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Video: 'New Moon' rises to box office history

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    >>> called back in to work.

    >>> and the new film "new moon," the second installment in the wildly popular "twilight" series, has a whole lot of people up late. the midnight premiere of this teen love story brought in more than $26 million. that's just the late show , just one night. it may be a teen love story , but let's see who's also in line. our report tonight from nbc's lee cowan.

    >> reporter: if you're wondering where your teenaged daughter is this weekend. or her mom for that matter. chances are you'll find them with other creatures of the night in a "new moon" ticket line.

    >> romeo and juliet . it's 1/3ering heights. it's pride and prejudice , it's everything rolled up into one.

    >> reporter: if you haven't heard of "new moon" or the "twilight" series in general, then the sun may have set on your chances of being hip. twimania is sweeping the country. twihards as they're called have gone crazy. and the film's young stars have gone supernova.

    >> it's exciting.

    >> reporter: "twilight" is a teenage love story. the heroine is bella, who has a crush on edward, the vampire.

    >> i want to find the bad guy .

    >> reporter: bella's best friend , jacob, he has issues, too. he's a werewolf.

    >> let go!

    >> reporter: it's a crowded but steamy world of the undead that has touched more than just tween audiences.

    >> women see this as a romantic story that they're not getting in any other place.

    >> reporter: the books, by stephenie meyer , have sold more than 70 million copies. the first film made almost $400 million. and the sequel? even before the curtain went up fan dango, for example, estimates it was selling about ten tickets every second, making "new moon" the number one advance ticket seller in its moviegoing history.

    >> we knew it was going to be big but we did not think it was going to be this big.

    >> reporter: there are "twilight" t-shirts. there are cardboard cutouts. and yep, "twilight" tattoos. even the remote logging town of forks, washington, the fictional setting for "twilight," has now become a tourist mecca.

    >> one guy called and said i was going to come camping there but i hear you have a vampire problem.

    >> reporter: for fans the only problem seems to be how to feed their addiction to a love story that's gotten under their skin. lee cowan,

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