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    announcer: with pecan bunches.

    >>> this morning on "bobbie's style buzz," hollywood gift ideas. whether it's for a movie buff or fashionista in training, bobbie thomas has celebrity favorites from "in touch magazine" and in her column "the buzz." good morning.

    >> good morning.

    >> i love this first one. it's a scene-stealer and it looked like so much fun because matt and al got involved with this.

    >> matt and al can't stop quoting their favorite characters, so this is the perfect gift for that guy in your life or a girlfriend that might dream of starring opposite brad pitt . it's called you star, and it's sort of the equivalent of what karaoke is to music. you can do this with movie themes, and it's so easy. you just use the software, you get a system. it's approximately $170, and they'll send you the green screen and everything, and you'll see --

    >> insert yourself.

    >> -- the blues brothers .

    >> 100 miles to chicago, we've got half a tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

    >> hit it.

    >> that's great. a little " blues brothers " there.

    >> and you can up load these.

    >> a lot of different movie clips .

    >> you can share these on social networking sites . it's a lot of fun for friends.

    >> at a holiday party, that's great. next, posh presents.

    >> posh presents.

    >> and this is for the hostess with the mostess right here, right?

    >> yes, and jennifer lopez has a new single out, and they created this glass slipper . so, she'll be celebrating her holiday with a splurge.

    >> this is actually a flute --

    >> you can take a sip. there's champagne in there.

    >> i'm not going to make a mess of myself here?

    >> go slow.

    >> it's very, very nice.

    >> so it's the splurge gift for the fashionista who has everything in her life. it's a limited edition .

    >> it's a nice little piece of art to display afterwards.

    >> and if you're like myself, i prefer to keep my slippers on. this is a great hostess gift, dynasty and tea buzz. it's in water, it's a great thing to bring to a party, a conversation piece , it's fantastic.

    >> and it's tea. now, if the holidays are all about being cozy --

    >> cozy and warm.

    >> warm. you've got a lot of gift ideas for that.

    >> yes. stars like susan sarandon rely on red envelope . they have a lot of unique gifts. this is a year of wishes. this is a candle set with 12 candles with inspirational sayings. you can probably smell these godiva candles. this is the way to go with chocolate if you're counting calories.

    >> that would make me hungry all the time.

    >> another great thing is a fabulous faux, and these are favorites of celebrities like jerry o'connell and rebecca romi romijn. so a great couples gift or anyone who wants that item.

    >> these are tinseltown trinkets and we have out of the ordinary jewelry ideas.

    >> yes, debra messing said this is the perfect gift. this is a locket, and it's a fragrance locket --

    >> it's pretty.

    >> -- that you can wear as a necklace. charlize theron is a fan of these pendants that open up and reveal lip gloss. so, pendants with a little bit more of a purpose.

    >> okay.

    >> and watches for the guys, these are only $20, these sports watches. tony hawk 's a big fan . then we also have a picture of amylin mccord, star of "90210," the revival show, and she's got this wrist watch that wraps around your wrist like jewelry.

    >> like a bracelet, yeah.

    >> they have studs and things brand new for christmas and hanukkah.

    >> cool colors, too.

    >> embellished.

    >> and for our cyber seceleb faves.

    >> halle berry is a big fan . these are cool usb chekeychain holders, so a fashionable way to carry around what you need at work. and this is only $35 and katy perry and stars like this love to tour with this because you can put your desk anywhere. you can slip in the pocket your laptop and bring it with you.

    >> that's great.

    >> really good idea.

    >> now rising stars , gifts for the little ones , too.

    >> dakota fanning flipped for this, as did i. this is style savvy, the coolest game on nintendo where you get to play store shopkeeper. these are customized accessories that angelina jolie 's kids love. you get to write on your pack backpack and your shoes and be the star of the show.

    >> she's playing the piano -- let's see your beethoven.

    >> uh-oh --

    >> you need to put the chair right there. go ahead. so cute!

    >> what do you want to play? this is only $145, and --

    >> mommy, save me!

    >> aww.

    >> aww.

    >> she loves to play at home.

    >> yeah, it's great.

    >> but this is a fun gift. a plastic mini me in your living room.

