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Video: Snag the latest beauty trends

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    >> jackson tapes."

    >>> bobby thomas here with her must-have list right after this. bob bae

    >>> we're back with bobbie's style buzz which is time for the latest in beauty trends. bobbie thomas has everything you need to know if you're a total fashionista. she is. we love our bobbie.

    >> how are you?

    >> i'm so excited.

    >> let's start with this first one.

    >> this whole cat dwoir. these are items i came across and i said i wish i thought of that. how many times when you're washing your face in the morning you get your annoying drip down your bbns?elbows. these are sponge bracelets. you put them on to catch the water.

    >> the wrist.

    >> you catch the water. they're called on the cuff, they are great. they come with a drying stand you can buy. these right here, shadow shields. this was a genius invention by a makeup artist michelle vilanuva.

    >> so you don't get it on your cheek when you're doing your eyes.

    >> if you look close, you can try to experiment with the smoky eyes this call and pop it right off.

    >> that's a good idea.

    >> this is for you, too.

    >> yes.

    >> what is this?

    >> when you sleep on your side and you have some girlfriends, you wake up in the morning with this v and you sort of get wrinkles on your chest. if you smush this on.

    >> so there's no wrinkles right here. chest wrinkles.

    >> it keeps you wrinkle free. it's called chest appeal.

    >> if you sleep on your side, that's for you.

    >> basically a pillow for the cleavage pillow.

    >> these are just eyelashes but the lash guru to the stars. a placement tool and it helps you pick up the lashes.

    >> and puts it right where it is supposed to put the glue.

    >> do you have them on?

    >> we all do.

    >> kathie lee uses that stuff.

    >> rapid lash.

    >> this is a mirror with a suction cup that you can put on to help you. make sure that you're sort of grooming in your private areas.

    >> stop, let's move on.

    >> are you serious?

    >> let us do what nature intended.

    >> oh, yeah, wright.

    >> don't touch the wrist!

    >> she loves that wrist thing.

    >> nail news, everyone has been green with envy this summer because starlettes were running around with green nails. i love the shade color. really subtle and pretty. leslie tried them on.

    >> it looks like halloween to me. i'm sorry.

    >> she is our floor director, we have to see her fingers.

    >> if you wear it with gray or black, it's chic. textured nails. this is the matt color from opi. no shine and the other color in front, suede.

    >> i like that it's matte. take some getting used to for me.

    >> you will love this one.

    >> this is lancolms out this month, oscillation power foundation.

    >> it's a vibrating --

    >> it feels like she's taking my makeup off is what it feels like.

    >> we can't hear the vibrating, but vibrating mineral power.

    >> is that if you're lazy?

    >> it breaks up the mickcrmicronized crystals. intuitive products that help to blend in with your own skin and actually change to your natural base color. it takes the guess work out of matching. listen, ladies, for years, when i come home i always say i have evolve under to a butterfly. this may be time for us to worry about the guys we meet. some of the guys out there have some style secrets. tom cruise and some of the entourage men are using lift kits in their shoes.

    >> like heels.

    >> yes, basically, you stick these into your shoe. two different levels and they now started making them for us. lift kits for chicks.

    >> stop it.

    >> flat boots and guys are getting their own sort of support systems. this is actually y have to say, calvin klein has a body boost underwear that has an elastic in the right place to give you a profile enhancement.

    >> what?

    >> go software --

    >> who --

    >> don't ask.

    >> and go software has butt pads for men.

    >> for men? are they seriously buying those?

    >> this is a girdle for guys. so, guys are getting help, too. i'm just the messenger.

    >> what do you think?

    >> i just would love to see an "snl" skit of a girl wearing unbelievable spanks and a guy having their first encounter and neither one can get anything off because it's so tight.

    >> if you want more of bobbie's info go to our website.

    >>> up next, the star of the naughty kitchen brings her talents to our kitchen right after this.

TODAY contributor
updated 9/29/2009 12:28:28 PM ET 2009-09-29T16:28:28

The world we live in is full of creativity — and crazy concepts! From unexpected fashion to technologically advanced beauty, I’ve taken note of today’s most interesting trends.

Whether you’re inspired to hop on board Hollywood’s bunny-ear bandwagon or are simply intrigued to learn women aren’t the only ones buying body-shaping clothing, these ideas are bound to pique your interest and leave you with plenty to talk about!

