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Video: Romantic ruffles for Valentine’s Day into spring

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    >> in the air *

    >>> this morning on "bobbie's style buzz," create a sweet look for valentine's day. if you think you cannot pull off ruffles , think again. "today's" style editor bobbie thomas says they can be sophisticated, playful and romantic all at same time. hello, bobbie.

    >> hello, hoda.

    >> i always thought there was a type of girl who could wear ruffles and the type of girl who was not comfortable in them.

    >> and i would say that's me right now and that's you.

    >> yes, yes.

    >> do you like ruffles ?

    >> occasionally. i get worried about the sort of george washington feel, but tell me why you can get away with it.

    >> i think there are many reasons why women are typically afraid, whether it's they look too youthful or they're going to add volume, but ruffles have grown up and i have lots of examples to show you.

    >> first, maggie has a fashion-forward ruffles look. tell us about her look.

    >> what i like about this is you would never think of a romantic ruffle for the office, but you could find some ruffles that are work appropriate. just look for larger ruffles like you see on maggie . the skirt is from zara. i love how it's asymmetrical and unexpected, and that's sort of the modern way ruffles have been revisited. it's sort of an easy, casual, loose feel.

    >> i like that, and to me, it sort of distracts a little bit, too.

    >> yes. you hit on that part. that's the styling secret.

    >> really?

    >> whenever you find sort of a asymmetrical layered, tiered ruffle, it's going to carve your curves in the right places. and if you want to add the curve, you can use it to your advantage. it's an illusion.

    >> i like that. thank you, maggie . next we have the pretty preppie ruffles and we've got barbara modeling.

    >> yes.

    >> it's kind of a casual look . oh, i like that.

    >> definitely. see, you could wear these. the scale of the ruffles is important. on the weekends, you can go small. small is more cutesy. so, the smaller ruffle works on a casual cotton. it's from j. crew . and the bag is another great way if you want to incorporate it in accessories.

    >> i like that.

    >> $68 urban outfitters . it's great. it adds texture and depth of movement, so it makes something like jeans and a t-shirt look so much more interesting and fashion-forward.

    >> i like that, and it fits all ages.

    >> everyone. there's a ruffle for everyone.

    >> barbara, thanks, hon. i love this one, the dressy, delicate ruffles . this is beautiful gloria .

    >> gloria .

    >> hello, gloria .

    >> stunning gloria .

    >> all right. tell us about gloria 's look. i love that.

    >> this is a special occasion . you don't have to think of the pink, poofy, party girl dress. the key here is color. when you're mature and sophisticated, you want to opt for muted tones like this lavender. you can do something like the peach or the blush. stay away from the punchy pink or something that's too vibrant, because with the lace and the ruffles , it's too much. but this looks really nice. it's ann taylor , which i love. another styling secret, the cascading edge of that trench is very flattering.

    >> i love that.

    >> and it will give you a nice, elongating line.

    >> look at her legs, by the way. i'm sorry --

    >> fantastic.

    >> can you do too much ruffles ?

    >> less is more. it's definitely a trend. here it worked because we stayed with the same color, but definitely pick a focal point and let it be.

    >> thank you so much. next we have trendy tiers ruffles and we have some special ladies modeling. we have rebecca, morgan and drew. and these are not strangers to the "today" show.

    >> no.

    >> no, they're not. mark victor , who produces this hour, this is his wife and kids.

    >> so, they're pros, the girls.

    >> they are.

    >> you can wave at the camera. but what i like -- you know, when they came over for the fitting, you'd be surprised, girls this age are very aware of what they want to wear. they were like, we don't want the tutu. we're not going to wear pink. they wanted to do more trendy, fashion-forward tiers in a relaxed cotton.

    >> right.

    >> and you know, they kind of accessorize it to make the layers work. and of course, on rebecca, she looks great in this h&m leather jacket . t.j. maxx , those long ruffles under her jacket.

    >> really?

