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Video: Major changes for ‘L&O’s’ major case squad

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    >>> regular price.

    >> let us say hi to a couple of friends here, two of the stars of law and order criminal intent which kicks off the ninth season tonight on usa network . good morning to you both. we wanted to do this interview outside. jeff , you refused.

    >> that's correct.

    >> what's the problem?

    >> i didn't want to wear a helmet.

    >> your coif. you wanted your coif to be maintained.

    >> how's this new partnership going.

    >> i'm so lucky. have you met saffron before? she's not only beautiful but smart. how much languages do you speak?

    >> i speak a couple less than jeff .

    >> oh, i speak nothing but she's brilliant. did you ever see her in "the bank job " or "troy" or "the guitar"? brilliant movies.

    >> are you paying him?

    >> we have a very all-encompass all-encompassing relationship.

    >> now that we're on the topic of talent, i understand that you like playing the piano and you like playing the guitar. you think perhaps this may help form your characters in such a way?

    >> i think so.

    >> jeff knows every jazz ballad we've ever written.

    >> your character in law and order --

    >> i play a little bit but i bother her.

    >> i hear in the lunch break sometimes on the radio station i think i've tuned in. he literally knows every jazz ballad. i am personally a fan of r&b.

    >> she sings on the set all the time.

    >> you know what's great about this? just introduce them and they conduct the interview. this is very easy. thank you, guys. you two should have sat next to each other.

    >> we spend 12, 14 hours together every day. can you imagine?

    >> you poor guy.

    >> and our third member is -- i know. what?

    >> you're great. you're doing the interview.

    >> how about our third member? do you know mary elizabeth?

    >> yes.

    >> she is part of our new team. she's spectacular, too.

    >> jeff 's character on the show is quirky and analytical. i wonder where that came from.

    >> could i watch and listen to you talk all day. you are fascinating.

    >> good luck to you. you've got your hands full. saffron and jeff , good to have you both here.

    part one of the "law and order: criminal intent " season premier.

    >>> meteorologist bill karins is in

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