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Video: Woods sex-crazed and cheap, mistresses say

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    >>> emotional story.

    >>> we begin with new details in the tiger woods scandal. several alleged mistresses are now speaking out and leaving little to the imagination. nbc's peter alexander joins us now with details on this. peter, good morning.

    >> ann, good morning. the piece in " vanity fair " is titled "the temptation of tiger woods " and it reads like an adult romance novel . the writer spoke with several women who claim to have had affairs with tiger outlining his secret life of womanizing, gambling and an entourage of enablers. these women posing provocatively for " vanity fair " magazine claim to have heated affairs with tiger woods . they tell similar tales of a voracious woods, always requesting sex. constantly asking the women to satisfy his seemingly unquenchable sexual needs.

    >> i think they're scorned. i think some of them thought they were the only one. for some it was only about sex. for others, they felt that he truly cared for them.

    >> reporter: mindy lawton , a 34-year-old perkins restaurant hostess in tiger 's hometown says the two would meet at cvw, then she'd travel him home to his exclusive florida mansion to have sex in the den, in the garage, but never in the master bedroom . it was over in minutes. a needy and uncontrollable release who she imagined had a voracious appetite for sex and wasn't getting it at home. there were similar accounts for tiger 's constant need from sex for one woman who says she met tiger at a nightclub. he even had a nickname for her. "we're talking on the phone and he's like, you're my little coffee cup . he'd say, i miss my little coffee cup or how's my little coffee cup . she told her story on today.

    >> how would you describe the relationship that you had with him? it went on for what? a year and a half?

    >> yes. every time we saw each other it was like we became more and more comfortable with each other. just became more of an actual relationship, boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

    >> reporter: another common thread , these women all say tiger was cheap. jamie claims tiger only flew her in coach. her mother thought she should demand first class. mindy says tiger bought her dinner -- once. tiger reportedly called her from subway where she asked him to grab her a chicken wrap . "they ate their subs before making love that night and tiger washed his down with bailey's irish cream , straight out of the bottle."

    >> it was all me, i'm the one who did it, i acted the way i acted. no one knew what was going on when it was going on.

    >> reporter: seal directly contradicts tiger 's assertion that his friends and managers had no idea about his extramarital affairs . the women say the relationships were managed by tiger 's entourage. when the national enquirer threatens to run a story about tiger 's alleged affair with mindy lawton , including salacious details, she said tiger told her to call his agent, mark steinberg . one of tiger 's early advisors believes the golf great was surrounded by bad news. he was "swimming with the whales" at the las vegas casinos, alongside high rollers michael jordan and charles barkley .

    >> tiger was a regular presence in las vegas . i spoke to a lot of people there who saw him there in the casinos, high-rolling casinos of las vegas where you typically gamble $25,000 on a hand of blackjack. so he was a well known presence there.

    >> reporter: that former advisor claims, had tiger been surrounded by better managers and friends , his iconic success story would never have been tarnished by a scandalous secret life . nbc news reached out to tiger woods and his agent mark steinberg for comment, and we did not hear back. tiger woods makes his competitive return back to golf at the masters next weekend.

    >> mark seal wrote the story which appears in the may issue of " vanity fair ." great to see you. your article is exceedingly well written. it does not tell us much more about the women as it does about the encounters. it gets into some very lurid details. in fact, so many details, one might ask, as tiger has asked, why it's anybody's business. so how do you answer that?

    >> this is a story all about duplicity. on one hand you have a man who's holding himself out to be a paragon of family values , but yet he led a secret life . and it all came crashing down, only four months ago, which is remarkable short amount of time on thanksgiving night in his home.

    >> you do break ground on this statement that tiger made that no one knew about his affairs in his circle. you write about a woman who claims that she says she was one of his mistresses. she said there were those in his inner circle who not only knew, they facilitated his affairs. how widespread was this did you discover in your reporting?

