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  Hairstyles to help you dazzle on New Year’s Eve
Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson shows off three stunning holiday hairstyles to set apart your do on New Year’s Eve, including a halo braid with glitter, faux bangs, and a slicked-back look for short hair.

First Person
Hideous holiday sweaters
TODAY viewers share funny photos of their festive fashion offenses.

Latest holiday features
  Faces of Santa
In many lands and many languages, Saint Nick signals the same thing: holiday cheer.
Image: Scared of Santa
Scared of Santa
  Scared of Santa
For some children, there is nothing jolly about meeting St. Nick.
  Christmas around the world
See holiday ceremonies, celebrations and decorations from all across the globe.
The St. Louis Post Dispatch
  Come mall ye faithful
Wry looks at the holiday season shopping frenzy from Daryl Cagle’s cartoonists.
Image: A couple in the snow,
  Winter’s wonders
Around the world, snow and ice bring frozen beauty and outdoor fun to city and countryside alike.
TODAY video: Holiday concerts
  Schoolchildren deliver sounds of the season
Two New York City choral groups – The PS 22 Chorus and the Brooklyn Youth Choir - perform selections of holiday music outside the TODAY studios at Rockefeller Center.


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