    >> love that for about $20. what's great is that the styling secret for ladies at home, when you have sort of an edgy leather jacket , the softer top will help pull it together, but we have a special surprise, morgan, right?

    >> what's the surprise?

    >> want to show hoda your shoes?

    >> oh, my gosh, they light up x.

    >> these are from skechers. they light up for valentine's day. can you do the spin?

    >> ooh, i like it! you do your daddy proud.

    >> yes.

    >> ladies, all come out. i like it.

    >> it's not too frilly. who knew?

    >> bobbie, have fun in vancouver.

    >> thank you.

TODAY contributor
updated 2/10/2010 11:11:36 AM ET 2010-02-10T16:11:36

A romantic current is sweeping in this spring and ruffles are making waves. Designers are playing with fabric and the result is a modern update — longer, looser, twisted and turned — with many more relaxed styles than we’re used to seeing. These nonperfect puckers are often elegant and unexpected, but the best part is, they can be worn everywhere from the workplace to weekend.

Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style editor and author of The Buzz column for In Touch Weekly, explores the most current ways to embrace this textured trend.

Fashion-forward frills
While the concept of a romantic piece might not automatically seem professional, recent abstract takes on the ruffle can be office appropriate. In fact, ruffles can add a feminine twist in a conservative environment where most wardrobe is menswear-inspired. While little ruffles can feel “cutesy,” larger folds that lie flat will add depth and movement to separates or suits without feeling too frilly. And asymmetrical layers can help soften structured items, while carving out curves in just the right places. But don’t be afraid to belt cardigans or blouses to tame volume.
Ruffled wrap top, $49, Loehmann's; Tiered ruffle skirt, $89.90, Zara.com

Pretty and preppy
On your downtime, smaller details can make all the difference, so consider giving your casual cotton and easy knits a modern update. An outfit that would otherwise feel flat comes to life thanks to little extras that add visual interest. Tiny elements of texture on a T-shirt, or even a menswear button-down with a tuxedolike ruffle trim, can offer your weekend wear some flair. A plethora of accessories, from bags to belts to shoes, can also be found with puckered or pleated accents. But keep in mind, as with any trend, moderation is key.
Cascading Rose T-shirt, $45; Jcrew.com, Slim fit white jeans, $59.90, Mango.com; Deux lux ruffle handbag, $68, Urbanoutfitters.com

Trendy tiers
With so many edgy items en vogue — from biker jackets to knee-length boots and studded bags — ruffles add a touch of sweet to any sharp, tailored look. Even someone who is resistant to the idea of ruffling, or who usually keeps her clothing sleek, can benefit from the softness of a fluid item that flows. Long layers look easy and modern, and help tough fabrics and sharp tailoring become more approachable. Meanwhile, straight lines will help balance out anything billowy. In the end, it’s all about contrast.
AK Anne Klein Blouse, $29.99, TJMaxx.com; Faux leather blazer, $24.95, Hm.com

For children:  Look 1 — Kiddo USA ruffle tank, $8, Tjmaxx.com; denim leggings, $18, Macys.com; Sneakers, $30, Zara.com; Look 2 — Scooter Brown T-shirt, $7, Tjmaxx.com; denim jacket, $37.50, sequin scarf, $10, Macys.com; ruffle skirt, $20, Zara.com; leggings, $9, Oldnavy.com; Skechers Twinkle Toes sneakers, $39.99, Jcpenney.com

Dressy and delicate
Fall’s structured, architectural styles are giving way to softer, more whimsical looks for spring. Put aside images of little girls in pink poufy party dresses, and think of more-mature, muted tones such as blush, rose and baby blue. These hues offer sophistication and allow subtle details to stand out. Layered ruffles of lace and chiffon add an airy transparency, and raw edges give vintage-inspired versions modernity. The cascading edges of a trench or a wrap will instantly add drama to a simple little black dress and inspire the perfect look for your next special occasion.
Ruffle dress, $129, Zara.com; Silk ruffle trench, $228, Anntaylor.com

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