TODAY contributor
updated 12/2/2009 2:56:17 PM ET 2009-12-02T19:56:17

Why not let the stars guide your gift-giving this year? From chic hostess gifts to wow-factor watches, I’ll give you a peek at the products celebs are flipping for. Take a look at Tinseltown’s top gift ideas:

Scene stealer
Help your loved one literally get in on the act this season with Yoostar, a system that offers everyone a starring role in classic movie and television scenes. The perfect present for guys who can’t quote their favorite “Godfather” characters enough or girlfriends who dream of acting out a love scene with Brad Pitt. Thanks to green-screen technology, anyone can “shoot, star, and share” their Oscar-worthy performance with friends and family over social networking sites. Just be sure they don’t quit their day job! ($169.95; yoostar.com)

Posh presents
For the hostess who literally has the mostest, only the best will do. Impress her with Piper-Heidsieck and Christian Louboutin’s crystal-adorned stiletto flute, Le Rituel. With the success of her new, appropriately named single, “Louboutins,” Jennifer Lopez celebrates her own Cinderella story by sipping bubbly from this luxurious glass slipper ($500; le-rituel.com). For those who prefer slippers to party pumps, Dynasty and Ceremony’s Tea Buds will bloom into a beautiful bouquet of bliss ($10-$60; dynastyandceremony.com). And to make anyone feel like they’re enveloped in love this season, consider a fabulous faux blanket. Cute-couple Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell love to snuggle under the covers with Cozy Faux’s supersoft throws ($78-$252; cozyfaux.com).

Susan Sarandon counts on RedEnvelope for meaningful presents like the Year of Wishes Candle Set. As these colorful candles burn, they reveal tiny trinkets symbolic of positive thoughts such as joy, love, fun and adventure. From girlfriends to grandparents, this is a great gift ($70; redenvelope.com).

Or, light up their lives and ignite their sense of smell at the same time with Godiva’s new Chocolate Candles. These scrumptious items are sure to provide a fragrant flicker for any kitchen! Anna Faris and Penn Badgley are both already fans ($12.50-$22.50; dillards.com).

Tinseltown trinkets
Whether she’s been naughty or nice, La Mer’s bracelet watch is a gift she’ll be grateful for!  AnnaLynne McCord sports a black studded version, and the brand’s new diamond collection comes out just in “time” for the holidays ($75-$1,450; lamercollections.com)!

Or, give a gal more than just a pretty piece of jewelry this year — pass on a pendant with a purpose. Charlize Theron uses Dior’s Swarovski Cristal Boreal Gloss Pendant to get a pink pucker ($80; neimanmarcus.com), while Debra Messing keeps her favorite Ajne fragrance inside a Perfume Pendant ($60-$145; ajne.com). “I love it. It makes the perfect gift!” Debra said. Talk about double-duty beauty!

But the guys don’t need to feel left out! Available in 12 colors, WooLoot’s fun and festive watches are made of tourmaline, a mineral that is said to help with relaxation and rejuvenation. Active celebs who love WooLoot include Tony Hawk, Brian McKnight, Elisabeth Rohm and Chris Daughtry ($20; wooloot.com). And Gavin Rossdale shows that tough guys can still rock a cool cuff, thanks to Cynthia Dresser’s cuffs for men ($100-$200; cynthiadresser.com)

14 fun, frugal gifts
Cyber celeb faves

Gals on the go will love the boho-chic BlackBerry Bags from JJ Winters ($85-$108; revolveclothing.com). Halle Berry has room for just the essentials in her hands-free holder, but luckily Glam Noir’s embellished USB drives are a compact computer storage solution that will fit perfectly inside ($45; glamnoir.com). And a great gift for him or her, the new e-Pad Laptop Desk combines technology, convenience and comfort all at the same time. Artists like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift who have this portable workstation can easily tote it with them on tour($40; brookstone.com)!

For rising stars
Fashionistas-in-training will flip for Nintendo’s Style Savvy game, just like Dakota Fanning did! As the owner of a clothing boutique, girls must purchase inventory, monitor the store’s funds and try to please a constant stream of customers in search of the best fashions ($29.99; stylesavvyds.com). Graffeeti’s line of shoes and backpacks allows creative kids like Pax Jolie-Pitt the chance to customize their own accessories! Girls and boys can write, draw and redesign as much as they like with included dry-erasable markers ($29.99-$44.99; graffeeti.com). And think your little one is the next Beethoven or Bon Jovi? Let them test out their skills at a young age with Schoenhut’s Baby Grand Piano. Your mini music-maker is bound to have hours of entertainment with this gift ($145; saks.com)!

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