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Video: Woof! Meet the world’s tallest dog

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    >>> *

    >>> the guinness book of world records certified that there is a new record holder for the world's tallest dog, and at the fifth annual guinness world records day, a white great dane from san diego was certified as the winner and will appear in the next edition of the record book. and titan is at home this morning in san diego along with his owner, diana taylor. good morning, diana .

    >> good morning!

    >> so, now, i'm reading here that the average great dane is about 35 inches tall and 150 pounds, but your titan is 42 1/2 inches tall. that's basically about 3 1/2 feet tall. and he weighs about 190 pounds.

    >> wow!

    >> what are you feeding him?

    >> i feed him -- he doesn't actually eat that much, though.

    >> really?

    >> really?

    >> well, how do you explain how big he is?

    >> no, he doesn't eat that much.

    >> did you expect him to be that big?

    >> well, he was about 55 pounds when he was 3 months old.

    >> ooh.

    >> wow, that's going to be a big dog .

    >> so, i kind of knew that he was going to be a big dog . i didn't know he was going to be as tall as he is.

    >> aww, look at him. he's cute.

    >> diana , when you've got a dog that big, is it tough getting him around?

    >> it kind of is, actually. i actually have two great danes and a german shepherd . so, people do sometimes see them pulling me down the streets, but that's a rarity. they're normally pretty well-behaved.

    >> i've got to ask, you must have a jumbo-sized pooper scooper .

    >> oh, natalie went there!

    >> i had to go there.

    >> the bigger the dog, the bigger the poop, is that how that works?

    >> i actually have a waste management crew that follows me around.

    >> you need that.

    >> you probably have a dump truck.

    >> well said. i think she prepared her self for that one.

    >> where does titan sleep?

    >> where does he sleep?

    >> where. where does he sleep?

    >> actually, i have a couple of beds and he picks one and then i have to pick the other that's left over.

    >> so, diana , sometimes dogs like to jump up on people. have you had to train titan not to do that? because, man, i guess he could do some damage.

    >> i definitely trained him not to jump, and i didn't want him jumping up on people. he's too big for that, you know. so, he does give the great dane lean, though.

    >> uh huh .

    >> so, he will lean up against people, and like he's doing, this is what you see here is a free lap dance , so --

    >> okay! thank you, diana .

    >> so, not only is he a record holder, but a star charge in for these.

    >> we were looking forward to meeting you and titan a few weeks ago, but we're going to have to have a chat first.

    >> this is a morning program. a lot of kids like to watch us.

    >> i don't know. we've messed up before, diana . diana , thank so much. diana and titan, thank you, congratulations. we'll see you on the plaza coming up soon.

updated 11/13/2009 10:23:01 AM ET 2009-11-13T15:23:01

The Guinness Book of World Records officially says an ailing 4-year-old Great Dane named Titan from San Diego is the world's tallest dog.

Owner Diana Taylor says Titan is blind, deaf, epileptic and undergoes acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments every three weeks.

He is also a gentle soul who is often mistaken by young children as a horse.

The announcement came during a ceremony Thursday.

Taylor says Titan stands 42.25 inches from floor to shoulder, weighs 190 pounds and doesn't stand on his hind legs because it isn't good for him.

Titan took over the title from Gibson, a 7-year-old harlequin Great Dane from Grass Valley who died earlier this year after battling bone cancer.

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