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Video: Unusual fashion finds are spring’s best buys

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    >>> we got him.

    >>> it's time for "bobbie's style buzz" and all the things trendy to keep you on top of your game.

    >> from shape wear designed to be seen to -- she's got it all. here's bobbie. she's got it all.

    >> mom, if you are watching, thank you. because she gave them to me.

    >> other people have to buy them. you got them from your mother. that's great.

    >> what do we have here, bobbie?

    >> the last time i was here, it was with the uni -- what you love, right?

    >> i wear mine.

    >> it's all about comfy couture. this is the new hybrid, jeggings. leggings and jeans. those are pajama jeans. that's the brand. that's a commercial you're probably seeing on tv right now. this is the designer pair lots of celebrities have. other brands like hugh who focuses on hosiery has a pair. joe 's jeans.

    >> these are great for the boot.

    >> i have been raving about this. i'm so excited to tell you at home about a brand-new manicure that's going to be available may 1st . it's called shellack by creative nail design. this manicure on my nails right now is a week old. not one chip. i haven't put topcoat or anything. this is the very first nail polish meets a gel polymer.

    >> it doesn't burn?

    >> nothing. there's two kinds. this is instant. it drys. i was so impressed. i grabbed my keys out of my handbag. within 30 minutes you're done.

    >> this is your own nails?

    >> my own nails.

    >> you put the paint on it and the gel is in it?

    >> it's in it. it lasts for two weeks. it dprys instantly after you cure it. leave the salon in 30 minutes and it doesn't chip. other things like opi have something similar.

    >> there's nothing worse than paying for a beautiful manicure and screwing it up. what is all this?

    >> listen, i am obsessed. i'm wearing the bra right now. if you have girlfriends, you sometimes can't wear a bandeau because you get uniboob and stuff. this is a bra built in underneath. this is a cleavage concealer addition. i know you're making fun of me. i'm exposing my girls a little bit today because i wanted to show you could wear it under a jacket. moving on, the milk shake bra has made lots of buzz in paris. it's made out of milk proteins .

    >> what are you talking about?

    >> at the paris lingerie show this year. it shifts with your shape. expands up to a full cup size with memory foam .

    >> somebody goes up a cup within an hour or so? this is the sleeping bra. you sleep with this and so it's the pad between your boobs so you don't get the --

    >> we just have a minute.

    >> skinny britches and -- this is the butt bra.

    >> you can garden in this. i'm going to give this to my mother for mother's day.

    >> let's move on. there's the butt bra. i want to take you guys to something interesting. check out my column online. because we have tons of information about new beauty shower tools.

    >> where are you going, by the way?

    >> see bobbie thomas all over the country.

    >> go to bobbie.com.

TODAY contributor
updated 3/24/2010 11:21:25 AM ET 2010-03-24T15:21:25

Wish you had the scoop on the most modern innovations and wackiest “I can’t believe they make that” products? From shapewear that’s meant to be seen to cravings that can be curbed with just one whiff, I’ll fill you in on the items everyone is sure to be buzzing about. Here's a roundup of unusual and interesting ideas and products:

Keeping the comfort couture craze alive, lazy-gal fashion continues. I talked about the Unilazy, but now brands are finding a way to fuse some style into their low-key attire. PajamaJeans are literally sweat pants masquerading as denim. The loungewear is making many women happy thanks to its attempt at sleek styling ($39.95; pajamajeans.com). And even celebrities want to be comfortable! A new breed of “jeggings” — a combo of jeans and leggings — has taken over Hollywood. Brands like JOEs ($89; joesjeans.com), Hue ($28-$34; bloomingdales.com) and Hudson ($154-$165; piperlime.com) have all come out with chic skinny jeans that have the soft, hugging feel of a legging. The Twiggy jegging from James Jeans is even a favorite of stars like Charlize Theron, Halle Berry and Joy Bryant ($114-$158; shopbop.com). 

Power rings
Stars are adorning their hands in armorlike accents with a slew of full-fingered rings. Vanessa Hudgens and Kim Kardashian wear Soixante Neuf’s Hammered Rings ($132-$305, Singer22.com), while Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Mary-Kate Olsen, Heidi Klum and Rihanna have all slipped on Loree Rodkin’s Bondage Ring. And as Avon’s global ambassador, Reese Witherspoon is asking women to put a different kind of ring on it. The star unveiled Avon’s new empowerment ring on March 10 — the latest piece of jewelry in the brand’s fundraising initiative against domestic violence. The infinity ring symbolizes women’s infinite possibilities, and 100 percent of net profits go to the Avon Foundation to end violence against women ($5; avon.com).

Slideshow: Stars rock runway trends

No-chip nails
Lots of ladies are pinching pennies these days, and little luxuries like mani-pedis are being pushed aside. However, salons want to give you more bang for your buck with the promise of long-lasting color. Both Creative Nail Design’s Shellac and OPI’s Axxium are professional solutions that claim their colored gel will keep your digits covered flawlessly for 14 days. What beauty buff wouldn’t love this time- and money-saving innovation? (Both available at select salons nationwide. Prices vary.)

Boobs news
From La Decollete’s anti-wrinkle bra to the Milkshake bra, which contains milk proteins to hydrate the skin, a number of new innovations in the bra category are bound to wow women next time they’re shopping for lingerie (decollette.eu/shop/home.php). Over the past few years memory foam has been used to contour and expand to your body, and Natori’s reflex underwire bra is a best-seller in that category ($52; barenecessities.com). 

And the latest bandeau bras are a great solution for both big- and small-chested women. Larger-busted girls will like Lunaire’s Mayfair bra and Cosabella’s Thea bra because they cover your cleavage, while the cups prevent uni-boob, and those with A and B cups will be happy that they won’t be flattened out ($38; barenecessities.com). And finally, there’s even a bra for your backside! Bubbles Bodywear has a wide selection of “booty boosting” lingerie that will push up your derriere ($17-$72; lovemybubbles.com).

Colorful support
Instead of hiding it, shapewear brands are encouraging women to flaunt their figure-fixing lingerie! Both DKNY’s colored Smoothies ($15; Nordstrom.com) and Spanx’s Skinny Britches ($32-$42; spanx.com) are meant to peek through the bottoms of short shorts, skirts and dresses. I bet you never thought you’d see the day when control-top panties would be for show! So now you can see London, France and my underpants! Living without beauty products

Power tools for beauty buffs
A bunch of high-tech tools are popping up for glamour girls to be DIY dermatologists and makeup artists. From the zit-zapping Zeno Hot Spot ($40; myzeno.com) and Bliss’s Pore-fector device ($185; blissworld.com) to a hair-growth breakthrough with the HairMax LaserComb ($495; hairmax.com) and at-home laser hair removal from the Tria Laser Hair Removal System ($595; triabeauty.com), price-conscious consumers may never have reason to visit the skin doctor again! Plus, the Temptu makeup system was designed to be easy enough to use every day — taking away the need to have your makeup professionally applied for special occasions ($225; sephora.com). 

Indulgent inhalers
Whether you want coffee or chocolate, a new product from Paris will curb your craving in just one puff. Le Whif packs intense flavor into an inhalerlike object. Just breathe in and behold — you can taste your favorite vice without any regrets! While the product is brand-new to the U.S., Dylan’s Candy Bar is getting in a big shipment next week and you can already pre-order packages through the Web site ($3-$8; dylanscandybar.com).

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