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Image: Michelle Bombshell McGee
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Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is fighting back after late-night host Chelsea Handler made a joke about Jesse James’ alleged mistress.
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updated 3/31/2010 10:23:49 PM ET 2010-04-01T02:23:49

A dig from comedian and late-night host Chelsea Handler left Jesse James’ first alleged mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, ready for an online war of words.

It all started Tuesday, when Handler composed a blog entry concerning McGee’s gullibility on the subject of her now highly publicized relationship with Sandra Bullock’s husband. The offending portion of the post came when Handler added a bash about the tattoo model’s heavily inked visage.

“In a recent interview, (Michelle’s father) Denny McGee said that Michelle really believed that Sandra and Jesse were separated and was ‘shocked’ to see them together at the Oscars,” Handler wrote. “I guess she doesn't read magazines, which makes sense since she basically has one on her face.”

That snap earned Handler a quick retort from McGee, who fired back via Facebook.

“Chelsea Lately made a comment about me,” McGee began. “Chelsea, here’s some free advice. Use some of that Botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin. I’ve seen better wings in a bucket of KFC chicken.”

Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings Later, McGee took on a conciliatory tone, but once again lobbed a clunky zinger at her new nemesis, whom she continued to address with the talk-show title.

“In all seriousness, I’m a big fan of Chelsea Lately,” McGee wrote. “I was laughing my ass off.... feel so honored to have a transsexual poke fun of me.”

Dr. Drew fears for Lindsay Lohan
LiLo’s press-conference-hosting pop isn’t the only one talking to the media about the actress’ presumed troubles. “Celebrity Rehab” host Dr. Drew Pinsky shared his own concerns with Radar Online.

“I have had a very bad feeling for a while that Lindsay is going to have a major injury,” Pinsky, who’s never treated the actress, explained. “I fear for her. If the reports are true that she is taking pills, I would love to know who is prescribing them to her. Who are you and why are you prescribing pills to Lindsay? I have always said that Lindsay Lohan can be a wonderful, recovering person, provided she gets treatment and successfully completes rehab.”

Video: Lindsay’s dad: ‘I’m not gonna let’ her die As for who should facilitate the rehab, well, the good doctor seems to think he’s the best man for the job.

“I would love to help her any way I could, either in a public or private setting,” Pinsky said. “All she would have to do is reach out and we could help her.”

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This isn’t Pinsky’s first time predicting doom for the 23-year-old. In June of 2009, he told Parade magazine he had an “image that she's going to lose a limb or something before she (gets clean).” The interview inspired an angry reply from LiLo.

“I thought REAL doctors talk to patients in offices behind closed doors,” Lohan tweeted. “Am I wrong? Hmmmmm. I think NOT! YAY!”

Dish on fly
No matter what message she’s selling on her reality show “The Price of Beauty,” Jessica Simpson just isn’t happy with her body, according to one pal. “Jessica wants everyone to believe she's learned to embrace her shape, but the truth is she'd give the world to have a skinny body like (sister) Ashlee's,” the friend revealed to the National Enquirer. “Although Jessica claims her new show has helped her overcome years of body-image issues, she's more insecure than ever about her looks.” … Actor-comedian Steve Carell feared for his safety after filming a nearly four minute-long smooch session with his “Date Night” co-star Tina Fey. “I spoke to Tina’s husband, Jeff, about it saying, ‘I really think your wife has a problem with me. She’s clearly in love with me,’ ” Carell explained in a quote posted to Showbiz Spy. “I thought he was going to punch me!”

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