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Image: Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky
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Chelsea Clinton and investment banker Marc Mezvinsky got engaged on Thanksgiving and announced it in an e-mail to friends, according to a spokesman for former President Bill Clinton.  
updated 12/1/2009 10:10:16 AM ET 2009-12-01T15:10:16

Chelsea Clinton, the 29-year old daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, has become engaged to her longtime boyfriend, investment banker Marc Mezvinsky.

Matt McKenna, a spokesman for the former president, confirmed the engagement Monday. The couple sent an e-mail to friends Friday announcing the news.

“We’re sorry for the mass email but we wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving! We also wanted to share that we are engaged! We didn't get married this past summer despite the stories to the contrary, but we are looking toward next summer and hope you all will be there to celebrate with us. Happy Holidays! Chelsea & Marc.”

Mezvinsky is a son of former Pennsylvania Rep. Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky and former Iowa Rep. Ed Mezvinsky, longtime friends of the Clintons. Ed Mezvinsky was released from federal prison last year after pleading guilty in 2002 to charges of bank and wire fraud. Presidential nuptials

Clinton is the only daughter of the former president and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Last summer, Hillary Clinton was forced to tamp down speculation that her daughter and Mezvinsky were already engaged and would marry in August. Those rumors proved to be false.

The couple became friends as teenagers in Washington and both attended Stanford University. They now live in New York, where Mezvinsky works at Goldman Sachs and Clinton is attending graduate school at Columbia University’s School of Public Health.

After shunning the public spotlight for years, Chelsea Clinton became a fixture on the campaign trail during her mother’s presidential bid in 2008, visiting colleges and universities around the country.

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    >>> now, that's progressive.

    >>> wedding bells will soon be ringing for a former first daughter. chelsea clinton got engaged on thanksgiving day to her longtime boyfriend. nbc's andrea mitchell has all the details. andrea, good morning.

    >> good morning, natalie. it seems like yesterday we were watching her grow up in the white house , the only daughter of bill and hillary clinton . now after a media frenzy last summer based on false reports of an imminent wedding back then, it's finally official. chelsea clinton is engaged. 29-year-old chelsea clinton announcing her engagement to longtime boyfriend marc mezvinsky, a 31-year-old investment banker . in an e-mail to friends -- "we didn't get married this past summer, despite the stories to the contrary, but we are looking toward next summer and hope you will all be there to celebrate with us. happy holidays! chelsea and marc." all the rumors last august about a wedding at martha's vineyard, flat wrong.

    >> we keep reading it and saying it's not true, it's not true, but it doesn't seem to go away.

    >> reporter: to friends, they seem meant for each other, pals since they were teens. chelsea was first introduced to the world as a shy 12-year-old when her father became the democratic nominee in 1992 .

    >> what i would like america to know about my mother and father is that they're great people and they're great parents.

    >> reporter: her parents shielded her from the media spotlight, so fiercely, hillary even left chelsea out of a photo for the family's first white house christmas card .

    >> chelsea 's best interests was always her primary concern. she protected her like a mama bear protecting her cub.

    >> reporter: later, chelsea traveled with the first lady, endured the trauma of her father's impeachment, had success at stanford and a career of her own.

    >> hi, everybody!

    >> reporter: it wasn't until her mother ran for president in 2008 that chelsea dipped her toe into the family business .

    >> thanks for being out here supporting my mom.

    >> reporter: mezvinsky's parents were also political. his mouth marjorie as a member of congress from a swing district cast the deciding vote for bill clinton 's economic plan in 1993 . she paid the price the following year, defeat at the polls.

    >> i'm being called a villain by the republicans and a heroine by the democrats and i don't accept either one of those mantles. i did it because it was the right thing to do.

    >> reporter: marc's father, ed mezvinsky , also a former member of congress, was released from federal prison last year after serving nearly five years for wire and bank fraud . despite their families' ups and downs , marc and chelsea , now a graduate student in public health , have managed to avoid controversy.

    >> we always saw her handle her situations with grace and poise that in many ways exceeded her age and experience.

    >> perhaps if you wait long enough, even false rumors may be true.

    >> now the wedding plans begin. thank you so much.


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