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    NORAH O'DONNELL reporting: And this morning on TODAY'S COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN , gadgets to entertain your kids, and of course, keep them safe. And with the big night just a couple of days away , eBay tech and toy director and high-tech mommy, Cat Schwartz , is here with ghoulish goodies for your kids.

    Ms. CAT SCHWARTZ: Yes.

    O'DONNELL: Cat, good morning.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Hi.

    O'DONNELL: I like this first one we're starting with, this is keeping track of your kids.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Yeah. There's two types of trick-or-treaters, the ones that want to be with their parents and the ones that don't. Well, I'm going to show you how to track both of them. First is with the Brickhouse Loc8tor . This is a device that sets up a virtual leash on children. You give them these little tabs, and then if one of them goes missing, all you do is hit "track" and it starts beeping and pointing where they are.

    O'DONNELL: Mm-hmm. Love that. And if they don't want to wear that, they can put on the little wristwatch, right?

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Exactly. Yeah. And then you can put it on your keys later or whatever. This is a new, improved version as well.

    O'DONNELL: I could use this on the playground, quite frankly .

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Absolutely.

    O'DONNELL: These have, I guess, a 900-feet radius...

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Yes.

    O'DONNELL: ...so this is a little bit farther range.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: This is -- this is GPS . This is the Spark Nano . You can either put a wristband on them or you can put it in their vehicle. And you can track them anywhere in the world. You can pull up a Google map ...

    O'DONNELL: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: ...and it shows you where they're moving. Now when you're picking a GPS device, and a lot to choose from on eBay. ..

    O'DONNELL: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: ...I like this one because not only was I able to get it for $100 less, but the battery lasts -- the battery lasts for five days.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: You want a long battery life on one of these, because if they go missing, five days is...

    O'DONNELL: I really like the idea of a GPS thing. This is also important.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: The sex offender iPhone application is key.

    O'DONNELL: Yes.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: What you do is you put in your whereabouts. This is right around the studio. Every red dot ...

    O'DONNELL: Look at that, those are all the sex offenders around the studio.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: It shows you a picture, it shows you where they are...

    O'DONNELL: That's -- yikes.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: ...so you can avoid them.

    O'DONNELL: OK. What is this?

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Let's keep those kids blinking, OK?

    O'DONNELL: Yes.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Because that allows people to see them in the dark. There's all different ways to incorporate lights into their costumes. These are cool; if you have a cowboy, you can get a cow, a sword. I have this, like, mouthpiece, you can put it in . Hey.

    O'DONNELL: Oh, my God, that's awesome.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Cool, right?

    O'DONNELL: I love that.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: I can't talk, but whatever.

    O'DONNELL: Yeah, and I can't put it in my mouth because you just had it in yours, but anyway.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Yeah. Ghost Detector. Check this out. You can search for ghosts. Use electromagnetic fields to actually look where the ghosts are.

    O'DONNELL: But this is the idea that they're keeping a light going while they're moving, right?

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Well, yeah. It searches for electromagnetic fields . OK.

    O'DONNELL: Ooh , my gosh, it's like a hot glue gun .

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: It's a Web -- it's a hot glue gun -- it's called the Webcaster Gun . It shoots out...

    O'DONNELL: Cobwebs!

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: ...spiderwebs. Exactly. Isn't that cool? Now it's only for parents.

    O'DONNELL: Nice.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: But you can get glow-in-the-dark sticks.

    O'DONNELL: So that'll glow in the dark .

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Exactly.

    O'DONNELL: Neat. Fun.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Jell -O molds made out of body parts , one of those funny eBay items, OK?

    O'DONNELL: Ew, gross!

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Check it out . There's a heart, there's a brain. Condensed milk gives you that crazy-looking color to the Jell-O .

    O'DONNELL: Nice. That's...

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: And you can eat it, you can touch it, you can do whatever you want .

    O'DONNELL: So what is that again in the Jell-O ?

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: It's condensed milk . And then all the colors put together make the funky-looking Jell - Os .

    O'DONNELL: OK, nice. Now this is important.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: It's a Web site . Komar.org is a guy that set up his house and allows you to control his decorations via the Web and then watch them on a live webcam. His two kids have celiac disease , it's all for that cause.

    O'DONNELL: Mm-hmm.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: So you can turn on and off the decorations and then watch through the webcam as they inflate and deflate.

    O'DONNELL: What -- what's important about this, it's fun, but it's raising money for somebody who needs some help who has celiac disease .

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Exactly. And it goes all the way through Christmas .

    O'DONNELL: Ah. I like that. And then, scooters!

