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Video: ‘Grandduggar’ makes TV debut

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    >>> we are back at 8:11. this morning we're checking in with the duggers. jim bob and michelle have 18 kids with one on the way. now their first grandchild mckenzie rene born last thursday to the duggest's son josh and his wife anna . there she is, along with the entire family exclusively. good morning to everyone.

    >> ann, start with you. mckenzie at birth weighs eight pounds, 19 1/2 inches. she looks like she's doing great. how are you feeling?

    >> i'm feeling wonderful, ann. i've had a lot of help. joshua has changed several diapers and he's been a wonderful daddy.

    >> the name mckenzie rene , rene is your middle name . where does mckenzie come from?

    >> well, we looked at several names that we liked and mckenzie was our favorite and so it just kind of stuck and also, we have a cousin named mckenzie and so --

    >> just spelled a little differently.

    >> yes.

    >> josh, the baby was born at home, which is a brave thing in and of itself. you were right there. you caught the baby when she came out. what was the experience like for you as first-time dad?

    >> it was really awesome, especially just to see how dedicated my wife was to the pregnancy and how dedicated she was to mckenzie and really wanting to see that experience was just really awesome. it was a great blessing and we were very grateful to be able to have it at home and the birth and it was just really awesome.

    >> michelle , you got word that mckenzie was on her way while you and the whole family, you're in texas thursday morning. you know that she's going to have the baby. you high-tail it back on a plane with your 18-year-old daughter jill. you got there just in the nick of time . is that right?

    >> that's right. we arrived just about 20 minutes before mckenzie was born and so it was very special that we were able to be here for the birth and it was just a beautiful experience. anna did such a wonderful job.

    >> you've had a number of births yourself. 18 and counting, as we said. but it is a little bit different when you're witnessing your son's child being born.

    >> oh, yes. my heart was going out to anna . i was really feeling for her and yet she did a wonderful job.

    >> jim bob , what's it going to be? is it going to be mimi and papa? grandma and grandpa? what are the names?

    >> i think we've decided on grandpa duggar and grandma duggar.

    >> if you can ask the peanut gallery there how many of them would like to baby-sit little mckenzie with a show of hands .

    >> yeah. i think we're definitely going to have a lot of baby-sitters. aren't we, guys?

    >> josh, you're used to baby-sitting. as the oldest in the family of taking care of all your siblings. different though when it's your child?

    >> it really is different, meredith. i think that being an older sibling you can only experience so much because when it comes down to it, the responsibility is left to the parents. i think it is just like we get to learn a lot. it was really awesome because we had chores and buddies we were assigned to and it made an awesome experience. but all the parenting and all that stuff was still left to our parents. i think you can only be so prepared but it's really been awesome just the past couple days that we've had mckenzie . i look forward to the years to come.

    >> she's a beautiful, beautiful little girl . before we go, michelle you're due again in march with baby 19. do you know if it's a boy or girl ?

    >> we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet. we shall find out in a few weeks from now but we're taking name suggestionses for a boy or a girl that starts with a j. send that to tlc.com.

    >> i bet a lot of people will be sending in their suggestions. i know then the family votes on that. thank you so much for sharing your great news with us this morning. all the best to all of you especially little mckenzie .

    >> we still have hope for meredith, though. because we have the m thing maybe possibly.

    >> i didn't want to bring that up. but now that you brought it up, thank you very much. but don't you tease me, josh. don't you tease me. for more on the birth of their -- we'll see you soon.

    >> not too soon, i hope. for more on the birth of the first grandduggar, tomorrow night on tlc.

    >>> up next, how that woman

TODAY contributor
updated 10/12/2009 10:00:49 AM ET 2009-10-12T14:00:49

The first Duggar grandchild arrived Thursday night with her proud grandmother, Michelle Duggar, helping daughter-in-law Anna Duggar with the birth.

Mackynzie Renee Duggar checked in at an even 8 pounds and 19½ inches. Exclusive video of the birth was shown on TODAY Friday, and Mackynzie, her parents and the entire Duggar clan will be on TODAY Monday to talk about the newest member of America’s most famous superfamily.

Love at first sight
The birth comes a little more than a year after Josh Duggar, the eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 18 children, married his wife, Anna, on Sept. 26, 2008, at the Buford Grove Baptist Church in Hilliard, Fla. The 20-year-olds met at a home schooling conference and reported that it was love at first sight.

After a period of supervised courtship, in which they were allowed to hold hands but not to kiss, the couple decided to get married. The Florida church donated its facilities for the wedding, Anna herself made all the dresses for the bridesmaids, and the Duggars piled into the used bus they’d purchased from a hockey team to drive from their Arkansas home for the ceremony.

At the wedding, which later aired on TLC as part of the reality show “17 Kids and Counting” (now retitled “18 Kids and Counting”), the couple were allowed to kiss for the first time. After their honeymoon, Josh and Anna settled into their own quarters near Josh’s parents; he and Anna now run a used-car dealership.

Mom Anna Duggar called her new arrival Mackynzie Renee, a combination of the name of one of dad Josh’s cousins and Anna’s own middle name.
While the couple were celebrating their wedding, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar announced that they were expecting an 18th Duggar baby. Jordyn-Grace Makiya, the eighth girl in the family, was born by Caesarean section on Dec. 18. This September, the couple announced that No. 19 was on the way and is scheduled to arrive next spring.

An ‘M,’ not a ‘J’
It was at Josh and Anna’s car dealership that Anna took a home pregnancy test and, without looking at it herself, left it in the rest room for her husband to read. Later that day he gave her and the rest of the family the happy news that the test was positive.

On April 13 of this year, when Anna was three months along, the couple announced the pregnancy on TODAY. At the end of July, they returned to TODAY to reveal the baby’s name: Mackynzie Renee. The name is a combination of the name of one of Josh’s cousins and Anna’s middle name. The couple have not said whether they will give all of their children names beginning with “M.” All of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children have names beginning with “J.”

The first Duggar grandchild came into the world weighing an even 8 pounds and measuring 19½ inches.

Michelle has said that having a grandchild older than one of her own children won’t be strange, as she grew up in a big family in which she had aunts who were the same age as she.

‘Be fruitful and mulitply’
The Duggars are devout Christians who take the biblical advice to be fruitful and multiply literally. They are part of the QuiverFull movement, which holds that couples should have as many children “as God gives them.”

Images: The Duggar bunchOn their Web page, Josh and Anna write: “We look forward to the blessing of children as stated in the Psalms, ‘Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.’ (Psalms 127:3) Having both been raised in large families, we have agreed to trust God in the area of children and the size of it.”

In January, Josh told People magazine, “I would welcome a big family. My parents have been wonderful examples.”

Anna, who grew up in a family of eight children in Florida, added, “I would love to have as many children as God would bless us with. Growing up in a large family, and Joshua in a mega-family, you learn so much more. I think a large family helps you prepare for life.”

For more on the Duggars and Josh and Anna’s new baby, watch the “First Duggar” special Tuesday, Oct. 13, at 9 p.m. (ET) on TLC and visit TLC.com.

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