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    * * just like we used to know *

    >> we are back on this wednesday before christmas . the worst gifts ever.

    >> it happened to all of us. there it is. oversized santa claus sweater staring you in the face. is that as bad as it gets? no. we sent sara to the streets to find out.

    >> christmas is a couple of days away. there's a lot of gift exchange going on. we have all been on the end of that gift. * we are going to hit the streets to find out what the worst gift is anyone has ever received for the holiday.

    >> let's check it out.

    >> what are you doing?

    >> getting our picture taken.

    >> what is the worst christmas gift you have ever received?

    >> a pair of socks.

    >> show mo how excited you get when you open the socks. * jingle bells * * jingle tall way *

    >> t-shirts three sizes too small. soap on a rope was one of the worst.

    >> what was the worst christmas gift you ever received? no.

    >> worst christmas gift? a jumper.

    >> it is always clothes.

    >> one, two, three.

    >> merry christmas .

    >> what's the worst gift you have ever received?

    >> i get all good gifts.

    >> that's good.

    >> i'm exhausted. it has been a full day. what i learned is we have all gotten crazy gifts. but it truly is the thought that counts. happy holidays.

    >> all right.

    >> thank you, miss sara.

    >> to keep you from giving the worst gift ever, robin, last-minute ideas that won't break the bank .

    >> great to be back.

    >> what are we starting out with here?

    >> we have tickle monster book which is a tickle laughter kit that comes with tickle monster mitts. you put them on and for $34, you --

    >> oh, my gosh. that's cute. that's such a cute thing.

    >> i love that. daryle.

    >> great.

    >> okay.

    >> so it is a wonderful gift. speaking of monsters --

    >> ugly dolls?

    >> no.

    >> these are curly cue cuties. a certificate for these online. kids and their parents will design them. you pick out the eyes and nose and mouth and shape.

    >> that's a cute idea.

    >> is there still time for this?

    >> the activity is really the gift. and then the child has time to look forward to the monster coming through the mail. it is a mail order monster.

    >> that's very cute.

    >> very cute.

    >> smart idea.

    >> mismatched sock.

    >> they start out mismatched so you can't lose one.

    >> mismatch.com. adorable socks. they have a variety of clothing as well. great for teens and tween.

    >> i still can't believe you can still get things and get them to where they are supposed to be.

    >> e-certificates. bling lollipop.

    >> dazzle from sugar factory. person that really has everything, really into celebrities. these will be overnight shipping, pricing. $22 to $25 a pop.

    >> look at this. darling.

    >> pop it open.

    >> yes.

    >> look at that.

    >> look at that, hoda.

    >> cute.

    >> britney spears circus.

    >> celebrity's favorites. wonderful packaging.

    >> of course they do.

    >> flavors galore. rainbow of flavors. for the twitter lover, this is where you send overnight or instantly an e-certificate. then they can get a tweet book from --

    >> what's in the tweet book?

    >> i pulled out "today" shows, all the twitters you send out.

    >> they are in a book?

    >> they are in a book.

    >> a lot of people treasure their tweet.

    >> they treasure their tweets.

    >> martha stewart . i'm on the way to the "today" show. watch me demonstrate turkey and stuff.

    >> i have to get with it in 120. it might be my decade.

    >> this is from williams sonoma . exclusive.

    >> i love everything they do.

    >> they do a beautiful job. we put this gizmo in the freezer, it freezes over 24 hours . then you can make instant popsicles in seven minutes. so you pour your -- let's say fruit juice , non-not joeg hurt.

    >> this is already frozen.

    >> then you just pull them out and there we have it.

    >> we have about a minute.

    >> okay. red envelope . seven in one games for the family that plays together stayings together.

    >> so true.

    >> this is always a good gift.

    >> i love fruit and vegetable.

    >> tangerines and grapefruits from honeybell.com. you can, again, send the e-mail announcement and in january limited edition fruit comes to your door.

    >> so beautiful.

    >> delayed gratification but something to look forward to.

    >> over 5,000 pieces of jewelry. unbelievable. cuff links. amazing assortment from curious george to superhero.

    >> we have to run.

    >> what about the card you can send? paperless.

    >> it will save the economy on ecology, environment zblmt we have to run. we have

updated 12/23/2009 11:16:43 AM ET 2009-12-23T16:16:43

Robyn Spizman of TheGiftionary.com shares quick ideas to help you look like a holiday hero (even if you waited until the last minute):

Tickle monster kit
Kids and parents alike will get a laugh out of The Tickle Monster Laughter Kit for ages 3 to 5. Written by Josie Bissett (remember Jane from "Melrose Place"?),this lovable blue monster is out to tickle any child within reach, but he'll need mom and dad's help! Includes a pair of Magical Tickle Monster Mitts for parents to wear while reading. Fingertip holes make it easy to turn pages and stir up a monster load of fun.
Tickle Monster Laughter Kit, $34, uncommongoods.com

Make a monster
Yikes! Is there a monster under the bed? On Christmas morning, send a gift certificate online, where you and your child can design a one-of-a-kind plush monster. With millions of unique possibilities, your child's monster will truly be one-of-a-kind. Monsters ship in 10 days or less and are delivered by e-mail in a flash!
$25.00, curlyqcuties.com

Solve the sock problem
Mixing and matching socks and funky clothing is an ideal activity for little ones and tweens. Solve the age-old problem of the missing sock and inspire creativity through mixing and matching with an array of fun accessories and clothing. If ordered by 12:30pm central time on Dec. 23 —with overnight shipping requested — the order will arrive in time for Christmas Eve.
$24 for 12 single socks, littlemissmatched.com

