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Family members of Malaysia Airlines victim visit crash site
More than a week after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down, a family of one of the victims visited the field in Ukraine where the plane crashed, insisting their 25-year-old daughter Fatima is not dead. NBC’s Kier Simmons reports.

Faces of Spain's economic crisis
Despite boasting Europe's fourth-largest economy, hundreds of thousands have been forced into destitution by Spain’s housing crash. spoke to some of those affected.
  Austerity in Ireland
Irish voters shared their views on austerity and the economy as they prepared to vote in a referendum on the European Union's new fiscal treaty.

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  Istanbul: An emerging power's ancient heart
With its economy growing at a breathtaking speed and its influence growing, Turkey will play a key role in the region in the years ahead. Istanbul, the cultural and commercial capital which straddles Europe and Asia, offers a glimpse of the country's history as well as its future.

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