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Video: Kendra: ‘Dancing With Stars’ for Kate, not me

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    >> that's what i wear.

    >> that's what i wear.

    >> i'd kill for a 27 waste.

    >> reality star kendra wilkinson traded in life in the playboy mansion as one of hugh hefner 's girlfriend for a life in indiana as wife of nfl wide sever hank baskett .

    >> she and hank have welcomed a baby boy into their lives. congratulations.

    >> thank you so much.

    >> how is it switches gears from being in the playboy mansion to being wife and mother , whole new life?

    >> it's amazing. i think my life has changed with the perfect timing and everything. i think, you know, i was that party girl . that party playboy girl. now i'm a wife and a mother . and i'm just enjoying every chapter of my life. this is where i should be in life right now. i've always said the word -- i've always said the number 24 , 24. that's the age i've always wanted to have kids and be married.

    >> it all worked out.

    >> it all worked out. i have the best husband, the best baby i could ever imagine.

    >> you've been doing it all at once, though. the baby, the move. you were in l.a. and indianapolis. now you'll be in philadelphia soon.

    >> how do you juggle it?

    >> our chapters are in six months. every six months is a new move, a new -- it's great. it's crazy. an adventure.

    >> a lot of moms struggle with getting the weight off. there's one scene i loved. you were in one of those sauna suits. it's a blue thing you put it on, you were trying to get skinny for your husband. i think we have -- this is the sauna suit. tell us how that thing worked out.

    >> well, i really don't recommend that. because it's unhealthy. that was just a funny gag for the show and for my husband and everything. but, you know, that just really, you know, loses water weight.

    >> what are you laughing at?

    >> you have to lose it in a really good way. exercises and a good diet.

    >> that's what i like about you. you're not afraid to put on the suit. after pregnancy everyone expects you to look a certain way. you didn't mind showing your belly.

    >> i didn't mind it. i said to my show, if i'm going to have a reality show i want it to be real and want my fans to know i'm real. the cameras didn't think they could shoot that. i'm like, no. press play. shoot this. this is something i really want on tv.

    >> is that something you wore on date night? i know you're concerned about getting that spark back.

    >> i found the perfect dress for date night. i still felt insecure, though, because i -- you know, it was right after having the baby. i just -- you know, i was really insecure around that time.

    >> you look like you've lost a lot of weight. how have you done it?

    >> every day is changing. every day is a new day. i wake up and see something different about myself. i'm not trying to lose -- i love my body now. i love the weight. it's so funny you see celebrities all the time, i'm not a size 2. i'm like, yes, i'm not a size 2 anymore.

    >> that's a good attitude. so many people in hollywood , they want to be as skinny as that.

    >> you think women sometimes put too much pressure on themselves to get their shape back too quickly without enjoying the moment? it's truly one of the best experiences in life. why not let it go.

    >> during pregnancy i enjoyed everything. i was eating everything. i was just having a good time.

    >> jou still like the idea, just real quick, that you are doing this reality show , that you have cameras showing everything? do you still think it's a good idea on season 2 ?

    >> i definitely think it's a good idea. the show will end one day. they're not going to follow me when it's time to take him to preschool, elementary school . that's when it's going to end. right now we're having a good time. you know, it's all fun. but, you know, i will -- i will -- the show will end, you know, one day.

    >> it seems so difficult to find new things, new adventures to show on reality television . because there's just so much of it. and so many of those storylines are kind of played over. will yours be different and what will make that special?

    >> you know what's funny? i was just about to tell you, you know how kate is on " dancing with the stars "? i just told my publicist today if i were asked to go on " dancing with the stars " i don't think i would do it. i would say no to it. i'm that mom that wants -- i want to be there every step. i know i'm here for three days. i don't want to spend three months away from my kid, my baby.

    >> we wish you the best of luck on season 2 . catch it sunday night on "e."

TODAY contributor
updated 3/22/2010 5:26:15 PM ET 2010-03-22T21:26:15

Celebrity mom and former Hugh Hefner squeeze Kendra Wilkinson had some unsolicited advice for fellow reality show star Kate Gosselin Tuesday: Don’t go dancing when you have kids at home.

The comment came at the end of a chatty appearance with TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Alan Thicke, who was sitting in for the vacationing Kathie Lee Gifford. Kendra had been talking about her new reality show “Kendra” on E! and how much she was enjoying her infant son, Baby Hank.

Suddenly, she was offering advice to Gosselin, who is competing on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“Kate is on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ ” Kendra said. “I just told my publicist, if I were asked to go on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I don’t think I’d do it. I would definitely say no to it, because I am that mom that wants to be there every step. I don’t want to spend three months away from my baby. I just couldn’t do that.”

TV or not TV?
Kendra has been a mother only since Dec. 11, when she and husband Hank Baskett III, a wide receiver with the Indianapolis Colts, welcomed Hank IV into the world. Kate’s Gosselings are considerably older: The twins are 9 years old and the sextuplets 5.

TMZ.com has reported that Kate has installed a dance studio in the basement of her Pennsylvania house, where she will practice with her partner, Tony Dovolani. According to TMZ, Kate will spend just two days a week taping each show in Los Angeles while her children are with a nanny at home.

Kendra admitted to Kotb and Thicke that she was spending three days away from home to talk about the second season of “Kendra.”

In last year’s first season, Kendra left Hefner and the Playboy mansion, where she had first starred in a reality series, “The Girls Next Door,” with two other playmates, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt.

The 24-year-old had met Hefner in 2004 when she hired on as a model in body paint. She’s done three photo spreads in Playboy and has been on the cover four times.

Kendra Wilkinson gave birth to Hank Baskett IV on Dec. 11.
She left to marry wide receiver Baskett, who played last year for the Colts after spending three years with the Philadelphia Eagles. (Baskett is back with the Eagles this year.)

‘Perfect timing’
It’s all been storybook perfect, Kendra said. In her mind, she always saw herself having a baby when she was 24, and that’s what happened.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “I think that my life has come with perfect timing. I was that party Playboy girl, and now I’m a wife and a mother. I’m enjoying every chapter of my life. I have the best husband and the best baby I can ever imagine.”

Kendra said that while she’s working to get her body back in shape, she’s not obsessing about becoming a size 2 again. She even insisted that E! film her still-saggy tummy for her show.

“I love my body now. I love the weight,” she said.

She did not talk about her well-publicized crying jag after the Colts’ loss in the Super Bowl. But she did say she knows “Kendra” won’t last forever.

“They’re not going to follow me when it’s time to take [Little Hank] to elementary school,” she said. “That’s when it will end.”

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