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DIY triumphs (and tragedies)
Who’s afraid to tackle a home improvment project? NotAOSFU98AQEWTASKFDNA0ADGAG2#@$A readers, who share their do-it-yourself accomplishments (and fiascos).
Image: Model town
  Miniature metropolis
Photographer Michael Paul Smith combines miniature models with real backgrounds to re-create the town he grew up in.

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  Get clean and organized
Clear your closet — and your conscience
From old winter coats to outdated eyeglasses, there must be things around your house that you no longer need. But one man's "trash" is another man's treasure ... so do the right thing by donating your used stuff. Lucky magazine offers tips.

  Gardening tips and ideas
Image: Hummingbird
AP file
Tweet! Tweet! How to attract songbirds at home
Backyard bird watching is a fairly simple exercise. Provide enough food, water and cover, and birds will come flocking. Playing favorites, though, calls for using the right kinds of incentives.

  Home health and safety
Detox your home’s most toxic spots
From your lush lawn to your child's toy box, HEALTH magazine uncovers some of the most dangerous areas in your home and easy ways to detox them.

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