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Marathon Oil 1Q profit rises on oil prices

Marathon Oil Corp. said Tuesday that first-quarter profit doubled on higher oil prices, increased volumes and better refining margins. Full story

Oil slips on stronger dollar

Oil prices are falling due to a stronger dollar and expectations that U.S. crude supplies are growing. Full story

Oil below $113 as traders eye dollar, bin Laden

Oil prices fell below $113 a barrel Tuesday as a stronger U.S. dollar made crude more expensive for investors with other currencies and markets appraised the impact of Osama bin Laden's death. Full story

U.N. rights boss criticizes Uganda protest crackdown

The top U.N. human rights official urged Uganda on Sunday to halt "excessive force" against demonstrators, which she said had turned peaceful protests over food and fuel prices into a national crisis. Full story

Oil profits boom, consumers frustrated

   Forbes' Maureen Farrell explains why gas prices are continuing to rise in the US and whether big oil companies are aware of consumer outrage.

Sector Snap: Airlines

A JPMorgan analyst said Friday that he thinks airline stocks are headed for an uptick, following the companies' growth plan announcements and increased earnings expectations for the year. Full story

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China refiner Sinopec says 1Q profit up 25 percent

Oil back below $113 after reaching 31-month high

Occidental Petroleum 1Q earnings grow 46 percent

PetroChina 1Q profit up 14 percent

Fryer grease rustling rises due to oil prices

ConocoPhillips 1Q earnings jump 43 percent

Earnings Preview: Shell to report Q1

Eni Q1 profits up 15 percent on price rises

China oil giant CNOOC 1Q revenue up 59 percent

Economists: Only oil can stop the recovery now


  Oil profits to foment gas price outrage?

The cost of filling the tank continues to climb and the president knows Americans may take their anger out on him, especially when oil companies open their books this week. NBC’s Mike Viqueira reports.

  No end in sight for rising gas prices

Many families are staying home instead of traveling due to high fuel prices, which continue to rise. CNBC's Sharon Epperson joins TODAY to talk about whether gas could hit $6 dollars a gallon.

  Oil prices continue to soar

John Hofmeister shares his thoughts on the rising gas prices.

  Has Gulf coast rebounded economically?

Actor Ted Danson and The Daily Beast's Tina Brown join Morning Joe to discuss cuts to defense spending, the one-year anniversary of the BP Gulf oil spill, a spike in oil prices, and investing in alternative energy sources.

  Gas prices hit budget-busting highs

Prices at the gas pump have started to squeeze motorists so hard that demand for gas is beginning to fall. NBC's Kristen Welker takes a look at what's behind the latest big run-up in oil prices, and when drivers might see some relief. NBC's Kristen Welker reports.

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A Pakistani employee changes the oil prices on a billboard in Karachi on May 1, 2011. Pakistan increased fuel prices by up to 12 percent, reflecting the rise in global crude oil prices, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority said, in a move that could create fresh problems for the fragile government.