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    >>> we are back with the lovely and talented sarah jessica parker . she stars alongside hugh grant , who was here yesterday, in the new romantic comedy "did you hear about the morgans?" they play an estranged couple who land in wyoming in the witness protection program , and one of america's favorite city girls quickly finds herself far from home in the country. take a look.

    >> i had once a very bad horse experience. i was thrown. it was from the carousel in central park , but still, you know? *

    >> hey! hey, i'm not on my horse! i'm not on my horse!

    >> sarah jessica parker , not on her horse here in the studio. how are you doing?

    >> i'm very well, thank you. how are you?

    >> happy holidays .

    >> happy holidays to you, too.

    >> did you like shooting in that small town ? it's supposed to be wyoming in the movie, but you were actually in mexico, right?

    >> yeah, we were in santa fe . actually, we were in the area surrounding santa fe , and ultimately, they were in a tiny, lovely town called roy, coincidentally, sent roy, new mexico, standing in for a fictional town ray. had to change one vowel on the water tower . and actually, that was my favorite part of the experience, being out of town. my favorite part is shooting in new york, but being out of town, it was this beautiful town that probably is like, you know, hundreds, if not thousands, of small towns across the country that are quickly disappearing. it was very special.

    >> you're on location with hugh grant . you worked with him back in 1996 --

    >> yes.

    >> -- on "extreme measures." and i would imagine that the shooting process over several weeks is a little bit like a date. either it can go swimmingly well --

    >> yes.

    >> -- or it can be awkward if personalities don't mesh.

    >> i can't speak for hugh. i can only speak for myself. i always say i was blissfully forced to be around hugh grant for four months and i did it for america.

    >> you took one for the team.

    >> i took one for the team, yeah. it was fantastic. we worked together 14 years ago, but we didn't have a lot of time together. he was producing that movie. and this was a completely different experience and it was a real privilege to work with him.

    >> is it true that he had never seen you in " sex and the city " in all these years, he'd never seen it some.

    >> well, that tale's sort of been embroidered over the past six weeks. when we spoke about doing this movie together, he admitted that he had go to the cinema by himself in london to see the movie.

    >> okay.

    >> and that he sounded surprised, he couldn't conceal his surprise. he enjoyed himself. he was ashamed to have bought the ticket and enjoyed himself. he's come to like the show and appreciate. he says he doesn't care for the intimate talk. he finds that, that women shouldn't speak that way. hilariously.

    >> gives him the hives, yeah, right. he was raving about you yesterday. he was raving about your tuesday manicures. he literally said you would come to him every week and you would give him a manicure, but --

    >> yes.

    >> -- you drew the line at the feed, the pedicure. i thought you were a giver.

    >> i am a giver. for god sakes, i clipped his nails, his fingernails. isn't that giving?

    >> what about a pedicure among friends?

    >> well, first of all, every man is responsible for his own feet or her own feet, but i thought that the least that the globe deserved were a proper, presentable hand. and if you look so good here and here and here, that your digits should look as good.

    >> right.

    >> he's one of the most dashing men in the world and i was shocked at the state of his fingernails. he has a ragged shovel that he uses his teeth, and i am exquisitely skilled with the nail clipper .

    >> are you?

    >> yes.

    >> he tells me he bites his toenails, too.

    >> that's not true. that's part of the whole setting the table as an animal.

    >> while shooting this movie, you got great news, that you were going to have twins arriving through a surrogate.

    >> yes.

    >> is it true that you get pictures of your kids basically sent to you every day on your blackberry?

    >> yeah. don't most working mothers?

    >> i don't get them every day, but that's fantastic. so, you get daily updates?

    >> well, i was out of the country and i was out of town, so while we all explain about the horrible shackle that is the blackberry, i see virtues. yes, i was sent pictures. they took them of themselves. you know how we do that.

    >> yeah.

    >> and i got tons of pictures. it was enormously comforting because it has been very hard to be separated from all my children and i literally got pictures of them all day long. it was -- it changed the course of my day every day.

    >> the adjustment with james, he's 7?

