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"Ha, isn't it hilarious how much critics seem to hate our movie?"
updated 3/18/2010 9:38:18 PM ET 2010-03-19T01:38:18

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker may be big stars, but their latest movie, "Repo Men," isn't exactly Oscar quality. From the film's premise (if you don't pay for your donated organ, it's ripped out of you) to its buckets of onscreen gore, critics are having a bloody good time reviewing the flick.

Here are some of our favorite lines from "Repo Men" reviews.

Eyes have it
"(The ending) does confirm the filmmaker's grisly fascination with invasive surgery. Maybe they could set up some kind of eyeball-removal service outside theaters showing their film." —Glenn Whipp, AP

Future's so crappy, I gotta wear shades
"The blood and gore is infinite and this is another crappy-looking future complete with grime and the heartlessness of science."  —Craig Younkin, Weekend Flicks

What's the bloody deal?
"Be prepared to see blood. Lots and lots of blood. For every moment of action in the film is plagued by lots of blood."  —Kathryn Schroeder, Film Fracture

Where's my W2?
"Thank God for the little bit of violence this movie was able to produce because for the most part I was thinking about when to send in my income tax return."  —Myles Dolphin, Sound on Sight

Group think
"('Repo Men') seems to have been written by committee. A committee whose individual members were forbidden to contact one another and who seem, collectively, to be ignorant of even the most rudimentary fundamentals of storytelling, screenwriting, or coherence."  —Killer Movie Reviews

Repo ‘Repo Men’
"What we need are some cinematic repo men to rip this movie from the theaters."  —Robert W. Butler, KansasCity.com

Ooh, that smarts
"With its radiantly ugly visuals, mean-spirited worldview and gut-wrenching levels of gore, 'Repo Men' is about as entertaining as a burst appendix."  —Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Imagine there's no heaven
"Imagine the worst film that could be made from this premise. Now envision something 10 times worse. That's 'Repo Men.' It's a grade-B concept executed with grade-Z creative instincts. Former storyboard artist Miguel Sapochnik has never directed a movie before; on the basis of this effort I'm not sure he's ever seen a film before.”  —Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Running with scissors
"This is the sort of science fiction that opts for scissors to the groin or a bullet to the head rather than a complete thought."  —Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

If I only had a brain
"There's a key organ missing from the movie itself: a brain. In its place is a memory bank of other, better movies."    —Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

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