    >> this is a $1 billion brand, the greatest golfer of our time and he has a lot of people around him, his agent, mark steinberg of ing, kept him sequestered from the media and behind the curtain of family values .

    >> are you implying mark steinberg knew something about this?

    >> mindy lawton in the story says after the "enquirer" allegedly found out about her affair, she called tiger and tiger told her to call mark steinberg and he said "we'll take care of it." also with brian bell , some of the women said he arranged some of the travel for the mistresses.

    >> i wonder about these women , specifically, and their motivation. now that they've discovered they aren't the only one, how angry were they, how motivated do you think they might be now to hurt tiger in any way they can in the interview with you?

    >> i think hell hath no fury .

    >> does that make you question some of the things they have told you?

    >> no, tiger himself said "i've had affairs," "i was unfaithful." but he didn't name the women , but the women came forward and they all seemed to keep some kind of evidence, text messages , e-mails, phone calls , as if they were going to use them at a later date, which indeed they have. the sad thing about it is, they all seemed to think they were the only one.

    >> beside the women , you also talked to a man named john mercha merchant, he was tiger 's former lawyer. you write that he says that tiger had a cadre of enablers and he names michael jordan and charles barkley as being bad influences. now how much time did he say tiger spent with these men, and why would he say that they were a bad influence ?

    >> he was have you upset. he was very loudly and emotionally lamenting the fall of the tiger woods that he knew.

    >> but did he say that they contributed to his downfall?

    >> he didn't know specifically but he says he warned him early on to stay away from them.

    >> let's put a button on that one. i think the part that's probably one of the most hurtful to the tiger camp and one of the most i think eyebrow raising is when you write about tiger 's father, earl woods , and you write about him as a womanizer. you write about him as having exploited his son's contracts for his own personal gain. i've got to ask you, where did you get this information and what made you willing to run with this?

    >> yes. well, we have to give earl woods credit first of all. he was a very dedicated man. he made tiger woods into the great golfer that he is. but at the same time, sources told me that he had another side to him, and they recounted that he came to a father of the year award once, you know, and he was ainebriated and spoke on the podium incoherently.

    >> i guess when you go into all these details, it starts to beg the question about whether the therapy can help tiger . did you learn anything in the reporting?

    >> well, he himself said that he was in 45 days of outpatient -- of inpatient treatment. we hope that it will. the interesting thing about all of this is he's going to be playing in the masters and i think people will be hoping that he will come out of this. i mean if he can focus on that ball again, and put all this behind him and come out and win, what a comeback that would be.

    >> you think it might quiet his -- all these critics?

    >> i think winning does a lot.

    >> all right, on that note we'll leave it. that's a lot of pressure. mark seal, thank you so much. the issue of " vanity fair " is on newsstands in new york and los angeles today and nationwide on april 7th .

    >>> now let's get a check

TODAY contributor
updated 3/31/2010 9:19:02 AM ET 2010-03-31T13:19:02

Just when Tiger Woods thought it was safe to go back to hitting golf balls, another magazine article packed with revelations is hitting the newsstands.

The portrait of Woods painted in the current issue of Vanity Fair by several of his former mistresses is beyond unflattering. As written by contributing editor Mark Seal, it is a lurid and tawdry tale of a voracious sex addict who is also both a high-stakes gambler and a notorious cheapskate.

In addition, Seal reveals that Woods’ deceased father, Earl Woods, was also a womanizer who once showed up drunk at a father-of-the-year awards dinner at which he was the honoree.

A double life
“This is a story all about duplicity,” Seal told TODAY’s Ann Curry Wednesday in New York. “On one hand, you have a man who’s holding himself out to be a paragon of family values, but yet he led a secret life. And it all came crashing down only four months ago, which is a remarkably short amount of time — on Thanksgiving night in his home.”

What’s more, Seal reports, Woods’ inner circle of friends and even his agent were involved in covering up his infidelities. If true, this revelation would contradict Woods’ insistence that he kept his philandering a secret from everyone, including those closest to him.

