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Al-Jazeera America plans live programming 24/7

Al-Jazeera America's incoming president said Tuesday that people interested in news will get live programming whenever they tune in, even in the middle of the night on a weekend.Full story

Al Gore: Our democracy has been hacked and we need to fix it

Al-Jazeera Coming to America

Al Gore sells Current TV to Al-Jazeera

'Mitt Romney rich': How Al Gore came to be worth roughly $200M

  Former VP Al Gore is almost as rich as Mitt Romney, according to a new in-depth Bloomberg analysis of his wealth placing it at roughly $200 million. Bloomberg News' Ken Wells joins Morning Joe to discuss Gore's wealth, $70M of which came from the sale of Current TV.

Al Gore’s Plan B is working out pretty well

  Steve Fishman of New York Magazine and the NOW panel discuss Al Gore’s career after his loss of the presidency in 2000, the bittersweet feeling of his golden years, and the rightful scrutiny of his post-political actions.

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  Current TV spurns Glenn Beck for Al Jazeera

Al Gore's liberal TV network has apparently been purchased by Al Jazeera, but not without some tense moments along the way. CNBC's Julia Boorstin reports.

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