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Image: Tiger Woods
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Multiple sources who have known Tiger Woods in either a personal or professional capacity have now come forward saying that news of trouble at home comes as no surprise.
By The Scoop
updated 11/30/2009 9:01:03 PM ET 2009-12-01T02:01:03

Tiger Woods appeared in a colorful ad for Accenture in Monday’s Wall Street Journal. The headline reads: “The road to high performance isn’t always paved.” By the looks of things, neither is the road out of this latest mess.

As it turns out, when you run into a fire hydrant in the manner that Woods did last week, you stand to spring a lot of leaks. Multiple sources who have known the golfer in either a personal or professional capacity have now come forward saying that news of trouble at home comes as no surprise.

“He’s a pro athlete. He’s been in a lot of situations with women that would not look good,” said one source who knows Woods. “Most athletes of his stature fall under the same category, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love his family.”

Another source who has covered Woods said that there are plenty of times that Woods was “in the company of women in public places” when he was on the road. “Whether he crossed lines — that’s not something anyone talks about openly, but I can tell you there are times things look that way,” the source said. “Tiger’s private, but it doesn’t always mean he’s smart. That’s the case with a lot of pro athletes.”

And then there’s Rachel Uchitel, the woman the National Enquirer named as being at the center of the controversy. Uchitel “wasn’t just talking about being with Tiger, she was bragging about it,” according to a source who spoke with Gossipcop.com.

Video: Woods out of tournament When the site pressed for comment, Uchitel responded, “Of course people will say that.” Like earlier statements she's made about any relationship with Woods, this falls into the “not exactly a denial” category.

What’s next for Woods? He’s pulled out of his upcoming golf tournament, the Chevron World Challenge, due to injuries he sustained during the accident. Which is too bad. Being on the course and reminding people of why he’s really famous would be the best thing for him. Woods’ management never announces his schedule too far in advance, but the best bet for a “comeback” round is the Buick Invitational at San Diego's Torrey Pines in January 2010.

Does Brangelina tell-all tell us anything?
The new tell-all meant to blow the lid off the mysterious lives of Hollywood megacouple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie hits stands this week. Does “Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie” really tell anything we can believe?

Author Ian Halpern, who recently penned “Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson” is said to have interviewed 900 people to come up with a real picture of the Jolie-Pitt relationship. Halperin’s main thesis seems to be that a split is imminent.

Full disclosure: I have not read the book, but have read the excerpts released to the press at this point. And some of the excerpts don’t ring true, despite the extensive sourcing.

For example, Jolie is apparently so controlling “she won’t let [Pitt] out of the house alone.” Any number of paparazzi shots showing Pitt sans Jolie prove this wrong.

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And Halperin cites a source who worked with Pitt while he was filming “Troy” as saying “They were definitely in love, but that’s where it gets tricky … I’ve heard they’ve broken up so many times it would make your head spin.”

First, for a couple that has broken up so frequently, they sure do spend a lot of time together, or their breakups last for about as long as it take to be photographed taking your motorcycle out for a spin.

Also, Pitt filmed “Troy” in 2003. According to interviews Jolie and Pitt both did during “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” the couple met during filming of that movie, which began in August 2004. So this information from a source in 2003 makes no sense.

“Brangelina” might turn out to be a fun read, but it’s probably wise not to take it too seriously.

Alec Baldwin to quit acting
Alec Baldwin is planning on quitting acting. But not before he hosts the Oscars and ends his run on “30 Rock,” according to an interview in Men’s Journal.

“I don't have any interest in acting anymore” he said. When his “30 Rock” contract is up in 2012, he won’t be seeking out any new television jobs, and movies are out, too.

"Movies are a part of my past. It’s been 30 years. I’m not young, but I have time to do something else,” said Baldwin, who is 51.

"I consider my entire movie career a complete failure,” he told Men’s Journal. “The goal of movie-making is to star in a film where your performance drives the film, and the film is either a soaring critical or commercial success, and I never had that.”

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Video: Woman claims no affair with Woods

  1. Closed captioning of: Woman claims no affair with Woods

    >>> back at 8:09 with more on that car accident involving tiger woods . the woman who one tabloid claims had an affair with the golfer is now vehemently denying that, as woods backs out of his own golf tournament . nbc's mark potter is in windermere, florida, where tiger woods lives. mark, good morning, again.

