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Video: Dare to wear fall trends at any age

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    fact: on aisle 7. *

    >>> this morning on "bobbie's style buzz," dare to wear this fall's trends at any age, from leather to shocking colors, this season's trends may seem just for the younger set, but "today" style editor bobbie thomas is showing us how you can be over 40 and fashion-forward as well. bobbie, good morning.

    >> absolutely, you can.

    >> a lot of these trends, though, scare women off, because --

    >> they do.

    >> -- they think i can't wear the leather, i can't wear the lace. and you're here to set them straight.

    >> i'm so tired of hearing, "can't wear that, before they even look at the piece. maybe when i was in my 20s. and honestly, you're limiting your options. try something on. we've got four trends that are hot this fall to show you how to take advantage of them.

    >> right. and you don't have to be head-to-toe trend. that's the idea.

    >> you don't have to be head to-to-trend.

    >> just incorporating.

    >> but you are still who you are. you want to be stylish and sexy and fashionable.

    >> the first trend is shocking color and our first model is judy , who you're telling us was very hard to get into a shocking color , but it looks great on her.

    >> judy has such a classic sensibility of her own style. she looks beautiful without my help, but getting her in pink was a struggle. you know, she said i don't like pink, but it is the hot color . neon was on the runway. you don't have to do old-time yellow. but the thing with pink is it's more versatile than you think. it's very youthful. it can bring flush to your face. you can wrap a scarf like this. and don't be afraid of a nice, clean dress in pink. it can be very flattering.

    >> pink, i'm not a big fan , either, but pink brings the flush, color to any complexion.

    >> ladies at home, the tip is color is the quickest way to be on trend.

    >> right.

    >> look at the hot color of the season. it will literally get you out of the black hole if you're always in that rut. just basic black , it pops really well against that.

    >> and this whole outfit you didn't have to spend a lot on.

    >> not at all. the trend is less than $20. so it's a great style you can try out. i love the wrap. you'll see the ads with the rainbow of colors against the black backdrop. it's great.

    >> you look great, judy . keep wearing color . next is our heavy metal look. you're kind of wearing that, bobbie. from h&m.

    >> yeah, a little bit. from h&m, that dress, we've got that, too, but this is vivian.

    >> tell us how she is wearing this trend without having to go overboard here.

    >> this is heavy metal . studs are here to stay. you dens have to be afraid, but a little goes a long way.

    >> right.

    >> i love this scarf. she's got a little detailing, but this is a great way to take your jeans and t-shirt to that sort of dress down look that young trend-setters do so well. add a glam twist with like a spicy heel. look at her shoes, the cutout booties.

    >> those are fabulous.

    >> and the key is --

    >> skinny jeans?

    >> stay within the biker boots and the heavier more masculine pieces and go for the glam rock pieces. that will really help you out, but i love. it it's like jewelry.

    >> and the studs on the bag, too, which brings it all together.

    >> fantastic.

    >> you look great. vivian, you're gorgeous. it's amazing, you subtract ten years with a youthful look.

    >> just a little edge.

    >> next is leather and lace and we have gloria in this trend that's really hot right now.

    >> gloria --

    >> look at her with those legs, wow!

    >> gloria showed up in her fedex uniform at my house, and i said, that is it!

    >> she's gorgeous.

    >> she was like, oh, no, when she saw the leather and the lace, but you can. they neutralize each other. one's sweet, one's sassy. but they look refined and polished together. the pearls add a nice touch. and you know, cover up. less skin is better with this look, but she looks fantastic.

    >> i still can't get over you work for fedex , huh? you look amazing! you're hiding under that uniform.

    >> exactly.

    >> you look fantastic. our final trend is sequence ains and sparkle. let's look at ruth. i love this look. you don't have to save the sequins for a special occasion .

    >> absolutely. so many women i talk to that are more sophisticated and mature save it for special occasions. i love the idea of wearing this on the weekend or to dinner. pair it with a cozy knit. sequins are everywhere this fall. you'll see the party dress. they're on the runways everywhere.

    >> and a nice way to tone it down, this jacket on top.

    >> yeah.

    >> this is something you also got at h&m.

    >> it's the balance. you have a little bit of the extreme feminine flash and then the masculine boyfriend blazer with the casual boots, and that really kind of tones down the glimmer for day. but for evening, she could put a pair of heels on --

    >> right.

