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More Vine Views by Edward Deitch

  About Edward Deitch

Edward Deitch is the recipient of the 2007 James Beard Foundation Journalism Award for Best Multimedia Writing. He welcomes comments from readers. E-mail him at and find more wine reviews by Edward Deitch at his blog: Vint-ed.

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8 wines worthy of a feast
TODAY's Edward Deitch reveals favorites from around the globe.
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  What your Halloween candy says about you
A mommy blog has released a list of Halloween candy and what each treat says about the person giving it out. A full-size candy bar says that money is no object, and if you give Nutri-Gain bars, you’re likely a poor planner and forgot to buy candy!

Image: Eric Ripert
  Celebrity chefs: An appetite for perfection
From Eric Ripert to Rachael Ray, these celebrity chefs know how to turn up the heat in the kitchen.

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Look out, Emeril! TV chef, 5, wants your toque
One side, Emeril; hand over that spatula, Bobby Flay. Julian Kreusser has his eye on your toques. At age 5, he already has his own cooking show in Portland, Ore. — and his national TV debut Thursday showed he may be ready for the big time.

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Famous chefs share their last meals
From Mario Batali to Jamie Oliver, renowned cooks share their dream dishes (and recipes!) for their final moments on earth.

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