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    >> thanks so much.

    >>> well, consider it must-see tv for conservatives. sarah palin signs on as fox's newest commentator.

    >> and if she's going to convince americans that she has what it takes to be a presidential candidate in 2012 , she could hardly ask for a better opportunity. mark mckinnon served as an informal adviser to the mccain/palin campaign. he's the vice chair of public strategies. and mark, i swear i'm not going to ask you a question about "game change," at least at the very beginning of the book. but i want to ask you this, the importance of talking to fox's republican primary , sort of voting public. mike huckabee , i've noticed h, has done really well in a lot of these early poll tests of the 2012 candidates and i've had some strategists tell me because he's getting unfettered access to fox viewers, who are, basically, republican primary voters. is this how sarah palin can talk to the base?

    >> she can. it's the best platform in the world for republican candidates. although, i would suggest that, i mean, what's going to happen here is that sarah palin is going to become the equivalent of the political oprah. but i think that, ultimately, being on fox gives her political influence. she'll make a lot of money. it's an easy job, with very little accountability. and i think at the end of the day, she's going to say what, you know, i really prefer that as opposed to being a political candidate, where i've got to be held accountable and it's really hard work. she may just figure out that this is a pretty great gig where she has a lot more influence than she would otherwise.

    >> mark, we'll forgive you for suggesting that television is an easy job and move on.

    >> easier.

    >> easier, okay, okay.

    >> yeah, whatever.

    >> i covered the palin campaign, i was on that plane every day, but i'll be honest, we had precious little access to the candidate. you spent some time with her at a crucial moment, preparing for the vice presidential debate. i know you've said it was just a few hours, but tell us, what were your impressions of her?

    >> well, it was really interesting, because i saw two sides of sarah palin . i saw her at her most vulnerable moment, which was a week out from the debate and she was really terrified about what she was getting into, and that she wasn't prepared. but at the same time, at the end of that three-hour session, you know, she just bucked it up and said, you know what, i'm not going to let john mccain down with and i saw that incredible confidence and ferocious attitude that she has, that's so competitive. but it was interesting, seeing that flip side , the vulnerable side, which very few people have seen.

    >> hey, mark, you know, there's a lot of -- there's a saying in sports that some athletes are uncoachable. they have incredible talent. jay cutler comes to mind. he's the chicago bears quarterback.quarterback, is sarah palin coachable? i've heard this critique from advisers, she has all this talent and could be an incredible public spokesperson but maybe she's not coachable. do you really think she's coachable in the sense all political candidates have the ability to take advice?

    >> oh, listen, i think the most important thing is she's got what you can't coach which is the inate talent. she's got the dna. she has the chemistry. she has the personality. sure, i think she's coachable. i think that she -- i mean, look how she performed in the presidential debate . she wept into a very difficult high stakes situation and cleared the bar and cleared it well actually.

    >> come back. we forgive you already for that comment about tv people having easy jobs. that hurt.

    >> yeah, whatever. that's typical of mark, attacking the messenger.

    >> talking to mark halperin and heilemann feels like talking to the fbi.

updated 1/12/2010 9:23:43 PM ET 2010-01-13T02:23:43

Sarah Palin accounts for the controversy she attracts by saying her opponents don’t like the “commonsense, conservative solutions” she represents.

Debuting as a Fox News analyst, the 2008 vice presidential candidate and former Alaska governor was the guest of Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor.”

During the interview, Palin said sinking approval numbers for President Barack Obama reflect “an uncomfortableness” some Americans feel toward his administration.

“It was just a matter of time,” she said.

“There is an obvious disconnect between President Obama and the White House, what they are doing to our economy and what they are doing in terms of not allowing Americans to feel as safe as we had felt,” she said.

She told O’Reilly she hadn’t seen a recent “60 Minutes” report about her, explaining she was warned it contained “a bunch of b.s.”

On the claim made on “60 Minutes” that she didn’t understand the nature of her son’s mission when he was shipped to Iraq, she said, “I think that these are the political establishment reporters who love to gin up controversy and spin up gossip. The rest of America doesn’t care about that kind of crap.”

O’Reilly told her she now has a forum with Fox News that allows her to “immediately neutralize ‘60 Minutes’ ” — he snapped his fingers — “like that.” He invited her back on his show any time she wants to set the record straight.

Palin’s multiyear deal with the network was announced Monday.

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