    >> he's 7. he's a new 7. i'm really proud of him. it was a big concern and we really tried to be very thoughtful about how to make this transition, because obviously, it wasn't what normally happens in a home, where a child watches --

    >> over a period of time.

    >> yeah, and you really can talk about it. and because of the nature of our experience, we couldn't -- we didn't want to burden him with the secret. there were all sorts of things that made it different. and he's, you know -- i think my son is exceptional. i actually could start crying because i think he's just an aamazing little fella and he's just, he's ready to be a big brother . he's at the age, you know, where they want to be reliable little people . and it's just, it's a blessing all around. i feel extraordinarily lucky in every way.

    >> exceeding expectations. the best news you gave me earlier before we went on is that you're going to be home for the holidays . good for you.

    >> which is a thrill. which is a thrill. and i love seeing that piece earlier of those schools across the country. that was -- that's what we should be thinking about this time of year.

    >> the movie is called --

    >> oh, yeah, and we should be thinking about the movie.

    >> it's called "what about the morga morgans?" which opens tomorrow.

    >> the 18th, yes. anybody with leisure time can line up early tonight for their ticket.

    >> plug at the end there.

TODAY contributor
updated 12/17/2009 10:40:11 AM ET 2009-12-17T15:40:11

Sarah Jessica Parker isn’t ashamed to admit there’s more than a bit of Carrie Bradshaw, her fashion-obsessed “Sex and the City” character, in her. She told Matt Lauer on TODAY Thursday that the untamed nails that her co-star Hugh Grant sported on set of their new comedy, “Did You Hear About the Morgans?”, disturbed her so much that she became his manicurist.

“He’s one of the most dashing men in the world, and I was shocked at the state of his fingernails,” Parker said with a laugh. “He has a ragged shovel that he uses — his teeth. And I am exquisitely skilled with a nail clipper.”

Hands, but no feet
Parker and Grant, who previously co-starred in the 1996 thriller “Extreme Measures,” clearly share the camaraderie and comfortable comedic give-and-take of friends. Only the day before Parker’s interview, Grant told Lauer during an appearance on TODAY how much he enjoyed his weekly manicures by Parker during the four-month film shoot.

The only problem? “She balked at my feet,” Grant told Lauer Wednesday.

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On Thursday, Parker confirmed to Lauer that she may be an expert manicurist, but she is not a pedicurist. “Every man is responsible for his own feet,” she said, laughing. “But I think the globe deserved a proper, presentable hand.”

Filming “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” with Grant was obviously a busy but joyful time for Parker: During the shoot, the 45-year-old actress learned she was going to welcome twins via surrogate.

It made for an exhilarating but hectic time for Parker, her actor-husband, Matthew Broderick, and the couple’s 7-year-old son, James Wilkie. Not only was the family suddenly expanding by two, but it came at a time when Parker was in the midst of a flurry of acting work, including a sequel to the 2008 hit “Sex and the City” movie, which grossed more than $400 million worldwide.

BlackBerry updates
Parker told Lauer she’s well into shooting the “Sex” sequel, due for a May 2010 release. And while husband Broderick has taken on Mr. Mom duties with twin girls Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge, now 6 months old, as well as their brother James, Parker relies on her BlackBerry to keep her up to date on all developments while she’s on location.

“We all complain about the horrible shackle that is the BlackBerry, but I see [its] virtue,” Parker told Lauer. “I get tons of pictures, and it is enormously comforting, because it is very hard to be separated from all my children. I literally get pictures of them all day long. It changes the course of my day, every day.”

Video: Hugh Grant on pedicures, movie Parker says she is also over the moon about how well son James has taken to being a big brother, even though she and Broderick had to ease him into the role because he wasn’t actually going to see a pregnant mama leading up to the twins’ arrival.

“It was a big concern, and we really tried to be thoughtful about how to make this transition,” Parker recalled. “Obviously, it wasn’t what normally happens in a home where a child watches [a pregnancy] and you can really talk about it. We didn’t want to burden him with a secret.”

Visibly choking up with emotion, Parker added, “He’s ready to be a big brother; he’s at that age where they want to be reliable little people, and it’s just a blessing all around. I feel extremely lucky in every way.”

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