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    TAMRON HALL reporting: This morning on BOBBIE'S STYLE BUZZ , organizing your accessories. Come on, admit it, this probably sounds familiar. Overstuffed drawers, handbags shoved right into the closet, tangled jewelry boxes. Well, if the cold weather has you cooped up at home looking for something to do, no time like the present to get organized. And TODAY's style editor Bobbie Thomas has some really clever ideas for us. Good to see you. Good morning, Bobbie .

    Ms. BOBBIE THOMAS: It's nice to see you.

    HALL: I'm so excited about this, so I want to jump in, because I already know the tips because I read your notes. This is awesome , so let's share with other people, starting off with bargain buys.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yes. Invest $10- to $20 and it can really help you store your accessories much better.

    HALL: Which is key. You don't have to spend a fortune to get organized.

    Ms. THOMAS: Absolutely. No, you can't.

    HALL: So what do you have?

    Ms. THOMAS: And accessories are sometimes the things you forget to wear anyway...

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...so if you can't see it, how can you wear it? I really love something like this clear -pocket hanging organizer. You can find this online at so many places, amazon.com, etc.

    HALL: And it's a couple of bucks.

    Ms. THOMAS: It's -- you know, this is probably -- you can find about $10.

    HALL: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: And you can store yours on one side, his on the other even, and it doesn't take up that much room in your closet.

    HALL: We don't have room for his, we only have room for ours.

    Ms. THOMAS: Just take up both sides.

    HALL: But I love this because you can see. And you're right, what you don't see you usually forget about and you don't wear it.

    Ms. THOMAS: Exactly.

    HALL: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: And that's a big secret of stylists on-set. These hanging shelves, anywhere from seven to $15. Great for seasonal storage items.

    Ms. THOMAS: I like putting everything in from winter right here, hats and gloves.

    HALL: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: But go ahead and buy a second one and put in your summer items so you can just literally un- Velcro or untie it.

    HALL: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: Put it in the garage and bring the other one out, so you don't even have to take something out and reput it in, you can just have two and swap them out in seasons.

    HALL: And you're not worried that the width is taking up too much.

    Ms. THOMAS: No.

    HALL: Because you get too -- you put multiple things on it, so it's great.

    Ms. THOMAS: Exactly. And you can even find slimmer options and ideas .

    HALL: Oh.

    Ms. THOMAS: They're easy to store , very inexpensive. IKEA, great solution.

    HALL: Super cool . And under your bed or other things, other places.

    Ms. THOMAS: Well, first, on the top shelf .

    HALL: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: Most of us will just stack our handbags.

    HALL: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: And when you go to take one out...

    HALL: Myself included.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...it'll all come tumbling down. So think about dish rack organizers, they're usually used to store dishes in the kitchen.

    HALL: This was amazing.

    Ms. THOMAS: And I like putting my clutches in them. And you can even find the under-the-cabinet storage helpers like these for $1.99. You can stack these as well for the bigger bags.

    HALL: That's awesome. Who knew? Who knew?

    Ms. THOMAS: Love that.

    HALL: And you've got another category theme.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yeah.

    HALL: Savvy storage. This is what we're talking about?

    Ms. THOMAS: This is -- well, this is still under bargain buy.

    HALL: Under bargain?

    Ms. THOMAS: These shoe organizers are great for other things. These are great for special occasion items...

    HALL: Uh-huh.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...to hide under the bed, like shoes, belts and other, you know, other special occasions. So you can put them away.

    HALL: And then you just kick it right under there. OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: Kick it away.

    HALL: And your savvy list?

    Ms. THOMAS: This is my savvy storage items. And what I love is think about repurposing things around the house to use for your trinkets. Ice cube trays, 99-cent store , or you can get this, or an egg carton.

    HALL: Was this something that was passed down, an idea for aunts or something?

    Ms. THOMAS: I don't know, I think I'm just always looking for ways...

    HALL: This is great. I love it.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...to, you know..

    HALL: Yeah.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...keep your rings. And you just put it in the drawer...

    HALL: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...and put it away. They can stack.

    HALL: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: Really inexpensive.

    HALL: Excellent.

    Ms. THOMAS: A ladder you're not using from a bunk bed , even a trellis from the garden, a great way and an inconspicuous place behind the door to store all your scarves so they don't bunch up and wrinkle.

    HALL: And it actually looks pretty.

    Ms. THOMAS: Love -- yeah.

    HALL: And it's pretty. Yeah, cool.

    Ms. THOMAS: And again...

