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Image: LaToya Jackson
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La Toya Jackson reportedly would “love” to be a judge on “American Idol.”
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updated 2/4/2010 10:57:43 PM ET 2010-02-05T03:57:43

If Simon Cowell’s upcoming departure from “American Idol” isn’t enough to leave some fans feeling uncertain about the show’s future, the idea of La Toya Jackson acting as his replacement might clench it.

According to gossip Web site TMZ, the singer believes she’d be a perfect fit for “Idol.” Jackson recently spoke to producer Nigel Lythgoe about possibly being a guest judge before Cowell revealed that this would be his last season on the televised talent show. Now she hopes to have a shot at a permanent spot.

“I would LOVE to be a judge on ‘American Idol,’ ” the Jackson sibling announced to TMZ. “I would love to have a chance for the public get to know the real me. I would be thrilled.”

No word on just what viewers might learn about “the real” Jackson that they haven’t already gleaned from her two Playboy pictorials, Playboy video and numerous tell-all interviews, but it could be interesting.

Jon Gosselin goes bar hopping with Kate’s brother
He spent last Friday night on the town until the wee hours of Saturday morning, but Jon Gosselin wasn’t entertaining one of his gal pals. Instead, as reported by Radar Online, the ex-reality TV dad spent some unexpected quality time with former brother-in-law Kevin Kreider.

Slideshow: Celebrity scandals of 2009 Some “Jon & Kate Plus 8” fans may remember Kate Gosselin’s now-estranged brother and his wife, Jodi Kreider, from early episodes of the TLC show, and from their subsequent interviews, in which they blasted the Gosselins for allegedly exploiting the “Plus 8.”

Now it seems Kevin Kreider’s problems with Jon Gosselin only mattered as the father of eight was married to his sister. Since the divorce, Kreider and Gosselin seem to be back on good terms. They certainly proved that on their Friday Night Pennsylvania bar crawl, which reportedly saw the pair drink their way from Elizabethtown’s T.J. Rockwell to Lancaster’s Iron Hill Brewery to Mt. Joy’s Bube’s and beyond.

LeAnn Rimes won’t let Eddie Cibrian out of her sight
Eddie Cibrian made one on-set love connection, and if girlfriend LeAnn Rimes has any control over it, he won’t make another. According to In Touch Weekly, the country singer-turned-actress keeps her former co-star in her sights while he works on the set of “CSI:Miami.”

Slideshow: Celebrity Sightings

“Eddie’s always been a flirt, but when (LeAnn’s) on the set he doesn’t look at — or talk to — any women,” an insider told the magazine. “Eddie seems to be uncomfortable with LeAnn’s constant presence. He’s always telling her to stay in his dressing room, but whenever he walks out on set, she’s right behind him.”

Where’s the trust? Given how the pair began their romance, the insider hints that there really isn’t any.

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“They were both married to other people when they got together,” the source said. “So it’s not out of the question to think either one would stray again.”

When they spoke to In Touch, reps for both stars denied the story.

Dish on fly
Though it’s not clear just what — if anything — Megan Fox said to “trash” Tila Tequila, at this point, it hardly matters. Fox suddenly outranks all others on the social networking star’s perceived enemies list. “No wonder u said ur afraid to Meet Angelina Jolie!” Tequila wrote in an open tweet to Fox. “She will pimpslap your dumb airheaded ass so fast u ... poser! Get ur own style!” Ouch! And that was one of the tamer Fox-related entries. … In other Twitter trouble, actress Kirstie Alley went into mad mom mode upon learning her daughter received some unpleasant tweets after Alley encouraged others to follow the 15-year-old. “I requested that u follow my daughter last night on Twitter,” Alley wrote. “I read some really creepy stuff on some of your timelines. Please do not follow her if your intention is to be a nasty person. I will make your life on here hell by exposing your comments. So DON'T go there!” … Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais found the problems with Twitter were easily solved by simply quitting the site, as he did earlier this month. “I'm sure it's fun as a networking device for teenagers but there's something a bit undignified about adults using it,” Gervais wrote in a post to his blog. “Particularly celebrities who seem to be showing off by talking to each other in public.”

Tabloid Tidbits is compiled by Ree Hines.

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Video: Cowell makes ninth ‘Idol’ season his last

  1. Closed captioning of: Cowell makes ninth ‘Idol’ season his last

    >>> now to the big shake-up in the television world, not the jay leno /conan o'brien shuffle, but simon cowell 's decision to leave " american idol ." nbc's jeff rossen has details on that. good morning to you.

    >> hey, matt. good to see you. simon says he was offered "a lot of money" to stay on, but in the end, the money wasn't enough. can't blame him, either. he was only making, what, a reported $36 million a year? so, simon cowell will leave " american idol " after this season, and he already has a new gig lined up. it's the end of an era .

    >> i really, really, really hated that. sorry.

    >> reporter: the man with the sharpest tongue in the room will lash it somewhere else .

    >> well, you should be happy, matt, because we don't like you this week.

    >> reporter: season nine, starting tonight, will be simon cowell 's last. late monday, he spoke with "extra."

    >> i did feel a little bit emotional when i said it because then it's real and then you remember all the good times you've had. and i have had a good time.

    >> reporter: hollywood insiders claim simon was bored and wanted more.

    >> simon cowell is an incredible control freak and likes to be the man in charge of anything that he's involved in.

    >> everyone thought i was posturing to negotiate more money, et cetera , et cetera , but it actually wasn't the case. i just felt like doing something new.

    >> reporter: ellen degeneres , "idol's" newest judge, joked about it on her talk show airing later today.

    >> so, this just happened. simon cowell just announced that he's leaving "idol." this will be his last season, and he announced he's leaving on my first day. i'm trying not to take it personally.

    >> reporter: fox won't comment on simon 's possible replacement, but we know where he's going. simon will launch a new show on fox called "x-factor," another singing competition that's already a big hit in the uk. and yes --

    >> i am possibly the most proudest person in the world right now.

    >> reporter: -- he'll judge on that show, too, when it comes to the u.s. in 2011 . simon will also run it as the executive producer.

    >> and actually getting successful is more fun than being successful sometimes, and i kind of missed that.

    >> you are ready for the big-time, dog, because you know who you are.

    >> reporter: with paula gone and simon going, randy will be the only original dog left. the question is, can "idol" survive this loss?

    >> i don't think we're on the verge of killing " american idol ," but the producers are going to have to be hugely careful about who they replace him with, especially with simon crossing over to a competitor.

    >> like swimming in jell-o, isn't it?

    >> but he wanted a change and i wish him all the luck in the world hosting "the tonight show ," so, that will be --

    >> yeah, you know she had to go there. it's been widely reported fox was offering simon $144 million to work on both "idol" and "x-factor" at once, but matt, he turned that down, saying he wants a new challenge. throw a little bit of that my way.

    >> chump change. thanks very much.


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