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No way! 12 hilariously surprised babies

It's not that hard to surprise a baby: a cold wipe, a game of peekaboo, nearly anything can elicit a shocked response from a little one. Doesn't make it any less funny, though.

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Image: Vidya Rao

Rebecca Dube

Read more from the TODAY Moms senior editor, and share your thoughts with us.


Natalie Morales

This TODAY anchor is a proud 'modern mami' of two boys; get to know Natalie.

Image: Kavita Varma-White
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Kavita Varma-White

TODAY Moms contributing editor and mom of two blogs about everything from viral videos to the latest research on parenting

Matt Beard

Teresa Strasser

Need to laugh? Read more from the author of 'Exploiting My Baby.'

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