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Video: Woods’ wife ‘furious,’ offered new prenup

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    >> mark. here now with more perspective are "today's" contributing psychiatrist dr. gail saltz and gerald paulsner, chief investigative reporter for "the daily beast " as well as author of "miami babylon." good morning to you.

    >> good morning.

    >> good morning, natalie.

    >> gerald, i want to start with you, because you're reporting new information, according to your sources, that tiger woods and his wife are working out some sort of renegotiation of their prenup? can you tell us about that?

    >> yeah. i mean, it's tiger inc. it's a business, obviously. it's $100 million a year in income, and what tiger is doing is offering elin money in order to stay. they had a prenup when they married back in 2004 that was a ten-year prenup for $20 million. and now it's -- what she is being offered as of last night -- this is a moving target because no one signed, but as of last night, the offer on the table from a lawyer familiar with this was $5 million as an instant payment if she stays. in addition, they'll lower the prenup from ten years to seven years, so it will vest in two years --

    >> they've been married for five, so another two years.

    >> so another two years and $55 million paid out over a five-year period. so, if she stays with him the full seven years from today, she'll earn $80 million, four times what she otherwise would earn. if she stays only two years, she'll have double what she would get under the current prenup. so, what tiger's saying is this is a business arrangement. i need you to stay. she's viewed as the perfect wife in many ways because she doesn't take her kids out in public, doesn't go on qvc and sell products. she's not high-profile. they like her. they'd like her to stay, but they're trying to induce her to get over her anger and humiliation by saying we'll give you extra money.

    >> so it's more beneficial for him to stay in the marriage?

    >> right. it's strictly beneficial to him, but it's also a benefit to her, obviously, for the money. the question is, i must tell you, from the people i talked to, it's not a clear decision right now that she will stay. she is evidently furious and she does feel that public humiliation , so there is a question of whether she goes. i don't think she's just using this as a negotiating tactic to get those figures i just mentioned higher.

    >> right.

    >> she really does in some ways feel like she wants to go out. the question is, can she control her anger, come to a business arrangement with him and the marriage can go on with her getting extra money to stay. is this one of the most expensive stay by your man decisions. tiger's going to have to pay for this, $7 million at least.

    >> that's the turning point for gail , because talking about the emotions now. obviously, we don't know what's going on behind closed doors when it comes to that aspect. what might elin be going through at this point in time in terms of dealing with that public humiliation , the anger, no doubt, that she's feeling right now, and also knowing that, you know, she had to put a very -- she has to deal with this in private somewhat, but put a good pace on what has turned out to be a very ugly situation?

    >> i think usually when women first find this out, they feel incredibly betrayed and incredibly angry, and that's sort of the first phase. they really need to be in counseling because it can turn violent, it can break apart before you have a chance to see if they can work it out. they have children. and probably for her, as for most women, that's the priority. so, that would be the motivator to stay, you know, probably perhaps more so than the money.

    >> right.

    >> so, but -- so, she has to overcome these other issues, and the question is, is this a woman who thinks it's best for her family to stay in a business- arranged marriage or is this going to be a true trying to work it out and make a family that would be decent for her and good for her kids? so, they need to be in therapy to do that.

    >> a lot of obstacles to overcome, then.

    >> absolutely.

    >> no doubt. gerald posner and gail saltz, thank you both very much.

By The Scoop
updated 12/2/2009 4:52:46 PM ET 2009-12-02T21:52:46

Now that Tiger Woods has admitted to “transgressions,” many wonder what is next for his marriage. Many sources are saying that for now, wife Elin Nordegren, who is often a fixture on the 18th green at golf tournaments, is standing by her man.

“She and Tiger have had problems in the past, this is obviously as bad as it’s ever been, but she’s not leaving as of now,” said one person with knowledge of the couple’s marriage over the years.

A report in the Chicago Sun Times claims that “intense marriage counseling” is taking place, but Elin’s motivation might also be linked to her personal bank account.

“The links legend's spouse is reportedly being paid a hefty seven-figure amount — immediately transferred into an account she alone controls — to stick with her husband,” Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker reported. He goes on to write that Elin demanded and is getting a total rewrite of the couple’s prenuptial agreement. The couple wed in 2004 and have two children.

Reportedly, the couple had an agreement that stipulated they must remain married for 10 years in order for Elin to collect a settlement of $20 million, and that is the part of the settlement being negotiated.

While it would seem obvious for Woods to have a prenup, no one close to Woods has confirmed that the agreement exists.

One veteran reporter remarked, “Everyone keeps saying ‘oh yeah, he’s got to have the (ironclad) prenup,’ and I think the media is all like, ‘he went to Stanford, he can’t be that dumb.’ But maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t.”

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Barbara Walters’ “Most Fascinating People” special doesn’t air until Dec. 9, but the subjects of her annual show are slowly being announced. Among them: Lady Gaga, South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford, and perhaps the most fascinating thus far, Michael Jackson’s kids Paris, Prince and Blanket.

Because the family has so fiercely protected the kids’ privacy, the idea of them appearing for an interview was compelling. But don’t get too excited: according to several sources familiar with the level of access granted to Walters, she didn’t actually get the kids on camera for a fresh interview. Instead, older footage will run. “The kids have been doing best as they possibly can,” said one family friend. “Rebbie (Michael’s sister) has been taking great care of them. One thing the family is mostly in agreement about is that the kids’ privacy should be as protected as possible.”

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Slideshow: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt “I’m not that interested in their personal lives, but I’m very interested in their souls,” Curry told Life & Style at the Help USA Event in New York on Nov. 18. “They have very beautiful souls.

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