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Let's get around in style.

    O'DONNELL: What -- now what's the deal here?

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: OK. The Razor electric scooters allow you to cruise around.

    O'DONNELL: Get to more houses faster to get more candy !

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Exactly. Especially in big neighborhoods. So you plug them in.

    O'DONNELL: All right, let's try this.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: They last for about an hour of consistent riding.

    O'DONNELL: OK, watch out, everybody, here we go.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: And wear your safety gear .

    O'DONNELL: Woo!

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: OK. But that's it.

    O'DONNELL: Nice. Nice.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: And they go up to 10 miles an hour . So I mean, you can really cruise around.

    O'DONNELL: Awesome. Very, very cool.

    Ms. SCHWARTZ: Yeah.

    O'DONNELL: All right, Cat , as always, I like the fun gadgets, but the safe ones as well. And I have to go, I think, back this way to say goodbye. Hurry, my thing's going to fall. Which way are we going? All right. Up next, break out your broomsticks because we are headed to Salem , Massachusetts , right after this.

By eBay Tech and Toy Director
updated 9/30/2010 7:18:37 PM ET 2010-09-30T23:18:37

Halloween is just around the corner! Before you begin trick-or-treating, consider these ghoulish goodies for the kids in your life:

Ghost Detector, $30
This is a Gauss meter that detects electromagnetic fields. They're commonly used to detect hot spots, meaning spots that give off abnormal amounts of energy from cell phones or power outlets. Aside from helping parents make sure their family is safe from these types of fields, they can also be used to detect ghosts! Once turned on in a spooky area, paranormal activity will activate the CellSensor with a spiked needle, a beeping sound and a flashing light which corresponds to field strength. Available on eBay.com.

Webcaster Gun, $50
If you're into making spooky decorations, then you'll think this is pretty amazing! It's essentially a hot glue gun that casts webs just like a spider by using glue sticks and compressed air. To make the mood even more intense, they offer glow in the dark and day glow sticks as well. Available on eBay.com.

Brickhouse Child Loc8tor, $170
There's a new version out of the Loc8tor, a tracking device for household items like keys and the remote or your cell phone that works great on wandering kids!  On Halloween night, take one of the four tabs and attach it to the child's costume. If someone's missing, simply press the location button on the handheld device and the screen will show an arrow pointing towards the tab. A beeping noise along with the arrow will lead you to them — within 600 feet. If a child panics, they now have the ability to press the tab and it will sound a personal alarm. Definitely check eBay first for this type of device, they have a great selection at great prices.

Spark Nano Child GPS, $299
If you're not the parent walking with the kids or have older kids out on their own and still want to keep tabs on them, check out The Spark Nano, a GPS enabled device. It fits into a waterproof pouch that can be worn like a watch or an ankle bracelet. You can either set up a virtual force field that will email/text you when the child has gone out of bounds, or you can simply pull up an online map and actually watch as the child moves from house to house. Available on eBay.com.

Safety Lights, $1.20 - $13
Keeping the little ones safe while hopped up on candy and running around in the dark is key.  Flashlights are an easy way to let people know you're coming and now there are all kinds of cool looking ones available from Little Tikes. Some are shaped like a hippo, tiger, or a cow. Other flashing items can fit right into a costume and keep them safe, like flashing glasses, finger tips, mouth pieces, wands and swords. Available on eBay.com.

Body Parts Jello Molds, $10.00
Having a party? These Jello molds are shaped like different icky looking body parts and once you add colored Jello to them they make the perfect trick or treat! Add all kinds of funky colors to make some really scary looking treats. Available on eBay.com.

Electric Razor Scooters, $150-$260 (or average eBay price $68)
Kids over eight can get around their neighborhood in style with these electric scooters. All you need to do is plug 'em in and let 'em rip. Available on eBay.com.

Web Controlled Home Decor, free (Donate to Celiac Disease)
Via the site www.komar.org, people can not only view Halloween home decorations from live web cams, but also control them! With the flick of a mouse you can turn the 7,500+ lights on and off, inflate/deflate giant Pumpkins, Grim Reapers, SpongeBob and more. The website is totally free and aims to raise awareness and money for Celiac Disease. Visit komar.org.

Sex Offender iPhone App, $0.99
Unfortunately, sex offenders are out there and this iPhone application will show you exactly where they are, if at all, in your area. It uses your current location to pull up a list of offenders then maps them out in your area. If you want to know more about the offender click on the name/address and an image of the offender, a brief description of what they did and other info about them will be displayed. Visit www.logsat.com/iPhone/.

To purchase or bid on most of these items, visit eBay.com.

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