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Alex and Izzie were married in front of all Meredith and Derek’s guests, who were undoubtedly quite confused.
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Bridezilla, indeed: Meredith and Derek were anticipating their wedding, but not as much as Izzie was. She received clearance from Bailey to leave the hospital and do her bridesmaid duties, but once Bailey and Alex had left the room, she had another vision of Dead Denny Duquette, who takes a hint worse than any ghost ever. Izzie fessed up to Derek that she was seeing Denny again, and Derek finally located a very small new and inoperable tumor.

Unable to help with the cancer, Derek and Meredith handed their wedding over to Alex and Izzie, as viewers could easily have guessed they might. Alex, having had his “I think she’s really going to die” moment, was ready, and Izzie had planned the whole thing anyway. So Alex and Izzie were married (presumably not legally, without a license, but no one mentioned that) in front of all Meredith and Derek’s guests, who were undoubtedly quite confused. Later, Izzie shaved her head and told Denny to get lost. Believe it when you see it.

Scrub in: It turned out that Derek’s gift to Meredith was a solo surgery — in other words, he had allowed the decision about who would operate on the patient to be determined by his desire to give Meredith a gift. And the Chief helped, meaning that everyone at Seattle Grace has completely lost his or her mind.

George’s worst day: Trauma was dominated by a major SUV crash involving college students on their way to graduation. First, George lost a patient. And then he lost another patient. And then they brought him one who was already quite gruesomely dead. Ultimately, everyone died except Alex’s patient, who rehearsed her graduation speech about the promise of the future as we saw all her friends zipped into body bags. When Owen later told a devastated George that he’d done fine, and that trauma just means “Go where you’re needed,” it seemed like foreshadowing of the long-rumored exit of actor T.R. Knight.

Fan issues: Owen made cautious overtures to Cristina, telling her that his therapy was progressing, but she was unmoved, even after they shared the difficulty of all the fatalities from the accident. Or so it seemed, until later, when we saw her taking down the fan blades he said his therapist blamed for his violent flashback.

Bad date theater: Callie and Arizona had a bad date, after which Arizona followed Callie around the hospital all day trying to get Callie to tell her what went wrong. Finally, reluctantly, Callie admitted that the restaurant they’d tried was so expensive that she couldn’t afford it, because she’s broke. She also admitted how hard the day’s losses had hit her, and they agreed that they would make another go of it, only they’d stay in this time. Later, their naked pizza party seemed to go well.

Linda Holmes is a writer in Washington, D.C.

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