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Image: Andrew Young, John Edwards
Young has said he kept the tape along with phone messages from Edwards to back up his account of what he saw as he helped Edwards cover up the affair and a resulting child.
updated 2/1/2010 10:21:31 AM ET 2010-02-01T15:21:31

A former aide to two-time presidential candidate John Edwards said he’s received and rejected offers of “gigantic amounts of money” to sell what he says is a sex tape showing Edwards with his former mistress.

Andrew Young claimed in a book released last week that he found the tape in a box left in a home he and his wife had shared with Edward's mistress, videographer Rielle Hunter.

"I could not have told this story without including this sex tape," Young said in interview that aired Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “We’ve been offered gigantic amounts of money and we’ve said no.”

Young has said he kept the tape along with phone messages from Edwards to back up his account of what he saw as he helped Edwards cover up the affair and a resulting child. Edwards’ lawyers have accused Young of writing “The Politician” for financial gain, which Young denies.

Hunter last week won a temporary restraining order in a North Carolina court demanding Young return a 2006 video “of a very private and personal nature.” She also has filed a lawsuit against Young and his wife, seeking a jury trial and damages for invasion of privacy.

Edwards only last month admitted paternity of Hunter's daughter, who is nearly 2. He and wife, Elizabeth, are now separated.

Deputies said in court documents filed Friday that they went to Young’s home to try and recover the tapes and personal photographs of Hunter. After some discussion, Young’s attorney told authorities that he could not immediately turn over the tape.

Young was asked Monday whether he planned to relinquish the videotape as Hunter demanded.

“I'm going to let my lawyers handle that,” he said.

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Video: Edwards’ lover seeks to get sex tape

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    >>> 7:18, once again, here's matt.

    >>> one of the more surprising claims in a new book, written about one-time presidential candidate , john edwards . a book that's already raised a lot of eyebrowse, a former aide, who said he helped cover up edwards ' affair with rielle hunter claims a sex tape exists. now it's the subject of a court case . nbc's lisa mires has the latest.

    >> reporter: you may have thought the story could not get any more bizarre. but this morning, we have a new twist. john edwards ' former mistress has gone to court to recover a videotape of a very private and personal nature. which she claims was stolen from her and is being used to help sell a salacious book.

    >> we need a movement.

    >> reporter: this latest episode pits edwards ' former mistress, rielle hunter, against edwards ' former personal aide , andrew young . whose book describes his elaborate effort to help edwards cover up his affair. at this home in california, young lived with and helped hide hunter for months. while edwards was in the thick of a presidential campaign .

    >> if you want to live in a moral and just country --

    >> reporter: young claims he later returned to this house in north carolina , also shared with hunter. where he found a sex tape . which he described as -- john edwards and a naked pregnant woman photographed from the naval down, engaged in a sexual encounter. in a legal filing, hunter now says, i authored a personal video that depicted matters of a very private and personal nature. she said she shot it in september 2006 , before she became pregnant. what does the tape tell us about john edwards ?

    >> john edwards was completely out of control. allowing yourself to be videotaped in a compromising position in the middle of a presidential campaign , speaks to someone who really has lost touch with reality.

    >> reporter: hunter says she had decide dodd get rid of the tape, but was concerned about people searching her trash. so --

    >> reporter: she says she later asked young to go into the box to get her passport. and subsequently realized he had taken the video and other items. but young claims he found the tape labeled "special" in a box of trash. hunter left behind. so far, north carolina judge is siding with hunter and issued an order for young to turn over all copies of the video and other items to hunter.

    >> both john edwards and rielle hunter are afraid that somehow this tape will make it onto the internet. and that perhaps the youngs would be willing to sell the tape.

    >> reporter: also police documents reveal new details about the relationship between john and elizabeth edwards after his affair. in october 2008 , sheriffs deputies were called to their estate. after a domestic dispute triggered a 911 call, from elizabeth. claiming john stole her wallet during an argument. so far, john edwards has not commented on most of young 's allegations. his lawyers did issue a statement urging extreme caution, saying that many allegations are simply false and that young is motivated by financial gain. matt?

    >> all right. lisa meijers, thank you very much. just aheaden a monday morning, a trip


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