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Where in the World games
Find Matt Lauer

Embark on an adventure to discover which exotic locale Matt will be choosing next.

Matt's matchups

Click on an icons to make matches. Clear all the flags and proceed to the next level.

Luggage launcher

Matt's luggage didn't make it on the plane. Help get Matt's luggage to his next destination.

Matt's snap shots

Check out Matt's postcards and see if you can figure out the five mistakes in each set.

Capture the flags

Help Matt collect the required number of flags so that he can receive a passport stamp.

Fly on Air Matt

Fly Matt's plane to his next destination and collect souvenirs along the way.

Best in pictures
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When in Rome ...

  “The Eternal City” is home to some of the most world’s most recognizable structures.

Image: The Great Sphinx of Giza
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Egypt's treasures

  Explore a wealth of history and mystery in and around Cairo, the heart of Egypt.

Image: The Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur) is seen in Paris
Perfectly Paris

  Paris is the magical city known as the "City of Love" and the "City of Light."