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Video: McCain: U.S. ‘must speak out forcefully’ on Iran

updated 6/16/2009 9:27:12 AM ET 2009-06-16T13:27:12

Sen. John McCain says the president isn't talking tough enough about the disputed presidential election in Iran.

The Arizona senator says President Barack Obama needs to speak out about what McCain calls Iran's "corrupt, flawed, sham of an election."

Obama's 2008 Republican opponent also tells NBC's TODAY show that the U.S. needs to support the Iranian people in their struggle against "an oppressive, repressive regime." McCain adds that Iran's people should not have to face four more years under Iran's hardline leader and the country's radical Muslim clerics.

Meanwhile, Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar tells CBS' "Early Show" it would be unwise for the United States to get any more involved than it is. He says the Iranians need to be allowed to work things out, because "when popular revolutions occur, they come right from the people."

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