New revelations about Tiger Woods appear in the latest issue of Vanity Fair.
Seal spoke to three of Woods’ women for the article: cocktail waitress and lingerie model Jamie Jungers, waitress Mindy Lawton and former Playboy model Loredana Jolie Ferriolo. He also spoke to Michelle Braun, who ran an escort service that she says Woods used to set up some of his assignations.

The women paint Woods as being sexually insatiable as well as extraordinarily cheap. Only one, Ferriolo, said he bought her anything substantial when he allowed her to charge a $15,000 shopping spree to his hotel room. Lawton said he once bought her a Subway chicken-wrap sandwich. Jungers told Seal one of the reasons she broke off her affair with Woods was because he refused to help her when she needed financial assistance.

Although Woods had a number of mistresses, none knew about the others, Seal said.

“The sad thing about it is, they all seemed to think they were the only one,” he told Curry.

‘Hell hath no fury’
None of the women was paid by Vanity Fair for her story. Curry asked Seal why they came forward.

“I think hell hath no fury,” Seal said. “The women came forward. They all seemed to keep some sort of evidence — text messages, e-mails, phone calls — as if they were going to use them at a later date, which indeed they have.”

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Lawton was a waitress at a Perkins restaurant near Woods’ Florida home. She told Seal she met him when he came in for breakfast with his wife, Elin. As the couple were eating, she said, Woods was eyeing her with obvious desire.

Lawton said that Woods would meet her in a CVS parking lot and they would both drive to his home, where they had wild sex in the garage, the kitchen, the den and everywhere else — except for the master bedroom.

She also had sex with him in his car in a parking lot, and The National Enquirer found evidence of it.

“Mindy Lawton in the story says that after the Enquirer allegedly found out about the affair, she  called Tiger and Tiger told her to call [Woods’ agent] Mark Steinberg, and he said, ‘We’ll take care of it,’ ” Seal said.

This directly contradicts Woods’ statement that Steinberg knew nothing of his infidelities.

Encouragers and enablers
The women also said that one of Woods’ oldest friends and business partners, Bryon Bell, facilitated the affairs by setting up “meetings” with Woods and arranging air travel — always in coach.

Woods’ former attorney, John Merchant, also talked to Seal, and said that he had warned Woods early in his career to stay away from former NBA superstars Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, both notorious high-stakes gamblers.

“Stay away from that son of a bitch, because he doesn’t have anything to offer to the f------ world in which he lives except playing basketball,” Merchant said he told Woods in regard to Jordan.

As for both Jordan and Barkley, Merchant told Seal, “Are they his black role models? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Seal said Woods would sometimes gamble in special high-roller suites in Las Vegas with Jordan and Barkley, playing $25,000 on a hand of blackjack.

Sins of the father
The picture of Woods’ father is also unflattering, especially a story about Earl Woods being drunk at a dinner at which he was being honored as father of the year.

As reported in Vanity Fair, an unnamed source told Seal:

“Everybody was in coat and tie, and Earl’s sitting there in these little hot pants — short-shorts — and a golf shirt, and he’s got a big old vodka gimlet going and a cigarette burning, and he’s sound asleep, just hammered ... And the announcer says, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Earl Woods!’ And he jumped up, spilled his drink all over the front of his shirt … And he gets up there at the podium and starts talking psychobabble.”

“We have to give Earl Woods credit, first of all,” Seal told Curry when she asked about that episode. “He was a very dedicated man. He made Tiger Woods into the great golfer that he is, but at the same time, sources told me, he had another side to him … This is what I was told.”

Despite the lurid revelations, Seal said he believes Woods can redeem himself beginning next week, when he is scheduled to play in the Masters, his first tournament since his downfall began last Thanksgiving night.

“People will be hoping that he can come out of this. I mean, if he can focus on that ball again and put all this behind him and come out and win, what a comeback that would be,” Seal told Curry.

“I think winning does a lot.”

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