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FARC Commander: No Jail for Fighters
Speaking in Cuba at peace talks between FARC and the Colombian government, FARC Commander Rodrigo Granda says, "It’s not possible an agreement, which includes one single day of prison for a guerrilla fighter who just exercised the right to rebel."

  Fidel Castro: The Life of the Cuban Leader
A look at the life of the revolutionary leader.
Cuba opens up
  Return to Cuba
Traveling to Cuba is now easier for Americans and Cuban exiles because the government has relaxed years of restrictions on who can visit.

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MM7843 - Mexico Cults
  Narco culture permeates Mexico, leaks across border
2009: Mexico's drug war is also part of a drug culture with roots in music, movies and even religion

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Image: Guantanamo Prison Remains Open Over A Year After Obama Vowed To Close It
  Life goes on in Guantanamo
President Obama's one-year deadline to close the facility has long passed as shutting it down has proven complicated and controversial.

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