    HALL: I love this one.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...candlestick holders, you can use those to store your bangles. Really good idea. You don't have to burn the candles, but if you want -- it's a great way to, again, remind yourself what you've got laying around.

    HALL: Right. Again, if you see it, you're more likely to wear it.

    Ms. THOMAS: And a few DIY ideas .

    HALL: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: I love doing this for girlfriends because it's a great gift idea, but take a frame and stretch some lace or tulle or mesh, and you can just hook earrings in and it becomes an instant display.

    HALL: So wait, you just took the back off the frame and just put -- wow.

    Ms. THOMAS: Yep , you just take the back off the frame.

    HALL: Uh-huh.

    Ms. THOMAS: And you'll stretch some lace or something like this tulle.

    HALL: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: And that's instantly going to give you a nice earring organizer. And then these are cutlery boxes. Instead of storing your silverware, line it with some paper, very inexpensive from the craft store , and then just tack some nails, I added some gems, and this is a great way to display those adornments. Because they're meant to be seen anyway...

    HALL: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...instead of being in a drawer.

    HALL: That's a great idea.

    Ms. THOMAS: This I love for anyone who wears glasses.

    HALL: Uh-huh.

    Ms. THOMAS: Reading glasses , eyeglasses, sunglasses. This is a good way to get them right as you go out the door.

    HALL: So you just pulled a string across. I love that.

    Ms. THOMAS: Pulled a string across, reused the frames.

    HALL: I'm going to do that this weekend. That's what I'm doing.

    Ms. THOMAS: And if you don't want to do a weekend project...

    HALL: OK.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...I am in love with roaming through the home aisles...

    HALL: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. THOMAS: ...of discount department stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshall 's.

    HALL: Right.

    Ms. THOMAS: From 14.99, I left the tags on, to 6.99, you can find all of these beautiful ways to display your jewelry as well.

    HALL: Excellent, excellent. And I promise you, I'm doing that.

    Ms. THOMAS: OK.

    HALL: And I 'm sending you a picture, I'm e-mailing a picture. Bobbie Thomas , thank you so much . Great ideas .

TODAY contributor
updated 1/14/2010 12:32:28 PM ET 2010-01-14T17:32:28

There’s no need to wait for spring to start your cleaning! In fact, a dreary winter weekend is the perfect time to organize your jewelry, bags and other special items. Containers and display cases can easily be made from unexpected objects, and simple storage solutions will work as a quick fix for your overflowing accents.

Bobbie Thomas, TODAY Style editor and author of The Buzz column for In Touch Weekly, presents clever ways to keep track of your accessories. 

Bargain buys
Inexpensive, store-bought items can be used in more than one way. Shoe organizers ($9.99; Bedbathandbeyond.com) may be designed to store your soles, but they can come in handy to hold belts or to hide your special-occasion extras under a bed. Dish dividers and stacking racks ($3.99-$9.99; Containerstore.com) may keep pots, pans and other kitchen items in order, but they’re also great tools for separating handbags. This way, when you pull one out, your entire collection of carryalls won’t come tumbling down. And hanging pocket organizers are a favorite of TV and film stylists who use them to stay organized on set. The clear pouches can help you easily find earrings, brooches, watches and more.

And finally, for bulkier items, I suggest hanging shelves for your closet ($2.99-$17.99; Ikea.com). Soft yet sturdy, these are a great way to organize seasonal items. Come spring, you can simply swap out your gloves, hats and earmuffs for sun hats, bathing suits and sarongs.

Savvy storage
When it comes to containing your clutter, be open-minded and think outside the box. By being resourceful, you can repurpose things from around the house and turn them into excellent storage solutions. For example, ice cube trays or even plastic egg containers can be used to sort rings, small earrings, etc., and can even be stacked in drawers. Candlestick holders can double as a pretty way to display bangles and bracelets; for larger items like scarves and ties, consider getting creative with a slat rack, ladder or trellis. Just weave your long layers through the holes for a crafty way to keep these accents in order.

DIY displays
Instead of trying to hide your tiny treasures, showcase your jewelry with a crafty case or stand. After all, whether on you or on your dresser, these pretty pieces are meant to be seen. Frames are a great way to hang earrings or sunglasses — just remove the glass and stretch lace, wire mesh or rope from a craft store along the edges (supplies, $0.79-$17.99; Michaels.com). Cutlery boxes and other empty containers can easily be transformed to display necklaces. Simply line with wallpaper, tack small nails or little knobs inside, and you’re all set. And finally, an alternative idea for those who want a ready-made solution: A plethora of inexpensive jewelry stands are available at discount department stores such as T.J. Maxx and Marshalls ($6.99-16.99). 

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