Hollywood sweets
Here’s the latest must-have, celebrity-endorsed gift for the person who has everything! The Couture Pop is a bedazzled stem that has lollipop tops in a rainbow of flavors. Celebrities like Britney Spears, Sting, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian love these treats. It's a deliciously sweet confection that is portable and ever-changing. Mix and match flavors, including cherry, pina colada, orange creme, bubblegum and many more! 
Couture Pop,$22-$25, SugarFactory.com

Publish your tweets
Personalize and order books of your personal Twitter tweets or send the Twitter lover an e-gift certificate for ordering their own. With four different designs, users can choose which of their favorite tweets to include. To send the books as a gift, just visit the “gifts” page.
$30 for hard cover/$20 for soft cover (15 percent discount until Jan. 1), TweetBookz.com

Produce your own pops
The Zoku Quick Pop Maker lets you create your own customized frozen pops, including cream-filled varieties, in as few as seven minutes. The nonstick cast-aluminum molds have a proprietary solution sealed inside their bases to enable rapid, uniform freezing — no electricity required. Simply store the compact base in your freezer. After being pre-chilled, the Zoku can make up to nine 2 1/4" x 3 1/2" pops before you need to refreeze it. 
$49.95, williams-sonoma.com (order by 10am PST on Dec. 23 for Dec. 24 delivery) Video: Clickable: Hottest budget beauty gifts

Get more games
The family that plays together ... you know the drill. Check out the 7-in-1 Game Compendium which features many classic games, including chess, checkers, backgammon, dominoes, cribbage, dice and playing cards. 12" folding chess/backgammon game board.
49.95 plus S & H, RedEnvelope.com, Order by 3pm PST on Dec. 23 for delivery on Dec. 24)

Stock up on unique fruits
Send a free personal gift e-Nouncement for HoneyBell oranges, which are not oranges at all; they're an extraordinary hybrid of a Dancy Tangerine and Duncan Grapefruit. HoneyBell citrus are available for only a few short weeks in January, and they sell out every year! Order your HoneyBell fruit and gifts early, and they’ll deliver in January when they're at their best! The 10-pound special includes 15 huge oranges, a pair of bibs, a book on how to eat a HoneyBell and HoneyBell tattoos at $39.95. 
honeybell.com; free shipping if you use code TODAY for any catalog or online purchase through January

Jolly jewelry
For a jewel of a friend or gem of a girlfriend, check out Max & Chloe — the leading online and catalog jewelry retailer. They carry more than 5,000 items of fine jewelry at every price point and style. Electronic gift certificates are perfect for last-minute gifts and with so many brands (Kenneth Jay Lane, Vita Fede, Carolee, ABS, Blu Bijoux, Sydney Evan, etc.), you can't go wrong.
maxandchloe.com; Overnight shipping available for any items, excluding personalized items

Say spaaaaah
Here’s a Spaaa-tacular gift! Just go to SpaFinder.com gift certificates, choose the amount, write your personal greeting, place your order and hit send — your gift will be delivered instantly! Accepted at more than 5,000 spas around the globe, and you can print your certificate and deliver in person or find Gift Cards at leading grocery and drug chains.
SpaFinder.com; Certificates start at $50 and are available in increments of $25

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Give a good hair day
At SalonWish.com, gift certificates and cards can be used at more than 4,000 salons and spas for gorgeous hairstyles, facials, luxurious massages, manicures/pedicures, fabulous beauty products and more.
$25 and up; SalonWish.com or leading grocery and drugstore chains

Off the cuff
CuffLinks.com is the world's largest retailer of cufflinks and men's accessories. With appearances in renowned men's magazines such as GQ and Maxim, the distinguished CuffLinks.com designer roster includes Ravi Ratan, Alfred Dunhill, Konstantino, Scott Kay, Ike Behar, Robert Graham and more.
Orders placed for in stock can be ordered up until Dec. 23 at 5pm EST and be delivered overnight.  12 slimming gifts

Say it with flowers
A Christmas Orchid Garden is the perfect present for your mother-in-law or a lovely hostess gift. Their orchid garden combines a white phalaenopsis orchid with a red guzmania bromeliad in a black tapered pot. Or, send the Mardi Gras Orchid Garden and get the gorgeous combination of orange and purple in our Mardi Gras-inspired orchid garden.
$49.99; Place the order by 9pm PST on Dec. 23 for overnight delivery, ProFlowers.com

Cozy up with a fireplace DVD
Send your warmest wishes along with this living fireplace DVD. This DVDenhances the ambience of any room décor by turning blank HDTV screens into celebrated glowing works of art sure to warm everyone this holiday season. Screen Dreams Living Fireplace: Volume 2 now available on DVD and for the first time on Blu-ray® features 20 unique fireplace scenes in HD — four of which are specifically themed for Christmas. Cozy up to 10 soothing music and natural sound effects tracks and flickering flames that instantly transform any television into a warm and welcoming hearth.
$9.95, screendreamsdvd.com or Sam’s Club & RC Willey

Holiday greetings
PaperlessPost.com offers online invitations and holiday cards that achieve the look, texture and experience of custom-printed stationery. The site is easy to use, and the eco-friendly options cost nothing compared to paper (5 cents a card versus up to $5 a card for paper). They're delivered entirely online in personalized envelopes that come to recipients' inboxes. Users can track and manage when cards are received and recipients reply. In the six months since the company's launch, users have sent more than 1 million pieces of Paperless mail.
Prices vary, PaperlessPost.com

For more great gift ideas, visit www.TheGiftonary.com  


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