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Image: Barbara Walters, Nadya Suleman
Donna Svennevik  /  AP
Nadya Suleman, right, listens to host Barbara Walters during an appearance on "The View" in New York on Wednesday.
updated 2/28/2010 10:15:17 PM ET 2010-03-01T03:15:17

Octuplets mother Nadya Suleman says she doesn’t plan on having more children unless she gets married someday “far” in the future. She says if that ever happens, she would only have one child.

Widely known as “Octomom,” Suleman has six older children. She appeared Wednesday on ABC’s daytime talk show “The View,” where she has been a frequent topic of debate.

Suleman’s octuplets celebrated their first birthday in January.

All of her children were conceived by in vitro fertilization, and she has been criticized for having a huge family as a single mother on public assistance.

She says her children are her priority and she is looking into various opportunities, including writing a book, to support them.

“If someday far, far, far, far in the future, when they’re older, if I meet somebody. ... I’m not going to say 100 percent ’no,”’ Suleman said when asked if she planned to have more children. “I’m not going to say someday far in the future (I will) get married and want a baby with that person.”

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Video: Suleman octuplets mark first birthday

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    >>> right after this.

    >>> today marks the 1st birthday, believe it or not, of octomom nadya suleman's octuplets, and just in time, suleman is showing off her new body on the cover of "star" magazine. she went down to 120 pounds working out four days a week, i believe it is, three hours at a time, starting at midnight when the kids would go to bed.

    >> and she's carrying the babies.

    >> also sit-ups, doing a lot of sit-ups.

    >> remember the picture of her when she was very, very pregnant?

    >> oh, my gosh.

    >> i mean, from tmz. before and after there, that's pretty dramatic.

    >> it's very dramatic.

    >> that really is. i talked to her not long ago, at the end of the year, and i asked her how she had lost all that weight. here's what she had to say. here's what she had to say.

    >> here's what she had to say.

    >> she didn't have many comments --

    >> people disregard genetics, and if you don't have very good genetics to begin with, no matter what you do at the gym, no matter what your life throws you or what kind of diet you have, it isn't going to work.

    >> no surgery?

    >> nothing, no. i will not do that. i go to the gym at least two to three times a week. i do sit-ups.

    >> there you go.

    >> and didn't she say her friends call her rubber band because she always bounces back from her pregnancies? i think --

    >> i don't know.

    >> anyway, they had their first birthday and they're all beautiful.

    >> doing great.

    >> so far, i don't see any signs of cerebral palsy or anything normally associated with multiple birthdas, but they look like they're thriving, don't they?

    >> yeah, they do.

    >> and she successfully fought that attempt to have, i believe a guardian watching her children. remember, right after they were born, there was an effort to do that?

    >> sure.

    >> and the judge threw that out. and she's writing her story now.

    >> and she said she really was managing very well. now when they turn a year, she says they're starting to be work.

    >> they walk.

    >> right, now they're mobile.

    >> right, exactly.

    >> and remember, she's got six other children.

    >> exactly.

    >> and some of those have learning disabilities .

    >> that's right.


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