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Video: Blushing Boss bungles concert location

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    >>> space station .

    >>> and sometimes even the boss gets it wrong. bruce springsteen is nearing the end of his 2009 tour, 90 marathon concerts in 62 cities, 16 different countries over the past eight months, not bad for a 60-year-old. but here's how he opened the show this past friday night. take a look.

    >> good evening, ohio. *

    >> problem is, he was in michigan. ohio was three nights before. the crowd didn't seem to mind and springsteen quickly corrected the error which he called every frontman's nightmare. tonight bruce and the band play milwaukee. that's wisconsin. it's okay, boss. a lot of road

updated 11/15/2009 7:23:11 PM ET 2009-11-16T00:23:11

The curse of Friday the 13th struck Bruce Springsteen in a most unusual way: it made the 60-year-old rock legend forget where he was.

The Boss bellowed "Hello, Ohio!" to his fans at the Auburn Hills Palace in Michigan.

Springsteen referred to the neighboring state several times in the following 30 minutes until E Street Band guitarist Steve Van Zandt whispered in his ear.

A visibly embarrassed Springsteen grinned and said such a mistake was "every front man's nightmare."

According to The Detroit Free Press, Springsteen rocked the forgiving audience for nearly three hours Friday night with new and old hits including a complete performance of his album "Born to Run."

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