    >> and add a soft cashmere scarf or something.

    >> she's ready for a night on the town.

    >> i'm so proud of all these women, because they really --

    >> let's bring our fabulous models out one more time.

    >> yes.

    >> oh, my goodness, fedex doesn't know what they have. these ladies are all gorgeous. thank you so much. you all look great in these trends. bobbie thomas --

    >> thank you.

    >> some great fashion ideas there. you can check out "the buzz" in "in touch weekly."

    >>> coming up next, there's a

TODAY contributor
updated 10/20/2009 10:41:33 AM ET 2009-10-20T14:41:33

Ladies, listen carefully — you can wear the latest fashions well past your trendy 20s. I don’t know why, but more often than not, the knee-jerk reaction from most mature women I talk to is “I can’t wear that ... when I was 20, maybe.” Stop limiting your options by automatically ruling things out and start having fun with fashion again! Bobbie Thomas, TODAY style editor and author of the Buzz column for In Touch Weekly, shows you how to be fashion-forward with confidence and sophistication:

A cardi-wrap helps keep you bright and warm.

Shocking color
Yes, neon did come screaming down the catwalk, but there’s no need to fear. Bold brights can be very youthful, especially against the striking backdrop of black. While glowworm green and yield-sign yellow may stop traffic (and you), hot pink — which proved to be the power hue for fall — is more versatile than you think. Color is the quickest way to feel fresh and on trend. So stop fading into the background, and give your classic dark items a punch of pink this season. A cardi-wrap (DKNY.com’s Cozy comes in a rainbow of colors), oversize scarf, bag or even a shoe will create an eye-catching pop that can be reworked into your wardrobe over and over again.

As seen on TODAY: Fuchsia Scarf, $18, Lailarowe.com; Patent Pumps and Black Dress, $59.95-$95.99, Bonton.com; Calvin Klein Python Clutch, $78, Macys.com; All the Way Pantyhose, $22, Spanx.com

Heavy metal
You can leave behind the head-to-toe biker-babe idea, but don’t be afraid to toughen up a little this season with some studs, chains or a few extra zippers. Young trendsetters have perfected the art of dressing down, giving new meaning to casual cool. Edgy elements like a studded belt or a bracelet will instantly update jeans and a T-shirt, or consider a handbag with hardware or a buckle boot to bring a little bite to a softer look that is completely age-appropriate. The golden rule: A little goes a long way.

As seen on TODAY: Calvin Klein Cardigan, $79, Macys.com; Gun Metal necklace, $30, Jcpenney.com; Classic Dark Skinny Jeans, $89.50, Bananarepublic.com; Nine West Studded Bag, $59.99, Loehmanns.com; Cut-Out Pumps, $39.95, Dibashoes.com

Free People Sequin Slip Tank/Nordstrom.com
Sequins aren't just for New Year's.

Sequins and sparkle
Special occasions aren’t the only time you can shine. While a party dress with twinkle will always make you smile, the unexpected flash of shimmer can be fun for everyday too. I love seeing sequins mixed with cozy knits or plain T-shirts embellished with a sprinkle of glitz. Pair either with trousers or denim for an effortlessly glam weekend or dinner look. And take advantage of your advantage — chances are you can pull this look off without a second glance, while someone younger may seem like they’re trying too hard.

As seen on TODAY: Free People Sequin Tank, $68, Nordstrom.com; Cream Blazer, $59.95, Hm.com; Levi’s 524 Gray Skinny Jeans, $29.99, Jcpenney.com; Brady Leather Boots, $99.95, Nicoleshoes.com

Glazed Leather Pencil Skirt/ Spiegel.com
A timeless and sexy leather skirt.

Leather and lace
Rock smashes scissors, scissors cut paper, paper covers rock and lace softens leather. While leather and lace act as kryptonite on the rack for most women over 25, there is no expiration date for these timeless trends. Add instant polish to a leather skirt with the delicate peekaboo pattern of a lace blouse. When paired together they balance each other to create a demure but daring age-appropriate look.

As seen on TODAY: Ivory Lace Blouse, $19.99, Ardenb.com; Faux Leather Skirt, $39.90, Zara.com; Tight end Tights, $26, Spanx.com

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