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Governor-elect Edwards: 'We're Going to Expand Medicaid in Louisiana'
Louisiana's Democratic Governor-elect, John Bel Edwards, discusses some of the items he's eager to accomplish when he takes office in January, 2016, among them is expanding healthcare coverage for working families and possibly rescinding some of Gov. Jindal's executive orders.

Medicare spending by region
Dartmouth's atlas of health care costs demonstrates a vexing issue facing policymakers: Medicare spends vastly different amounts to care for its enrollees depending on where they live.
Scott Brown
Who's who in the health care debate
A look at the key players shaping the national debate over health care — including the legislators and policymakers at the center of it all.
Newsvine - Health - Have your say
Have your say on health care reform
Join the Newsvine discussion on overhauling health care.
Slide show
Perspectives on health care
A Daryl Cagle editorial cartoon roundup on the state of the U.S. health system.

Image: Truman
Timeline: Health care highs and lows
From Harry Truman to Barack Obama, a look at coverage through the years.

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