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Video: ‘Real Housewife’ cooks up latkes

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    >>> kitchen," as adam sandler sings to us, hanukkah 's table lat kkes. jill zarin from bravo's hit reality series "the real housewives of new york city " is here to share her family recipe. jill , good morning. happy hanukkah !

    >> happy hanukkah to you. how are you?

    >> i am great. and this recipe, which is a little different from the traditional latke, is your grandmother's recipe.

    >> it is my grandmother's recipe. it was actually on the smucker's happy birthday -- 2002 -- no, sorry, she was 102. i think it was 2001 .

    >> in fact, there she is right there.

    >> oh, grandma helen .

    >> we have since lost her, so sorry --

    >> she lived to 106.

    >> oh, that's terrific.

    >> and my father, my mom, they're watching today, my aunt gloria, her children, grandchildren are all watching. my grandmother helen was an amazing cook and one of her secrets to living to 106 was the clean food she ate. and the potato latkes we make are much lighter. although we do deep-fry, it's so much lighter, uses very little oil. my husband bobby and i had such a fight last night that i almost got out of the car.

    >> why?

    >> he told me my latke aren't the real latke. he said they have to be burnt like hash browns and shredded and all that other stuff, and that is a latke, but i want to know what you think.

    >> who's to say what a real latke is?

    >> you have to tell bobby today, the test.

    >> let's get started.

    >> okay. so, it's a simple recipe. you have brown potatoes. you peel them.

    >> yes.

    >> and then you boil them in boiling water until they're soft and cut them up. if you want onion, i made half with, half without. it obviously makes it more delicious.

    >> so the base is a mash rather than a shredded.

    >> exactly. but we're adding one egg.

    >> okay.

    >> you need one egg to six potatoes. the point is, you want it to help bind the potato, but not gooey. so, if it's gooey, add more potatoes.

    >> and you're also adding matzo meal ?

    >> some people include the matzo meal in with the potato. we don't.

    >> no.

    >> we use that as the fried.

    >> that's the coating.

    >> so, what i do -- that's the coating. like my housekeeper growing up made fried chicken with the flour. best of all. another recipe i'd love to share.

    >> different time.

    >> another time.

    >> is fried chicken part of hanukkah ?

    >> fried chicken 's part of everything. let's just say. hanukkah 's really -- at my house , you just eat latke. someone asked me today, what else do you eat? that's it. and then chocolate coins to play dreidle . you have to have that, and then the kids try to cash in the cash with their parents.

    >> nice.

    >> always.

    >> nice try.

    >> nice strategy.

    >> so, you get the mashed potato mix here.

    >> exactly. and use an ice cream scooper just to make it uniformy. you pat it down. and it should look like --

    >> little discs.

    >> it should look like a little disc. this one actually has onion in it.

    >> right.

    >> then you just roll it into the matzo meal . and then the temperature should be on medium. you want this to be pretty much a rolling boil of oil. it has to be vegetable oil .

    >> okay.

    >> you can never use olive oil .

    >> no.

    >> people make that mistake and they fry and it doesn't work. even canola oil . if you have to have something else, it's i know.

    >> you probably don't want too many of those in there, because that will lower the temperature, right?

    >> correct. and leave it alone . just leave it alone .

    >> leave it alone .

    >> when people are frying, even with hamburgers and meat, they --

    >> move it around too much.

    >> don't move it around. stop touching it.

    >> leave it alone !

    >> just let it do its thing.

    >> that's it.

    >> so, we let it do its thing. when it's finished, we take it out, put it on a paper towel. you want it to cool down. don't want to burn your mouth. then you platter them.

    >> now, this one has got a little flex -- is that onion on there?

    >> that's the onion.

    >> that's the onion.

    >> so, it doesn't look as neat as the ones without, and then add salt.

    >> kosher salt .

    >> it could be any salt. the reason i don't salt the potato first is it's too much salt. if you salt it first and then cook it, you don't taste the salt.

    >> right.

    >> now you have it and you're not even getting the value of it.

    >> this is kind of like a kanesh.

    >> tell me how it tastes. now the taste test .

    >> that's -- that's good! that's good. this is like a kanesh. we used to have the moda kanish man --

    >> so, now you sound like bobby, it's not really a potato pancake .

    >> no, i'm saying did.

    >> i'm kidding.

    >> it's kanish-like.

    >> it's good.

    >> it's good. happy hanukkah to you, jill .

    >> wait, i have a present for you. i know you love photo books and photogallery.com is where i make them. so, the hanukkah family cookbook and i give you my recipe. this is jill 's potato latkes in memory of grandma helen . it's a great gift for anybody. we love these.

    >>> we'll go from hanukkah to

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updated 12/10/2009 1:07:04 PM ET 2009-12-10T18:07:04

Recipe: Jill Zarin's latke recipe

  • 6 large white baking potatoes
  • 1 egg
  • Matzoh meal (whole wheat is fine too; healthier option)
  • Salt to taste
  • Onions (finely chopped, optional)
  • Vegetable oil
  • Applesauce

Peel and boil potatoes until soft. Mash them with one egg for every 6 potatoes. Make into a 1/2-inch pancake. Heat vegetable oil on medium. When hot, put in potato pancake. Leave on one side for 2-3 minutes until sides are brown. Flip until done. Remove and add salt to taste.

Serve with applesauce.

Serving Size

Makes 12 pieces


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