    >> reporter: and good morning, again, to you, meredith. while tiger woods has not been speaking publicly about the incident, he did issue a statement yesterday on his website, which is very disappointing to golf fans. that statement said, and i quote, "due to injuries sustained in a one- car accident last week, tiger woods will be unable to play in the 2009 chevron world challenge ." now, that's a charity golf tournament that woods was to host later this week in california. on the website, he said he was disappointed that he will not be able to be there. also, a long-scheduled news conference for today has been canceled. now, as for the investigation, the florida highway patrol says it continues, but with little help from tiger woods himself. he is refusing to speak with accident investigators, something that he is not required by law to do. legal analysts say that's actually a pretty smart move on the part of his attorney, but others have criticized tiger woods for his handling of the incident, his public handling of the incident in which he has offered very few details. meredith?

    >> all right, mark potter , thank you very much. we are joined now by cnbc's sports business reporter, darren rovell, and msnbc's courtney hazlett. courtney , let me start with you. for the first time, rachel uchitel, the woman accused of having an affair with tiger woods , is speaking out, saying "it's a ridiculous story." she goes on to say "i work in clubs, i'm a businesswoman, i do not have sex with celebrities. i have not had an affair with tiger woods ." what can you tell us about this woman?

    >> she works in an environment where she is often rubbing elbows with celebrities. she's a vip hostess, which means when a celebrity wants to come into a club, her cell phone rings and she is there to meet them outside the door, usher them inside, make sure they're not bothered, they're catered to, their every whim, essentially. so, she does get into situations where if somebody who she doesn't trust wanted to say something to another media outlet, there are things that happened that might look bad on paper, you might say. she gets into very close circumstances, and that's what she's saying here. listen, i just had a job to do, i had to usher tiger in through this club, that was our interaction. these salacious things you're hearing are not true and not from credible sources.

    >> yeah. she says she is not friends with the girls who reportedly told the tabloids she was having an affair with tiger woods . so, how does she explain their knowledge of her interaction with woods?

    >> she says it's blown out of proportion, that she did not text message him. there were allegations at the beginning of these sexting messages between her and tiger. she says there are no text messages , i never spoke to him on the phone, there is no affair. however, it takes her the entire statement, which is hundreds of words long, to get to that concise denial. so a lot of people say you're protesting a lot here, rachel.

    >> but there's no evidence about text --

    >> no evidence, but "the national enquirer " and "star" magazine did have enough to print this story. these are two publications who do vet all their stories legally and a fair lawyer said there is enough here that we feel protected. they're going to move forward.

    >> so, obviously, you don't think she's cleared up these rumors or put them to rest?

    >> i think the most important thing you can do in these circumstances is just say it's not true, put a period at the end of the sentence and move on, if that's the case.

    >> you're smiling.

    >> and when you keep on talking it makes it worse.

    >> courtney makes a good point, because with tiger's statement, all these people have said it is not enough. people who know tiger woods cannot believe that this thing was four or five paragraphs, cannot believe he said the statement "my wife acted courageously," cannot believe that he said "it will never happen again" or "i'm not perfect."

    >> and you're surprised he said as much as he did.

    >> yes.

    >> a lot of people are criticizing him for not saying enough.

    >> now remember, he's still -- he doesn't have to cooperate and he's not, but there is still a police investigation. the fact that he is able to say or wants to say "my wife acted courageously," the police are going to try to find out if that is true. so, knowing tiger's inner circle , how he works, i was surprised that it was as large as it was.

    >> well, he has not gone public. he's made this statement on the internet, his website, but hasn't gone public. what do you think is going on right now in his inner circle ?

    >> his inner circle , just to give you an idea, is as tight as any inner circle -- definitely in sports, it is number one. you can write the people who know tiger woods , know him, can call him on a single, one-sided sheet of paper. i would put that up against any other list in hollywood. as far as what his team is considering, it's considering what any team considers in a crisis, which is, what is possibly out there that we do not know that we might have to respond to? i don't think there was any question he was not going to show up at his own tournament. he's not going to go and open himself up to any reporters' questions.

    >> that said, getting back out on the golf course and reminding people why he's famous and doing well could be the best thing he could possibly do here. he's got a job to do, and that's to be a professional golfer. canceling this tournament, now it looks like the first time he's going to make a professional golf appearance is going to be in january in san diego , and that's a long time for this to simmer and other people to start talking.

    >> do you think that the sponsors -- i mean, this man has a lot of endorsement deals -- do you think the sponsors are nervous now?

    >> right now a lot of sponsors have come out with statements -- nike, gillette. they're fine. you know, and i think they're going to be fine.

    >> so, his brand is safe.

    >> yeah, his brand is safe. this is minor, considering the other things that have happened to other celebrities. the big thing is golf. if this somehow affects his zen focus with millions of dollars on the line, with who tiger woods is, if this somehow gets into his head and he's not as good of a golfer, that's a problem for nike golf. if he can't win -- in 2010 , if he can't win a single tournament after doing what he did this past year, and since 1996 , that's more of a problem for his sponsors.


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