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Wall Street cool as Washington debt limit fight rages

The political fight in Washington over the debt ceiling is heating up but on Wall Street -- where the government goes to borrow -- there's still not a hint of worry. Full story

Debt limit fight could spark crisis: U.S. advisor

The United States could trigger "another catastrophic financial crisis" if Congress fails to raise the debt limit, the chairman of the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee said. Full story

Rates inch up at weekly Treasury bill auction

Interest rates on short-term Treasury bills rose slightly in Monday's auction but still hovered close to historic lows. Full story

U.S.-China to hold talks in Washington on May 9-10

The United States and China will hold their annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue meeting in Washington on May 9-10, the Treasury Department said on Monday. Full story

China must watch for rising U.S. Treasury yields: researcher

BEIJING (Reuters) - China needs to guard against volatility in U.S. Treasury prices should investors demand higher returns from U.S. government debt, a researcher at the Chinese central bank said on Monday. Full story

Treasury investment funds report $1.7B gains

The Treasury Department said Friday that an investment program set up during the financial crisis to buy toxic assets from banks is showing a $1.7 billion gain. Full story

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Obama administration defends financial rules

Which 10 Giant Corporations Don't Pay Taxes?

Private safe-deposit firms seen as crime shield

China trims holdings of US securities in February

Treasury prices fell slightly after strong auction

Watchdog: Treasury risks overpaying law firms

Treasury prices edge up even after tepid auction

AP mistakenly reports on fake GE press release

Farmers, airlines exempt from derivatives rules

Rates fall at weekly Treasury auction


  U.S. freezes Khaddafy’s assets

Author Jeffrey Robinson explains how foreign dictators are able to hide their money.

  The Big Freeze

The U.S. Treasury has announced it's freezing a whopping $30B in Libyan assets, reports CNBC's Eamon Javers.

  IRS experiments with debit card refunds

In another effort to reduce the number of checks it prints, the U.S. Treasury Department is making some tax refunds this year by debit card. NBC's Chris Clackum reports.

  New Benjamins break government printers

A production problem with the new high-tech $100 bills has caused government printers to shut down. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

  White House Taking Steps to Fix Fannie & Freddie

CNBC's Hampton Pearson is at the Treasury Department with the details.

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Treasury Secretary Geithner Tours Chrysler Assembly Plant
Treasury Secretary Geithner Tours Chrysler Assembly Plant

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