Hollywood’s haute ears
Celebs are hopping around Hollywood in bunny ears! From the lacey Maison Michel headbands that the Olsen twins and performers Lily Allen and Lady Gaga wore to Madonna’s Louis Vuitton rabbit ears, stars are embracing this playful haute hair accessory.  And if bunny ears are too avant-garde for your everyday look, perhaps these designer creations may inspire a fashionable Halloween costume — just pin the tail!

Savvy solutions
These innovative products had me saying, "I wish I had thought of that!" On the Cuff's sponge bracelets ($7.99; onthecuff.net) stop water from running down your arm when you’re washing your face, doing the dishes or cleaning the car, while Shadow Shields will help you to apply eye makeup like a pro ($9.99; beauty.com).

Image: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
Junko Kimura  /  Getty Images
Mary-Kate Olsen, right, and Ashley Olsen showed off their Maison Michel lace ears — Ashley in Mickey Mouse ears, and Mary-Kate in bunny ears — at the Opening Ceremony Japan flagship store party on Aug. 29 in Tokyo.

Chest-A-Peel’s pillow pads aim to prevent creasing and reduce wrinkles while you sleep ($34.99; chestapeel.com). Ja’Maal Buster’s Placement Tool will help you apply false lashes perfectly that will look as flawless as the ones on his famous fans ($10; JamaalBuster.com). And for a perfectly groomed bikini line, Peeka Bu Mirror makes it easy to see what you’re doing down there ($35; peeka-bu.com).

Nail news
It seems our fingertips are the hottest accessory imaginable these days! Trendsetters such as Rachel Bilson and Alexa Chung have been making beauty buffs everywhere green with envy all summer long when stepping out in Chanel’s Jade nail polish ($25; Chanel counters). The lacquer made its debut during the label’s runway show back in February, and is now finally available in stores. And Chanel’s upcoming charcoal-gray color already has a strong buzz, even though it’s not set to debut until later this fall.

Aside from color trends, OPI is playing with texture. The brand took favorite shades from the past and gave them matte finishes. And the same six shades will be available in suede starting this month as well ($8.50; opi.com). And what’s my personal favorite choice for nails right now? Hello Kitty nail stickers, of course.

Fancy feet
Embellish your simple stilettos or basic boots with Litter’s "shoe jewelry." This new line of adornment popped up just in time to kick off a fabulous fall season of fun footwear trends. Consider it a great way to temporarily transform your plain pumps into edgy eye candy using chains, studs and spikes ($70-$245; littersf.com).

Smart makeup trend
Slideshow: Would you wear this? While the beauty industry is struggling, big brands are coming up with innovative ideas and technologically advanced products to keep consumers interested. Revlon’s Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup ($12.99; drugstore.com) and Almay’s Smart Shade Makeup ($13.99; walgreens.com) are taking some of the guesswork out of matching your makeup to your skin tone. Both come in just a few base shades and are designed to blend into your skin and adjust to your natural pigment.

Smashbox’s O-Glow and O-Gloss claim to be “intuitive” products that react with your personal skin chemistry. O-Glow turns your cheeks the color you blush naturally, while O-Gloss transforms into your own custom shade of perfect pink ($22-$26; smashbox.com).

And while it isn’t in stores yet, be on the lookout for Lancome’s Ôscillation Powerfoundation, which launches in October. This mineral foundation vibrates at the press of a button, breaking down the powder into micronized particles that blend seamlessly into the skin ($48; lancome-usa.com).

Style secrets for men
Ladies have depended on padded bras, Spanx and platform shoes to help flatter their figures for years — and now guys are getting in on the action. Hollywood hunks such as Tom Cruise, Shia LeBeouf and "Entourage" stars Jeremy Piven and Kevin Connolly are wearing LiftKits shoe insoles to get an extra two inches of height ($20-$25; myliftkits.com).

Beyond a boost in height, men are also looking for a little help when it comes to their shape. GearCom provides waist-slimming boxers that help conceal love handles, while Calvin Klein ($15-$22; cku.com) and Go Softwear feature products with extra padding to help round out a flat rear and even fill out a T-shirt ($19-$35; Gosoftwear.com)!

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