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  TODAY’s Kid Reporter is Deidra!
Nov. 12: Deidra Shores, a 12-year-old from Memphis, Tenn., wins TODAY’s Kid Reporter contest.
Who will be TODAY’s Kid Reporter?
Voting begins on Monday, Nov. 9, and ends Wednesday Nov. 11
TODAY's Kid Reporter: Meet the final four
The young hopefuls competing are: Samantha, Brodie, Deidra and Jack
  Jack wins fourth round of Kid Reporter contest
Nov. 4: Jack Hennessy, a 10-year-old from Naperville, Ill., wins the fourth round of TODAY’s Kid Reporter contest.
Gallery: Your cute kids
Readers share adorable shots of their children

Courtesy Amanda & Aaron Barrett
No way! 12 hilariously surprised babies
It's not that hard to surprise a baby: a cold wipe, a game of peekaboo, nearly anything can elicit a shocked response from a little one. Doesn't make it any less funny, though.

  Tweens and teens
9 tips for saying bye to your college-bound kid
You'd think that dropping your teen off at college would be the easy part, but move-in day on college campuses is actually an emotionally draining affair. That final moment when you say goodbye can be tough, so here are some strategies to send your teen off right.

  Family life
Kitty Marion and family in the 1940s
Courtesy Marion family
How many kids is too many? Ask Kitty
The birth of octuplets to a California mom who already had six children has spurred a national discussion about large families. As one of 10 siblings herself, 85-year-old columnist Kitty Schindler says it's fine to have lots of kids — as long as you're fully prepared to care for them.

TODAY's Kid Reporter video
  Kid Reporter goes cruising
Nov. 16: Deidra Shores, the winner of TODAY’s Kid Reporter contest, boards Carnival Cruise Lines’ newest ship to learn the ins and outs of working on a cruise ship.

First Person
Your cute kids
Say cheese!AOSFU98AQEWTASKFDNA0ADGAG2#@$A readers share adorable photos of their children.
First Person
Your unique family photos
Forget Sears portraits!AOSFU98AQEWTASKFDNA0ADGAG2#@$A readers share interesting and fun shots of their children.

First person
Image: Messy child
Photo gallery: Your messy, mischievous kids
A photo gallery of children who love some wild, sloppy fun.
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Latest parenting video
  Study: Eczema does not reduce children’s height
New data confirms that eczema does not increase a child’s odds of being short. Previous research had suggested a link between the skin disease and height.

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