission, my focus is to be with him and to help him. and to reestablish our father-and-son bond.

    >> can you heal from all of this?

    >> i hope. i mean there's definitely scars that will probably be lifelong. but we all have scars. i missed five years, precious years of my son's life. that's a big scar. but now we're together. and we'll heal and we'll enjoy and live and love and share and cry and laugh and learn as father and son .

    >> your biggest worry about sean right now is what?

    >> adjustment. you know time will tell on how he deals and how he behaves on how much help and healing we'll need.

    >> there's a great picture of you and your son, sean , in the canoe. how much are you looking forward to having that, that kind of experience with him again?

    >> if there's one moment that is reaches beyond the others that i have of hopes and aspirations, is for us to just go for a paddle in our back yard. i love that day. i'll probably start crying so he'll definitely be in the front and not looking at me paddling away. he loved it so much and that was just us in nature, right at home. and it was, it was so beautiful.

    >> there's also a great moment in one of the videos -- this little guy looking at you, calling you "dada." what is that going to mean the first time he does call you dad?

    >> it would mean the world. it would mean we've come a long way.

    >> are you seeing sparks of the old sean ?

    >> oh yeah, for sure. yeah. i mean the old sean was four and a half, so you know, the goofiness now would be to a 9-year-old's goofy as it would be to a 4 1/2. again, he was such a happy, sweet boy. and i hope he still has some innocence left. and i believe he does.

    >> welcome home , dad.

    >> welcome home , son.

    >> and david told me as soon as they landed in the u.s., he had sean text his grandmother back in brazil that he was okay and sean called her again on christmas day. we're joined

updated 4/5/2010 12:42:59 PM ET 2010-04-05T16:42:59

The grandmother of a boy brought from Brazil to his father's New Jersey home to resolve an international abduction case is complaining that she's not allowed to see the child.

Silvana Bianchi told Brazil's Globo TV on Sunday night that her grandson's human rights are being violated.

The Brazilian woman and her husband arrived in New Jersey last month with hopes of visiting 9-year-old Sean Goldman.

His father, David Goldman, brought him home on Dec. 24 after a five-year international custody battle. The U.S. Congress and Brazil's Supreme Court weighed in on the case, and the presidents of the two countries discussed it when they met last year.

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The boy's mother, Bruna Bianchi, took the child to her native Brazil in 2004. There, she divorced Goldman and eventually married a Rio de Janeiro lawyer. After she died giving birth to a daughter in 2008, the abduction case started getting attention around the world.

Goldman traveled repeatedly to Brazil to visit his son. But he did not get to see the boy until U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, a Republican from New Jersey, began accompanying him last year.

Video: Why was Goldman case so difficult?

At the time, Goldman consistently said that the boy's family in Brazil would be able to see him when the child returned to New Jersey.

When the handoff finally happened last December, Goldman denied Silvana Bianchi's request to board the private jet that flew the child and his father back to the U.S.

Visitation with restrictions
Goldman's lawyer, Patricia Apy, says the father is willing to give the boy's maternal grandparents access to the child in time, but he wants a mental health professional involved.

"We requested from Silvana and her husband in January that there be a process to deal with the ongoing family relationship, which is complex because David is getting to know Sean," Apy said.

Image: Sean Goldman at a Knicks' game in Jan.
Jason Szenes  /  EPA file
Sean Goldman, son of David Goldman watches the New York Knicks warm up before their game against the Detroit Pistons at Madison Square Garden in New York, on Jan. 18, 2010.

"That was not a process that they were willing to be involved in."

The couple, who previously owned a home in New Jersey, arrived last month and met with David Goldman and a mental health professional.

Apy said that after that meeting didn't result in immediate visitation, the couple filed an emergency application to see the boy.

A judge denied that emergency request last week on grounds that it didn't qualify as an emergency — and planned a hearing on the visitation matter for May.

An ‘empty hug’
Bianchi told Globo that she has not been allowed to speak on the phone with her grandson, who lived with her for much of his five years in Brazil, for more than a month.

"I told (Sean) we are doing everything we can to go visit him," she said. "I said 'I miss you very much.' He asked me, 'When will you come?'" Video: Goldman: There was a great deal of pain

"I came here to try to hug my grandson, but I'm leaving with an empty hug, I was not able to see Sean," she said.

Their lawyer, Jonathan Wolfe, said the couple resorted to a court filing only because their other efforts to see the boy have been rebuffed. He said the grandparents are the boy's link to his late mother, his little sister and the culture in which he lived for half of his life.

"It's a sad situation; I think it's a terrible thing for this boy," Wolfe said. "You can't erase that side of his family."

Apy said Sean is adjusting well to life with his father, and is doing well in school.

Apy said David Goldman would not grant interviews on the visitation issue. She said he also was seeking to keep the Bianchis from talking about it in the media.

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